• January 23, 2022

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Teleguide (Part-I)

Category Sub-CategoryNameMobile NoE Mail ID
Advocate Civil /CriminalAbdul Alim (1)9641546062
Advocate Civil /CriminalAbdul Alim (2)9832616257
Advocate Civil /CriminalAbdul Mannan9832455200
Advocate Civil /CriminalAbdul Rahim Sk9563209600/9609971050
Advocate Civil /CriminalAbdul Sattar9733419060
Advocate Civil /CriminalAbdullah Hossain9593876535
Advocate Civil /CriminalAbhijit Biswas9614868890
Advocate Civil /CriminalAbhijit Karmakar9332410766
Advocate Civil /CriminalAbhijit Misra9733157047
Advocate Civil /CriminalAbhishek Das9434683232
Advocate Civil /CriminalAchinta Roy9593810647
Advocate Civil /CriminalAgniswar Chowdhury9434304097
Advocate Civil /CriminalAhana Acharya8981690889
Advocate Civil /CriminalAlim Hasan9153891969
Advocate Civil /CriminalAlok das9851103397
Advocate Civil /CriminalAlok Das9851103397
Advocate Civil /CriminalAmarnath Sarma9434421001
Advocate Civil /CriminalAmbarish Barman8768116609
Advocate Civil /CriminalAmbarish Bhattacharyya9434420942
Advocate Civil /CriminalAmit Bagira9933407872/9432521601
Advocate Civil /CriminalAmit Choudhury 19434682799
Advocate Civil /CriminalAmit Choudhury 29733301129
Advocate Civil /CriminalAmit Kumar Mandal 9832448837
Advocate Civil /CriminalAmit Pal Choudhury9733163432
Advocate Civil /CriminalAmit Saha9434456050
Advocate Civil /CriminalAmita Tewari9832077809
Advocate Civil /CriminalAmitabha Mitra 19434213251
Advocate Civil /CriminalAmitav Das7384045245
Advocate Civil /CriminalAmitava Maitra 9674078161
Advocate Civil /CriminalAmitava Maitra 39434140009
Advocate Civil /CriminalAmitava Maitra 29475309395
Advocate Civil /CriminalAmlan Bhaduri 9434355444
Advocate Civil /CriminalAmrita Barman9831285922
Advocate Civil /CriminalAnahta halder9474654612/9735038194
Advocate Civil /CriminalAnan Chandra Mandal 254344
Advocate Civil /CriminalAnanta Haldar9474654612/9735038194
Advocate Civil /CriminalAnanya Das9434355440
Advocate Civil /CriminalAnarul Haque9609152551
Advocate Civil /CriminalAngshu Roy9832444800
Advocate Civil /CriminalAnik Bhattacharyya9832403011
Advocate Civil /CriminalAnil Kumar Das 9434420944
Advocate Civil /CriminalAnimesh Sikdar9614101281
Advocate Civil /CriminalAnindya Jha 9434180483
Advocate Civil /CriminalAniruddha Das9932759646
Advocate Civil /CriminalAnita Saha033 - 24313626
Advocate Civil /CriminalAnjan Kundu9434455939
Advocate Civil /CriminalAnjan Mitra 9932246554
Advocate Civil /CriminalAnjana Chakraborty9733274617
Advocate Civil /CriminalAnjum Ara khatun 8768934030
Advocate Civil /CriminalAnkan Pal Choudhury9733262223
Advocate Civil /CriminalAnkita pandey9614892697
Advocate Civil /CriminalAnup Kumar Agarwala 9932246554
Advocate Civil /CriminalAnwar Khan 9933674826
Advocate Civil /CriminalApnarna kumar9932887203
Advocate Civil /CriminalArabinda Banerjee 9434323330
Advocate Civil /CriminalArabinda tiwari9735992397
Advocate Civil /CriminalArchan Kr Pramanik9434053568
Advocate Civil /CriminalArijit Neogi 9434021415
Advocate Civil /CriminalArindam Dutta 9874414402 / 251342
Advocate Civil /CriminalArindam Pal 9434231639
Advocate Civil /CriminalArindam Roy 9332293393
Advocate Civil /CriminalArnab Roy 9733045419
Advocate Civil /CriminalArnab Sarkar 9474038806
Advocate Civil /CriminalArnab talukdar9733452729/7278648840
Advocate Civil /CriminalArpan Maitra9563313813
Advocate Civil /CriminalArpita barman9831285922
Advocate Civil /CriminalArpita Saha7063566745
Advocate Civil /CriminalArun Kr. Ghosh 9474431155
Advocate Civil /CriminalArun Kr. Ghoshal 9932302948
Advocate Civil /CriminalArun Kumar Das9434372046
Advocate Civil /CriminalArun Kumar Roy9832342681
Advocate Civil /CriminalArunangshu Karmakar 9832062549
Advocate Civil /CriminalArunayan Sharma9475093498
Advocate Civil /CriminalArunendu Narayan Choudhury 9800762291
Advocate Civil /CriminalArunesh Chawdhury9800470079
Advocate Civil /CriminalArup Kr. Sarkar 9609733233
Advocate Civil /CriminalArup Kumar Gupta9232788274
Advocate Civil /CriminalArup Roy 9679670421
Advocate Civil /CriminalAsha Saha9332930848
Advocate Civil /CriminalAsha Saha 9332930848
Advocate Civil /CriminalAshim Kumar Choudhury9434303857
Advocate Civil /CriminalAshok Kr. Mishra9474476551
Advocate Civil /CriminalAshoke Bihari Gupta9474655310
Advocate Civil /CriminalAshoke Kumar Agarwalla 9434207022/8370988922
Advocate Civil /CriminalAshutosh mandal9143878108
Advocate Civil /CriminalAshwini Kumar Panday 9733041289
Advocate Civil /CriminalAsim Kanta Maitra 9434055655
Advocate Civil /CriminalAsim Kr. Bandopadhyya 9434055655
Advocate Civil /CriminalAsim Kumar Choudhury9434303857
Advocate Civil /CriminalAsim Kumar Seth 9434120075
Advocate Civil /CriminalAsim Maitra 252837
Advocate Civil /CriminalAsique Jahan9647088013/8759932055
Advocate Civil /CriminalAsis Pal 9832516688
Advocate Civil /CriminalAsit Baran Basu9434066055
Advocate Civil /CriminalAsit Baran Choudhury 9434219585
Advocate Civil /CriminalAsit Chakraborti9434455745
Advocate Civil /CriminalAsoke Misra 9474476551
Advocate Civil /CriminalAtirath Joardar 9932271172
Advocate Civil /CriminalAzharuddin Ahmed9434508120
Advocate Civil /CriminalBabir Alam9851128358
Advocate Civil /CriminalBablu Roy 9800902546
Advocate Civil /CriminalBaidyanath Sarkar255005
Advocate Civil /CriminalBalaram Pandey 9733019550
Advocate Civil /CriminalBanani Das (Majumder) 9874366072
Advocate Civil /CriminalBanani Ghosh 9434166056
Advocate Civil /CriminalBanani Majumdar9874366072
Advocate Civil /CriminalBanasree sen9434607454
Advocate Civil /CriminalBandana Acharya 9333207095
Advocate Civil /CriminalBaneswar Das 9434303983
Advocate Civil /CriminalBasir Khan 9733229748
Advocate Civil /CriminalBenarasi Poddar9474118361
Advocate Civil /CriminalBhanuchandra Ghosh 9932379558
Advocate Civil /CriminalBijoy Kr. Choudhury9434140305
Advocate Civil /CriminalBijoy Satyen Roy9332667878
Advocate Civil /CriminalBikash Bag9434354647
Advocate Civil /CriminalBikash Chandra Kundu 9434217071
Advocate Civil /CriminalBikash Saha 9434206636
Advocate Civil /CriminalBiman Bhattacharyya 264849
Advocate Civil /CriminalBinoy Sarkar9474718671
Advocate Civil /CriminalBinode Kumar Panday 250094
Advocate Civil /CriminalBinoy Kumar Mandal 9434372194
Advocate Civil /CriminalBiplab Debnath9434372579
Advocate Civil /CriminalBipul Datta9434323088
Advocate Civil /CriminalBishnu Kumar Das 9434112368
Advocate Civil /CriminalBishnu Sinhal9733006339
Advocate Civil /CriminalBiswajit Das (2)9434682049
Advocate Civil /CriminalBiswajit Dutta9434381309
Advocate Civil /CriminalBiswajit Sarkar8617066294
Advocate Civil /CriminalBiswajit Tewari 9874470575
Advocate Civil /CriminalBiswanath Das9932272925
Advocate Civil /CriminalBiswanath Debgupta 9434457285
Advocate Civil /CriminalBivas Saha9434206636
Advocate Civil /CriminalBramhadeb Pal 9474314440
Advocate Civil /CriminalBrojendra N. Mandal 8016206072
Advocate Civil /CriminalChahdar sarkar9831947618
Advocate Civil /CriminalChaitali Choudhury 9474476400
Advocate Civil /CriminalChaitali Ghosh 9434105571
Advocate Civil /CriminalChaitanya Rabi Das 9733114866
Advocate Civil /CriminalChampak Ranjan Sarkar 9474709961
Advocate Civil /CriminalChandan Sarkar9831947618
Advocate Civil /CriminalChandan Sarkar 9831947618
Advocate Civil /CriminalChandana Das (Chakraborty)9474655823
Advocate Civil /CriminalChandra Narayan Choudhury9734151765
Advocate Civil /CriminalChhabilal Mandal 9547848944/7679613404
Advocate Civil /CriminalChhanda Barman9434981499
Advocate Civil /CriminalChinmoy Jha 9434372587
Advocate Civil /CriminalChinmoy Misra9434305475
Advocate Civil /CriminalChiranjit Das9932503587
Advocate Civil /CriminalD s Soumik Pandey9775894803
Advocate Civil /CriminalD. L.Sharma 252524
Advocate Civil /CriminalDalia Chowdhury253706
Advocate Civil /CriminalDeb Ranjan Sarkar 9434257802
Advocate Civil /CriminalDebabrata Acharjee9434455907
Advocate Civil /CriminalDebabrata Kundu8927476229
Advocate Civil /CriminalDebabrata Kundu 18927476229
Advocate Civil /CriminalDebabrata Kundu 29434303826
Advocate Civil /CriminalDebanjan Datta (Raghu) 9002491594
Advocate Civil /CriminalDebanta kundu 9434303826
Advocate Civil /CriminalDebasis Das (1) 9232786616
Advocate Civil /CriminalDebasis Das (2)9434381149
Advocate Civil /CriminalDebasis Goswami 9434381149
Advocate Civil /CriminalDebasis Kundy9434105505
Advocate Civil /CriminalDebasis Misra9434180586
Advocate Civil /CriminalDebasis Roy 9232685531
Advocate Civil /CriminalDebasis Sarkar 9563925525
Advocate Civil /CriminalDebbrata Acharjee9434455907/7407649511
Advocate Civil /CriminalDebbrata Kundu9434303826
Advocate Civil /CriminalDebesh Saha9434206718
Advocate Civil /CriminalDebi Goswami 9474431200
Advocate Civil /CriminalDebkishore Majumder 9431412170
Advocate Civil /CriminalDebobrata acharjee9434455907/7407649511
Advocate Civil /CriminalDebprasad Chakrabarty 9933347400
Advocate Civil /CriminalDebyajyoti Das 9831448829
Advocate Civil /CriminalDhananjay Biswas9932827340
Advocate Civil /CriminalDhiraj Mandal9733107471
Advocate Civil /CriminalDibakar Das 9332198548
Advocate Civil /CriminalDibyajoti Das 9733183251
Advocate Civil /CriminalDibyendu Banerjee9735067969/9434456592
Advocate Civil /CriminalDibyendu Krishna Thakur 251261
Advocate Civil /CriminalDibyendu Naryan Choudhury 9734151765
Advocate Civil /CriminalDilip ch Bachhar9733135520
Advocate Civil /CriminalDilip Ch. Bachhar 9733135523
Advocate Civil /CriminalDilip Chandra9433271409/9477205674
Advocate Civil /CriminalDilip Chowdhury 255139
Advocate Civil /CriminalDilip Kumar Basak 9679102309
Advocate Civil /CriminalDilip Kumar Ghosh 8927765569
Advocate Civil /CriminalDinesh Ch. Joarder 9433044485
Advocate Civil /CriminalDinesh sarkar9733173221
Advocate Civil /CriminalDipak Banerjee 9434149388
Advocate Civil /CriminalDipak Kumar Choudhury 9434682497
Advocate Civil /CriminalDipanwita Pal Chowdhury9434065453
Advocate Civil /CriminalDipen Saha9932833781
Advocate Civil /CriminalDipenti Das 9475657467
Advocate Civil /CriminalDipika Saha 9434817856
Advocate Civil /CriminalDipu Laskar 9434372215
Advocate Civil /CriminalDulal Sarkar8016415304
Advocate Civil /CriminalDurga Pada Goswami 9474163819
Advocate Civil /CriminalDurjay Kumar Deb9434247343
Advocate Civil /CriminalDwijendra Nath Saha9547083583/250400
Advocate Civil /CriminalEqual Hossain 9434245567
Advocate Civil /CriminalFarida Yeasmin 9734576456
Advocate Civil /CriminalFulkumar Agarwala 9474654921/253123
Advocate Civil /CriminalGajendra Nath Saha9474721456
Advocate Civil /CriminalGargi Pandey9933414061
Advocate Civil /CriminalGobinda guha neogi9474686065
Advocate Civil /CriminalGobinda Guha Neogi 9474686068/9474686065
Advocate Civil /CriminalGolam Gous Khan Lodi 9932743917
Advocate Civil /CriminalGolam Mostafa Kamal9733397814
Advocate Civil /CriminalGopal Biswas 9733173242
Advocate Civil /CriminalGopal Chowdhury8906489704
Advocate Civil /CriminalGopal Ram Agarwalla 9434322965
Advocate Civil /CriminalGopananda Majumder8759801755
Advocate Civil /CriminalGourisankar Kedia9835711448
Advocate Civil /CriminalGoutam Chakraborty 9434094943
Advocate Civil /CriminalGoutam Chakraborty 9733001105
Advocate Civil /CriminalGoutam Sadhukha 9832996558
Advocate Civil /CriminalGulsan Ara Khatoon9434966792
Advocate Civil /CriminalGunamay Mandal 9641240524
Advocate Civil /CriminalHabib Mostafa9563658729
Advocate Civil /CriminalHabibur Rahaman 9647717521
Advocate Civil /CriminalHardayal Prasad 9733002169
Advocate Civil /CriminalHari Das Sarkar 9434372053
Advocate Civil /CriminalHaricharan Das 253528
Advocate Civil /CriminalHarun Ali 9749074020
Advocate Civil /CriminalHemanta Soren8017529147
Advocate Civil /CriminalHemanta soren 8017529147
Advocate Civil /CriminalHimadri Kumar Das 9932316412
Advocate Civil /CriminalHumayun Chowdhury9733156639
Advocate Civil /CriminalImtiaj Hossain 9932269826
Advocate Civil /CriminalIncome Tax Officer 220338/220443
Advocate Civil /CriminalIndrajit Jha 9434189866
Advocate Civil /CriminalIndrajit shil9830066203
Advocate Civil /CriminalIndrajit Sinha 9434189866
Advocate Civil /CriminalIndranil Das 9434180570
Advocate Civil /CriminalJagajit Singha9679607044
Advocate Civil /CriminalJagannath Sarkar 9733038183
Advocate Civil /CriminalJahangir Ali Biswas 9733214890/9903472337
Advocate Civil /CriminalJahar Nandi 9734115247
Advocate Civil /CriminalJai Narayan Choudhury 9832329784
Advocate Civil /CriminalJanardan Singh 9474798201
Advocate Civil /CriminalJesmin Choudhury9434140284
Advocate Civil /CriminalJayanta Chakraborty 9434820390
Advocate Civil /CriminalJayanta Ghosh9434820390
Advocate Civil /CriminalJayanta Kumar Das9733023986
Advocate Civil /CriminalJayatri Choudhury 9800762291
Advocate Civil /CriminalJaydeb Barman 9734196704
Advocate Civil /CriminalJaydeep Rahut 9434372307
Advocate Civil /CriminalJayeeta Bhattacharjee 9432828748
Advocate Civil /CriminalJiban Kumar Ojha 9434510553/267336
Advocate Civil /CriminalJiban Kundu9832010940
Advocate Civil /CriminalJiban Kundu 8926722779
Advocate Civil /CriminalJishu Ghosh 9733130269
Advocate Civil /CriminalJitendra Nath Mandal 9434355416
Advocate Civil /CriminalJoy Narayan Choudhury 9832329784
Advocate Civil /CriminalJoydeb Barman 9734196704
Advocate Civil /CriminalJoydip Raut9434372307
Advocate Civil /CriminalJuthi Bhowmik7797642956
Advocate Civil /CriminalJyoti Sankar Saha 9232796010
Advocate Civil /CriminalKaberi Ghosh9474017415
Advocate Civil /CriminalKaberi Ghosh 9474017415
Advocate Civil /CriminalKabir Bishwas9933645485
Advocate Civil /CriminalKajal Ghosh9832404230
Advocate Civil /CriminalKajal Kumar Deb9434130190
Advocate Civil /Criminalkakali Bagchi 9832068382
Advocate Civil /CriminalKalipada Das (1) 9733051381
Advocate Civil /CriminalKalipada Das (2)9434510730
Advocate Civil /CriminalKalyan Sarkar7501647535/8927729595/9232778245
Advocate Civil /CriminalKamal Kanti Sarkar9474348129
Advocate Civil /CriminalKanak Kanti Mahato 9474344765
Advocate Civil /CriminalKashinath Jha9434816600
Advocate Civil /CriminalKasturi Chatterjee 9733079747
Advocate Civil /CriminalKaushik Basu 9434166146
Advocate Civil /CriminalKaushik Kumar Das 9153341495/8926298111
Advocate Civil /CriminalKaushik Lala 9732690741
Advocate Civil /CriminalKaushik Pal 9434455634
Advocate Civil /CriminalKausturi Chatterjee 9733079747
Advocate Civil /CriminalKeder Nath Gupta 9800544602
Advocate Civil /CriminalKeya Goswami 9434421782
Advocate Civil /CriminalKhagesh Chandra Ghosh 9474656920
Advocate Civil /CriminalKheali Majumder9434468295
Advocate Civil /CriminalKoushik Basu 9434166146
Advocate Civil /CriminalKoushik Mahato 9593616963
Advocate Civil /CriminalKoushik Paul 9434455634
Advocate Civil /CriminalKrishna Barman9932269206
Advocate Civil /CriminalKrishna Dwaipayan Bhowmik 9434130875
Advocate Civil /CriminalKrishna Gopal Das9475390820
Advocate Civil /CriminalKrishna Mandal9434303591
Advocate Civil /CriminalKrishna Ranjan Sarkar9494213230
Advocate Civil /CriminalKrishnendu Mandal 9733029769/9733029767
Advocate Civil /CriminalKrishnendu Narayan Choudhury 9434095102
Advocate Civil /CriminalKulsum Begam 9434115597
Advocate Civil /CriminalKunal Krishna Mandal 9434245924/9734191607
Advocate Civil /CriminalKunal Krishna Sanyal9332581211
Advocate Civil /CriminalKuntal Seth 9434231931
Advocate Civil /CriminalKushal sarkar9775945967
Advocate Civil /CriminalLaksh Chandra Das 8900050951
Advocate Civil /CriminalLakshitree Thakur9800274032
Advocate Civil /CriminalLaxmri Sree Thakur 9800274032
Advocate Civil /CriminalLuna Jha 8972565578
Advocate Civil /CriminalM.d. Azaharuddin9153053419
Advocate Civil /CriminalMadhumita Sarkar 9749517788
Advocate Civil /CriminalMadhumita Singh8759935446
Advocate Civil /CriminalMadhunita singh8759935446
Advocate Civil /CriminalMadhushree Sinha9832527732
Advocate Civil /CriminalMafuja Begam 9832527732
Advocate Civil /CriminalMahbub Asfakul zinna9474685639/9734165421
Advocate Civil /CriminalMahitosh Khan 9832527732/9800719986
Advocate Civil /CriminalMaidur Rahaman 9733050826
Advocate Civil /CriminalMainul Hasan Ali 9434040028
Advocate Civil /CriminalMaitraya Ghosh 8372911551
Advocate Civil /CriminalMaksuda khatun9832408988
Advocate Civil /CriminalMaksuda Khatun 9832408988
Advocate Civil /CriminalMalay Kumar Saha 9434149551
Advocate Civil /CriminalMallika Saha 9933647969
Advocate Civil /CriminalMaloy Bharati 9434112356
Advocate Civil /CriminalManabendra Narayan Das (Babua) 9733024610
Advocate Civil /CriminalManas Bhattacharya8768001383
Advocate Civil /CriminalMandira Roy 9474794846
Advocate Civil /CriminalManjukesh Pal9614005454
Advocate Civil /CriminalMannaful Haque9434381306
Advocate Civil /CriminalManoj Bhattacharya9434421053
Advocate Civil /CriminalManoj Kr. Karmakar9093096015
Advocate Civil /CriminalManoj Kumar Das 9434381310
Advocate Civil /CriminalManoranjan Maitra 256182
Advocate Civil /CriminalManoranjan Sikdar9434189958
Advocate Civil /CriminalManos Kumar Das 9434381310
Advocate Civil /CriminalManowar Hossain9733204821
Advocate Civil /CriminalMans bhattacharya8768001383
Advocate Civil /CriminalMatiul Hoque 9593357122
Advocate Civil /CriminalMausumi Chakraborty)9434303259
Advocate Civil /CriminalMausumi Roy (De) 9832516974
Advocate Civil /CriminalMaya Das 9733051381
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd Arif Hossain8759571243
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd Babul Alam9593360975
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd Jim Hayat Islam9851502518
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd Samsuddoha9732148550
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Abdul Gani 9775487549/9932298340
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Abdul Malek 9434456568
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Abdur Rahed9733192829
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Abdur Rashid 9874810722
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Abdus Samad9434432245
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Almamun Biswas 9734927004
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Aminul Islam 9434303221
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Amjad Ali Biswas9593415103
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Amzad Ali9476396421
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Ansarul Islam9775446019
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Arit Hossain8759571243
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Ataul Gani7699257140
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Babul haque9593360975
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Dalu Rahaman 9733232628
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Diljan Ali 9434683064
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Faruk Shah 9933647552
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Firdaus Hossain 9734541207
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Giasuddin 9932500737
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Haiul Mia 9733130938
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Hasan Ali Shah9434176179
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Hasanujjaman 9734961131
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Humayun Mia9434189850
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Ikbal Alam Afja9434189866
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Jakir hossain9733173732
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Jakir Hossain 9434372174
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Jakir Hossin 9773173732
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Jamaluddin9563252172
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Jamaluddin Ahamed9563252172
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Jannat Ali9932531940
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Jim hayat islam9852502518
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Jimi Hayat Islam9851501518
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Kamaluddin Biswas 9732566865
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Karimul Islam9851274022
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Khairul Anam9733126651
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Lokman Ali 9851106376
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Lutfur Rahaman 9002442955
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Mahibur Rahaman 9851106376
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Majibar Rahaman (1) 9434682536
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Majibur Rahaman (2) 9733246225
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Monaem Biswas 9474473357
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Mostaque Ahmed9733361286
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Muttasir Alam 9775906166
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Naharul Islam9735905575
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Nahrul islam9735905575/9126371825
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Nasim Sekh 9434504899
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Nurujaman Choudhury9434421688
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Rafiqul Islam 9932660346
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Ramij Raja 9775841364
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Ramjan Ali 9614146519/8116904496
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Sabir Ali 9851273817
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Safikul Islam 9733082397
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Sahanul Islam9434511270
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Saidul Islam9614693772
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Sajjad Ali 9733030260
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Salim Akhtar9734921839
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Salimuddin9434231640
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Santu Miya 9681446666
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Sariful Hoque 9733364437/8640019570
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Shahjahan Sardar 9474470073
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Soharab Hossain 9332510214
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Sontu Mia9081446666
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Tansif Jamal9062209878
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Tulu Sk9474080945
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Yeasin Mahaldar 9733176855/9232781444
Advocate Civil /CriminalMd. Ziaullah 9434170772
Advocate Civil /CriminalMehebub Asraful Jinna9474685639
Advocate Civil /CriminalMihir Ranjan Bandopadhaya9832679404
Advocate Civil /CriminalMinul Hoque 9932323704
Advocate Civil /CriminalMisbaul Anseri 9641747094
Advocate Civil /CriminalMisbaul Arofin9641747094
Advocate Civil /CriminalMithun Das9734194836
Advocate Civil /CriminalMithun Das8759090021/9563006969
Advocate Civil /CriminalMithun Sarkar 7501386456
Advocate Civil /CriminalMizanur Rahaman 9734527024
Advocate Civil /CriminalMnilal Ghosh9609956210
Advocate Civil /CriminalMnjari Majumder9434456568
Advocate Civil /CriminalMohan Ch. Mandal 9434219318
Advocate Civil /CriminalMohit Kr. Pathak9733082831
Advocate Civil /CriminalMohon Chandra Mandal 9434219318
Advocate Civil /CriminalMohon Kumar Poddar9434455615
Advocate Civil /CriminalMonilal Ghosh9609956210
Advocate Civil /CriminalMonli chatterjee9748461884
Advocate Civil /CriminalMonoj Kumar Das 9733090367
Advocate Civil /CriminalMonoj Sinha 9434149794
Advocate Civil /CriminalMonorama Saha 9851194576
Advocate Civil /CriminalMonotosh Barman 9434456568
Advocate Civil /CriminalMostafa Kamal9733059798
Advocate Civil /CriminalMouli Chatterjee9748461884
Advocate Civil /CriminalMoumita Bhattacharyya9434347146
Advocate Civil /CriminalMousumi Chakrabarty 9434303259
Advocate Civil /CriminalMousumi Gupta9563311098
Advocate Civil /CriminalMousumi Majumder 266969
Advocate Civil /CriminalMriganka Kumar Dutta9434456575
Advocate Civil /CriminalMriganka Nath Bhaduri9434817432
Advocate Civil /CriminalMrinal Kanti Chowdhury 253039
Advocate Civil /CriminalMrityunjoy Das9434129824
Advocate Civil /CriminalMukhlesur Rahaman7872822852
Advocate Civil /CriminalMukti Satiar9734180752
Advocate Civil /CriminalMukul Chandra Das9332948599
Advocate Civil /CriminalMustaq Hossain 9775922123
Advocate Civil /CriminalNabanita Pandey9474472134
Advocate Civil /CriminalNabin Chandra Das9434231629
Advocate Civil /CriminalNaimuddin Sk. 7602662611
Advocate Civil /CriminalNajarul Islam Chowdhury9153623386
Advocate Civil /CriminalNajrul Islam9749074020
Advocate Civil /CriminalNandalal Agarwala9830554358
Advocate Civil/CriminalNarayan Ch Pramanik9495613513
Advocate Civil/CriminalNarayan Chandra Pramanik 9475613513
Advocate Civil/Criminal Narayan Mandal 9434189888
Advocate Civil/Criminal Naren Barman9832542707
Advocate Civil/Criminal Narendra Mohan Majumder 9434456376
Advocate Civil/Criminal Nargis Ara Khatun 9434180655
Advocate Civil/Criminal Naryan ch. Pramanik9475613513
Advocate Civil/Criminal Naser Ali9434303480
Advocate Civil/Criminal Nasib Sekh 9002566227
Advocate Civil/Criminal Nayan Chandra Jha 9434180655
Advocate Civil/Criminal Nayarul Islam Choudhury 9253623386
Advocate Civil/Criminal Nazibar Rahaman 9434232808
Advocate Civil/Criminal Nilanjan Kundu9681259245
Advocate Civil/Criminal Nilanjan Sarkar 9434206874
Advocate Civil/Criminal Nilayananda Das 9832052484
Advocate Civil/Criminal Nilkantha Kundu8972660050
Advocate Civil/Criminal Niloy Roy8972072776
Advocate Civil/Criminal Nilratan Sarkar9264692092/9233028450
Advocate Civil/Criminal Nimai Chandra Barman9433113973
Advocate Civil/Criminal Nimai Chandra Dutta9434371847
Advocate Civil/Criminal Nimai Mandal9679149033
Advocate Civil/Criminal Nirendranath Poddar 267527
Advocate Civil/Criminal Nirmal Agarwala9434325853
Advocate Civil/Criminal Nirmal Kr. Das 8116522129
Advocate Civil/Criminal Nirmal Kumar Singha 9434149555
Advocate Civil/Criminal Nirmal Kumar Singhal 9434149555
Advocate Civil/Criminal Nirmalendu Banerjee 9851653522
Advocate Civil/Criminal Nishikanta Goswami 9232586909
Advocate Civil/Criminal Nitish Chandra Das9434510641
Advocate Civil/Criminal Nitish Kumar Ghosh 9433114467/9804360345
Advocate Civil/Criminal Nityananda Sikdar 9832064406
Advocate Civil/Criminal Obaidullah Hossain 9734952252
Advocate Civil/Criminal P. Mondal 9332287922
Advocate Civil/Criminal Palash sarkar9641842669
Advocate Civil/Criminal Pallab Bhaduri 9474413144
Advocate Civil/Criminal Pampa Das 9434371973
Advocate Civil/Criminal Parichaya Bhattacharjee9434428060
Advocate Civil/Criminal Paritosh Kr. Chakraborty 9434105547
Advocate Civil/Criminal Parth Das9775968966
Advocate Civil/Criminal Parth Roy9547614756
Advocate Civil/Criminal Parth Sarathi Majumder9434518266
Advocate Civil/Criminal Partha das9775968966
Advocate Civil/Criminal Partha Karmakar9733395227
Advocate Civil/Criminal Partha Kr. Misra 9830587027
Advocate Civil/Criminal Partha roy9547614756
Advocate Civil/Criminal Partha Roy 9434174401
Advocate Civil/Criminal Partha Saha 9434456167
Advocate Civil/Criminal Partha Sarathi Chowdhury . 9434066765
Advocate Civil/Criminal Parthasarathi Ghosh9434049259
Advocate Civil/Criminal Partho Roy9547614756
Advocate Civil/Criminal Parvin Sultana9593754840
Advocate Civil/Criminal Pijus Chowdhury 9434969424
Advocate Civil/Criminal Pijush Sanyal7602192940/9614736878
Advocate Civil/Criminal Piku Mandal 9734946094
Advocate Civil/Criminal Pintu Pal9749069666
Advocate Civil/Criminal Piu Poddar 9434372191/9002229378
Advocate Civil/Criminal Piyush Sanyal9614736878
Advocate Civil/Criminal Prabhas Ch. Mandal 9832484211
Advocate Civil/Criminal Prabir Chawdhury7384491801
Advocate Civil/Criminal Prabir Kr. Jha 9434154282
Advocate Civil/Criminal Prabir Kr. Kundu8116306120
Advocate Civil/Criminal Prabir Kr. Mandal 278573
Advocate Civil/Criminal Prabir Kr. Sinha 9434170908
Advocate Civil/Criminal Prabir Kr. Thakur 9474471430/9609334596
Advocate Civil/Criminal Prabir Kumar Choudhury9733020516
Advocate Civil/Criminal Prabir Kumar Kundu 9832431053/8116306120
Advocate Civil/Criminal Prabir Kumar Saha 9434511337
Advocate Civil/Criminal Prabiur Kumar Sinha 9434170908
Advocate Civil/Criminal Pradip Das8170037917
Advocate Civil/Criminal Pradip Kumar Adhikary 9002908172
Advocate Civil/Criminal Pradip Kumar Roy 9434455594
Advocate Civil/Criminal Pradip kumar sarkar9851986805
Advocate Civil/Criminal Pradip Kumar Thakur9434934229
Advocate Civil/Criminal Pradipta Kumar Ganguly9434510784
Advocate Civil/Criminal Pradipta Kundu 9749381476
Advocate Civil/Criminal Prahtik biswas9733032999
Advocate Civil/Criminal Prakash Besra9932416241
Advocate Civil/Criminal Prakash biswas7584027146
Advocate Civil/Criminal Pranab kr. Das9434180567
Advocate Civil/Criminal Pranab Kr. Mandal9434683350/252183
Advocate Civil/Criminal Pranab Kumar Chaterjee9434197970
Advocate Civil/Criminal Pranab Kumar Das 9434180567
Advocate Civil/Criminal Pranab Kumar Mandal 9933702665
Advocate Civil/Criminal Pranab Kundu 9434120063
Advocate Civil/Criminal Pranab Majumder 9432946850
Advocate Civil/Criminal Pranay Kr. Bhattacharyya 9434105801
Advocate Civil/Criminal Prarbin sultana 9593754840
Advocate Civil/Criminal Prasanjit Gupta8670646489
Advocate Civil/Criminal Prasanta Dutta 9434969278
Advocate Civil/Criminal Prasanta Kr. Talapatra 254157
Advocate Civil/Criminal Prasanta Kumar Roy 9434189874
Advocate Civil/Criminal Prasanta Kundu 9475904812
Advocate Civil/Criminal Prasanta prasad9734133358
Advocate Civil/Criminal Prasanta Prasad 9734133358
Advocate Civil/Criminal Prasenjit Kundu 9851636929
Advocate Civil/Criminal Prasun kundu9434189848
Advocate Civil/Criminal Prasun Kundu 9434189848
Advocate Civil/Criminal Pratik bhowmik9475554748/7031859674
Advocate Civil/Criminal Pritam Saha9474657252
Advocate Civil/Criminal Priya Ranjan Dasgupta 9434065461
Advocate Civil/Criminal Puja Karmakar8906421797
Advocate Civil/Criminal Puja Shaw7908329259
Govt. OfficeAdministrationA.I.T.O252519
Advocate Civil/Criminal Puspendu Sarkar9474776288
Govt. Office Administration A.R.C.S.252376
Advocate Civil/Criminal Rabi Sarkar Ghosh 9434510693
Govt. Office Administration Addl. Officer Sericulture 252475
Advocate Civil/Criminal Rabin Das 9434420992
Govt. Office Administration Addl. Ofiicer Fishary260548
Advocate Civil/Criminal Rafique Sk 9932759795
Govt. Office Administration ADM (Dev.)8981885358/253127
Advocate Civil/Criminal Rafiqul Islam7980763019
Govt. Office Administration ADM (Gen.)253051
Advocate Civil/Criminal Rahim Akhtar 9733364336
Govt. Office Administration ADM (LR) 9434738110/252355
Advocate Civil/Criminal Raideep ojha9593896382
Govt. Office Administration Asst. Labour Commisinor220400
Advocate Civil/Criminal Rajat Chakraborty 9434149536
Govt. Office Administration Asst. Directorate of Agriculture252235
Advocate Civil/Criminal Rajdeep Ojha 9593896382
Govt. Office Administration Asst. Labour Commissioner (Chanchal)03513-252072
Advocate Civil/Criminal Rajesh Ghosh9851300817
Govt. Office Administration C.A.D.M(D)253049
Advocate Civil/Criminal Rajib Acharya 9434065702/7602824940
Govt. Office Administration C.A.D.M(G)252412
Advocate Civil/Criminal Rajib das8906464163
Govt. Office Administration C.A.D.M.252412
Advocate Civil/Criminal Rajiv Acharyya 9434065702
Govt. Office Administration CA to D.M.9434120209/252381
Advocate Civil/Criminal Raju Dey9434510907/7501022965
Govt. Office Administration CA to D.M. (D)253049 / 268649
Advocate Civil/Criminal Rakhi Adhikary9475813159
Govt. Office Administration CA to D.M. (G)9434457006/252351
Advocate Civil/Criminal Rakhi Adhikary 9775813159
Govt. Office Administration CA to S.D.O (S)252733
Advocate Civil/Criminal Ram Krishna Singhal 9434149555
Govt. Office Administration Chief Judicial Magistrate 252252
Advocate Civil/Criminal Ramen Das 9434120078
Govt. Office Administration D.M9434390100/252381/267182
Advocate Civil/Criminal Ramita Das (Kundu) 9734160538
Govt. Office Administration D.Compaighn Officer252043
Advocate Civil/Criminal Ranajit Saha9734197217
Govt. Office Administration D.I.C.O9474161990/220477
Advocate Civil/Criminal Ranjan Kumar Das9434303994
Govt. Office Administration D.I.O (N.I.C)252094
Advocate Civil/Criminal Ranjan Majumder 9593945352
Govt. Office Administration D.L.& L.R.O.252355
Advocate Civil/Criminal Ranjit Mandal 9932468047
Govt. Office Administration D.M. Malda9775844844 / 252381 / 267182
Advocate Civil/Criminal Ranjita Mandal 9933128417
Govt. Office Administration D.O.W.B.K.V.I.B252830
Advocate Civil/Criminal Ratan Sutradhar 9474655572/9851774785
Govt. Office Administration D.P. O.(I.C.D.S.)9434456919/253304
Advocate Civil/Criminal Rathin Mandal9434455534
Govt. Office Administration D.P. O.R.D.O9434373074/9932658379/252393 / 223644
Advocate Civil/Criminal Rima Jha7450844181
Govt. Office Administration D.P.L.O.252083
Advocate Civil/Criminal Rosnara Begam 9851887131
Govt. Office Administration D.P.O.(S.S.M.)9434178371/251474/255817
Advocate Civil/Criminal Roupanwita Lahiri 9851991564
Govt. Office Administration D.P.Officer 253304
Advocate Civil/Criminal Rubi Pal 9434680655
Govt. Office Administration D.R.O252058
Advocate Civil/Criminal Rukshar Jarin9775957647
Govt. Office Administration D.R.O.R.R.& R253202
Advocate Civil/Criminal Rupanwita Lahiri9851991564
Govt. Office Administration D.S.W.O9836340485/254236
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sabhjit Ghosh9735968882
Govt. Office Administration Day Director of Employment (Chanchal)03513-252244
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sabir Alam 9851128388
Govt. Office Administration Dist. Jail Super 252005
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sachin roy9832899552/9851018772
Govt. Office Administration Dist. Libary250338
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sademan Khan 9851832538
Govt. Office Administration DRO, RR & R253202
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sadhana Saha7384807517
Govt. Office Administration DSA252174
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sadhna Jain 9475098443
AdministrationGovt. Office DSWO254236
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sadikul Islam 9434245534
AdministrationGovt. Office G.M.D.I.C.252880
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sagar Chandra Sarkar 9733040541
AdministrationGovt. Office Jo. Consumer Forum 251472
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sahana Khan9733079664
Govt. Office Administration M.D.A.O.266242
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sahida Sultana9734069762
Govt. Office Administration Malda Musuem250241
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sahija Parvin9563157667
Govt. Office Administration N.D.C.252330 / 279187
Advocate Civil/Criminal Saibal Maitra 9434303469
Govt. Office Administration N.R.E.G.S.9836634899/223406
Advocate Civil/Criminal Saikat Kumar Ghosh 9434456084
Govt. Office Administration O.C Election & Census 9433091894/252576
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sajal Kundu 9434012628
Govt. Office Administration O.C Literacy220643
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sajal Mitra9734196119
Govt. Office Administration O.C. Minority223756
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sajjad Ali9733030260
AdministrationGovt. Office O.C., J.M.258943
Advocate Civil/Criminal Saktipada Das9434681666
AdministrationGovt. Office Office Supdt.252048 / 268873
Advocate Civil/Criminal Salil kr Maity9800901295
AdministrationGovt. Office P.A.O.252341
Advocate Civil/Criminal Salil kr. Maity9800901295
Govt. Office Administration P.D.D.R.D.Sell9647255767/254088
Advocate Civil/Criminal Salil Kumar Das 9733082390
Govt. Office Administration R.T.O.9832559997/252059 / 267530
Advocate Civil/Criminal Samim Anish 9933479715/8944851100
Govt. Office Administration Register 252123
Advocate Civil/Criminal Samir Kumar Dey 9832027978
Govt. Office Administration S.D.O (Sadar)9434055073/252733 / 252308
Advocate Civil/Criminal Samit Bhaumik9851480030
Govt. Office Administration S.D.O. (Chanchal)9475812119/03513-253308 / 253306
Advocate Civil/Criminal Samrat Agarwalla 9563517300
Govt. Office Administration Seed Observer252629
Advocate Civil/Criminal Samsu Nasha Khatun 9051508627
Govt. Office Administration Senior Staff Officer252017
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sandip das9733024925
AdministrationGovt. Office Special Officer 9434738398/252076/252194
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sandip Kumar Ghosh 9434219593/9800619736
AdministrationGovt. Office Spl. L.A.O252953
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sanjay Kumar Choudhury 9434165988
AdministrationGovt. Office Sr. D.C.252048
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sanjay kumar das 9434109815
Govt. Office Administration Super Excise252494
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sanjay Kumar Dey 9932932968
Govt. Office Administration Suprin Agri. Marketing 266279
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sanjay Kumar Sharma9434052525
Govt. Office Administration T.O. - I252004
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sanjib Mahato9434303337
Govt. Office Administration T.O. - II9932598480/252078
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sanjib Mukherjee9933857227
Govt. Office Administration Treasury Officer (Chanchal)03513-253544
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sanjit Roy 9434303254
Govt. Office Administration Tribal Welfare, Corporation 266955
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sanjoy Basak9933127503
Govt. Office Administration Upa Adhikarta Khudra Sanchay266674
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sankalita Das Sarkar9434187406
Govt. Office Administration Uponiyog Karta252190
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sankar Chaudhury8116363492
Govt. Office Administration Uttarbanga Parikalpana Bivag7699964732/266083
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sankarshan Bhowmik7001642368/9475815147
Govt. Office Administration Vigilance Inspector252887
Advocate Civil/Criminal Santosh Sarkar9434154361/7407081442
Govt. Office Administration Zila Yuba Office 252158
Advocate Civil/Criminal Saswati Basu9749882250
Govt. Office Administration Zilla Kormi Niyog Adhikarta266645
Advocate Civil/Criminal Saswati Misra9775825266
All District DM Coch BeharD.M.03582-227101
Advocate Civil/Criminal Satya Narayan Roy9434204159
All District SP Coch BeharS.P.03582-227755
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sayan Chakrabarty9609701735
All Distrct Circuit HouseCoch BeharCircuite House03582-227121
Advocate Civil/Criminal Seema rani chandra8016012500
All District DMJalpaiguriD.M.03561-230127
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sharmishtha Mukharjee9433261179
All District SP JalpaiguriS.P.03561-230492
Advocate Civil/Criminal Shew Kumar Sharma9734911509
All District Circuit HouseJalpaiguriCircuite House03561-230274
Advocate Civil/Criminal Shibnandan Pandey9474162185
All District DMMaldaD.M.03512-252381
Advocate Civil/Criminal Shouvik Sarkar9434422651
All District SP MaldaS.P.03512-252520
Advocate Civil/Criminal Shreya Das Mukherjee9609008784
All District Circuit HouseMaldaCircuite House03512-252096
Advocate Civil/Criminal Shyama Prasad Chakraborty9874918449
All District DMRaiganjD.M.03523-252925
Advocate Civil/Criminal Shyamal Krishna Ghosh9836943727
All District SP RaiganjS.P.03523-252461
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sk Makshur Ali9933359824
All District Circuit HouseRaiganjCircuite House03523-252177
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sk Md Jamaluddin9593810645
All District DMBalurghatD.M.03522-255201
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sk Ziauddin9734136097
All District SP BalurghatS.P.03522-255321
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sk. Gomed Ekbal9733212036
All District Circuit HouseBalurghatCircuite House03522-255605
Advocate Civil/Criminal Soma Jaiswal9933895418
All District DMMurshidabadD.M.03482-251650
Advocate Civil/Criminal Somnath Das9232465889
All District SP MurshidabadS.P.03482-250751
Advocate Civil/Criminal Somnath ghosh9046560708
All District Circuit HouseMurshidabadCircuite House03482-250577
Advocate Civil/Criminal Soukat Ali9932777306
All District DMNadiaD.M.03472-252381
Advocate Civil/Criminal SOUMEN SARKAR9832448088
All District SP NadiaS.P.03472-252229
Advocate Civil/Criminal Soumitra Bhattacharya 9733130686
All District Circuit HouseNadiaCircuite House03472-252901
Advocate Civil/Criminal Soumya Kanti Acharyya 9475094324
All District DMPuruliaD.M.03252-222302
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sourab roy 9582883610
All District SP PuruliaS.P.03252-222304
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sourav Sarkar9434217213
All District Circuit HousePuruliaCircuite House03252-223186
Advocate Civil/Criminal Souvik Das9733228305
All District DMBakuraD.M.03242-250304
Advocate Civil/Criminal Srabani Roy9232764492
All District SP BakuraS.P.03242-250305
Advocate Civil/Criminal Subhajit Mukherjee9475309610
All Distrct Circuit HouseBakuraCircuite House03242-250548
Advocate Civil/Criminal Subhankar Goswami9609903669
All Distrct DMBirbhumD.M.03462-255222
Advocate Civil/Criminal Subhashri Chakrabarty9851223545
All Distrct SP BirbhumS.P.03462-255353
Advocate Civil/Criminal Subhjit Sarkar9800321915
All Distrct Circuit HouseBirbhumCircuite House03462-255558
Advocate Civil/Criminal Subhrajit mukherjee9475309610
All Distrct DMKalimpongD.M.03552-255009
Advocate Civil/Criminal Subir Saha9851258040
All Distrct SP KalimpongS.P.03552-255359
Advocate Civil/Criminal Subrata Deb9434355395
All Distrct DMBurdwanD.M.0342-2562418
Advocate Civil/Criminal Subrata saha9434372052
All Distrct SP BurdwanS.P.0342-2262495
Advocate Civil/Criminal Subrata Sarkar9434371953
All Distrct Circuit HouseBurdwanCircuite House0342-2562433
Advocate Civil/Criminal Subrato Jha9434324049
All Distrct DMHowrahD.M.033-26603367
Advocate Civil/Criminal Subrato Saha9434372052
All Distrct SP HowrahS.P.033-26602626
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sudipta Bhattacharya9832484826
All Distrct Circuit HouseHowrahCircuite House033-26602086
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sudipta Chawdhury7679240352
All Distrct DMHooghlyD.M.033-26802122
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sudipta Ganguly 9434510785
All Distrct SP HooghlyS.P.033-26804827
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sudipta Roy 9474388244
All Distrct Circuit HouseHooghlyCircuite House033-26802852
Advocate Civil/Criminal Suhasis Chakraborty 9434186166
All Distrct DM24 Porgona (North)D.M.033-25523662
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sujata Roy 9434050408
All Distrct SP 24 Porgona (North)S.P.033-25423055
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sujay Mitra 9733130271
All Distrct Circuit House24 Porgona (North)Circuite House033-25523424
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sujit Kumar Jha 9434681130
All Distrct DM24 Porgona (South)D.M.033-24793713
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sukanta Sikdar 9476288895
All Distrct SP 24 Porgona (South)S.P.033-24793333
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sukhamay De 9434303220
All Distrct Circuit HouseMidnapurCircuite House03222-262571
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sukhjit Das9432157706
All Distrct DMMidnapurD.M.03222-262609
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sukodh kumar Bhakat 9474654334
All Distrct SP MidnapurS.P.03222-262132
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sukumar Ghosh9434372203
All Distrct DMTamlukD.M.03228-266098
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sulochana Saha 9474640479/9153142792
Advt. Agencies & AgentAdvt. Agencies & AgentAshis Sarkar9434140309/7501824658
Advocate Civil/Criminal Suman Pandey9733041289
Advt. Agencies & AgentAdvt. Agencies & AgentAmit Bannerjee 77987806469/9743173169
Advocate Civil/Criminal Suman Sarkar9231919892
Advt. Agencies & AgentAdvt. Agencies & AgentAmitava Saha 9733113538
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sumana Saha 9851924958
Advt. Agencies & AgentAdvt. Agencies & AgentAnanda Basak 9434066962
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sumit Ghosh9434421742
Advt. Agencies & AgentAdvt. Agencies & AgentAnshuman Baski 9932858098
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sumita Pal 9733318812
Advt. Agencies & AgentAdvt. Agencies & AgentArnab De9775454577
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sumret Ali9434981594
Advt. Agencies & AgentAdvt. Agencies & AgentAshis Das 8945044595
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sunil Kumar Biswas 9474775720
Advt. Agencies & AgentAdvt. Agencies & AgentAyan Sarkar9434020181
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sunil Kumar Srivastava9932440629
Advt. Agencies & AgentAdvt. Agencies & AgentBalaram Saha 9474017324/9434130987
Advocate Civil/Criminal Supali Chakraborty8670357800
Advt. Agencies & AgentAdvt. Agencies & AgentBhaskar Sarkar 9775843382
Advocate Civil/Criminal Suparna Ganguli9474967100
Advt. Agencies & AgentAdvt. Agencies & AgentBiswarup Basak 9434106086/9434511965
Advocate Civil/Criminal Surajit Dutta 9434420903
Advt. Agencies & AgentAdvt. Agencies & AgentKajal Pramanik9733035242
Advocate Civil/Criminal Surajit Sikdar 9434681894
Advt. Agencies & AgentAdvt. Agencies & AgentKalipada Roy 9232307227
Advocate Civil/Criminal Surya Mandal 9563268396
Advt. Agencies & AgentAdvt. Agencies & AgentKallal Das 9933130070/906674800
Advocate Civil/Criminal Susanta Barman 8145779903
Advt. Agencies & AgentAdvt. Agencies & AgentKrishna Saha8697402232/9831612300
Advocate Civil/Criminal Susanta Chakraborty8017542595
Advt. Agencies & AgentAdvt. Agencies & AgentPartha Guha9703315660
Advocate Civil/Criminal Susanta Kr. Ghosh 9434456230
Advt. Agencies & AgentAdvt. Agencies & AgentRabin Roy9434231558
Advocate Civil/Criminal Susanta Sanyal9932025186
Advt. Agencies & AgentAdvt. Agencies & AgentRappa Saha 9434355896
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sushama Chatterjee 9434193485
Advt. Agencies & AgentAdvt. Agencies & AgentSamitra Roy 973361243 /9434206633
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sushil Ch. Pramanik9232510517
Advt. Agencies & AgentAdvt. Agencies & AgentSandip Samaddar 9832329692
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sushil Chandra Pramanik 9232510517/9547427672
Advt. Agencies & AgentAdvt. Agencies & AgentSanjay Saha 9614019597
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sushil Mandal9434129862
Advt. Agencies & AgentAdvt. Agencies & AgentSanku Das ( Jal ) 9832045678
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sutapa Roy9547549145
Advt. Agencies & AgentAdvt. Agencies & AgentSasthi Saha 9832016360/7872812354
Advocate Civil/Criminal Suvankar Goswami9609903669
Advt. Agencies & AgentAdvt. Agencies & AgentSudipta Das 9434371933/9933797759
Advocate Civil/Criminal Suvashree Chakraborty9851223545
Advt. Agencies & AgentAdvt. Agencies & AgentSunil saha 9434052883
Advocate Civil/Criminal Swagata Sen9432845080
Advt. Agencies & AgentAdvt. Agencies & AgentUttam Kanjilal9851362265/9434149565/9932833765
Advocate Civil/Criminal Swapan Kr. Bandopadhyaya 9434420948
Alluminium FittingsAlluminium FittingsAloke Pandit9932633351
Advocate Civil/Criminal Swapan Kr. Poddar9476141791
Alluminium FittingsAlluminium FittingsMajumder Enterprise9434053853
Advocate Civil/Criminal Swapan Kr. Sarkar9474159854
Alluminium FittingsAlluminium FittingsRamkrishna Enterprise9733131280
Advocate Civil/Criminal Swapan Kumar Nag 8759934875
AmbulanceAmbulanceDistrict Hospital252099 / 252947
Advocate Civil/Criminal Swapan Kumar Roy9434432249
AmbulanceAmbulanceHydarpur Shelter of Malda7548912890 / 9932932372
Advocate Civil/Criminal Swapan Nandi 9474080599
AmbulanceAmbulanceKalitala Club252596
Advocate Civil/Criminal Swapna shil9432521600/7602589743
AmbulanceAmbulanceKockrich & Company252251
Advocate Civil/Criminal Swarup Halder 9851900857
AmbulanceAmbulanceLions Malda Greater9434129336
Advocate Civil/Criminal Syed Habibul Muswi9474656276
AmbulanceAmbulanceMalda Marchent Chamber of Commerce9434206618 / 9733015165
Advocate Civil/Criminal Tamal Agarwala 9733074807
AmbulanceAmbulanceMunicipality (EBM)252029 / 269558
Advocate Civil/Criminal Tamal Chandra Sarkar 9775812272
AmbulanceAmbulanceMunicipality (Old Malda)262995
Advocate Civil/Criminal Tamal Das Gupta 9932057550
AmbulanceAmbulanceRed Cross250293
Advocate Civil/Criminal Tamaltaru Sinha 9434112141
AmbulanceAmbulanceRotary Club of Malda Mango City9434066999
Advocate Civil/Criminal Tanmay kumar das9563003588
AmbulanceAmbulanceSeshraj Nursing Home253091
Advocate Civil/Criminal Tanmay kumar Das 9563003588
AmbulanceAmbulanceSharma Oushadhalaya252577
Advocate Civil/Criminal Tanushri Chakraborty9851339567
AmbulanceAmbulanceSt. Jhon Ambulance252751
Advocate Civil/Criminal Tapan Ghosal 9932750466
Animal Drug HouseDRUG CENTREM/S Shantunu03512 - 253914
Advocate Civil/Criminal Tapan Kr. Joardar 9434066605
Animal Drug HouseDRUG CENTREM/S Shantunu03512 - 220808
Advocate Civil/Criminal Tapan Kumar Das 9434206705
AnnouncerAnnouncerAmar Mandal256235
Advocate Civil/Criminal Tapan Kumar Roy 9474796115
AnnouncerAnnouncerAnindya Debbhuti9749036698 / 9734168904
Advocate Civil/Criminal Tapas Das Gupta 9733173258
AnnouncerAnnouncerBarnali Moitra9434165989
Advocate Civil/Criminal Tapas Kr. Roy (1)9434055240
AnnouncerAnnouncerDebashis Chattaraj9434068440 / 268439
Advocate Civil/Criminal Tapas Roy (1) 9733179831
AnnouncerAnnouncerDebashree Guha Basak9153038636
Advocate Civil/Criminal Tapashi Acharya9434455751
AnnouncerAnnouncerDebasis Bhowmik8535985300
Advocate Civil/Criminal Tapashi Saha 9832089382
AnnouncerAnnouncerDebomitra Bhowmik (Sabar cable)9563453292
Advocate Civil/Criminal Tarit Kumar Ojha 9434323780
AnnouncerAnnouncerDeboshree Roy Lahiri9800675443
Advocate Civil/Criminal Tirtha Basu 9733149562
AnnouncerAnnouncerDeep Chatterjee9474414368
Advocate Civil/Criminal Tirthankar Poddar9434303923
AnnouncerAnnouncerDurgapada Kundu9474721528
Advocate Civil/Criminal Tirthankar Podder 9434303923
AnnouncerAnnouncerKitty 9474797421
Advocate Civil/Criminal Tridib Basak 267067
AnnouncerAnnouncerNarayani Banerjee 9593200580
Advocate Civil/Criminal Tridib Kumar Das 9434206587
AnnouncerAnnouncerParamita Bhowmik9614890840/ 9476287381
Advocate Civil/Criminal Tridib Sidhanta 9434457227/ 8670095818
AnnouncerAnnouncerPrakash Ganguli 9932812517
Advocate Civil/Criminal Uday Kumar Jha 9434323341
AnnouncerAnnouncerPriyanka Chakdar9434680467
Advocate Civil/Criminal Ujjwal Kr. Choudhury 9434054695
AnnouncerAnnouncerPriyanka Sarkar9563324017
Advocate Civil/Criminal Ujjwal Kr. Dutta9733051203
AnnouncerAnnouncerSaikat Das9476290472
Advocate Civil/Criminal Upendra Chandra Biswas 9434682587
AnnouncerAnnouncerSoumen Bagchi 9932515310
Advocate Civil/Criminal Usha Choudhury 9332293555
AnnouncerAnnouncerTamali 9474471566
Advocate Civil/Criminal Utpal Mandal 9733322893
Advocate Civil/Criminal Utpal Paul Chowdhury9434219419
Art Material Supplier Art Material SupplierBiswanath9851867323
Advocate Civil/Criminal Uttam Chowdhury 9474343593
Art Material Supplier Art Material SupplierMalda Art Emporium9851183273
Advocate Civil/Criminal Vishnu Singha9733006339
Art Material Supplier Art Material SupplierTuhin Enterprise9434206786
Advocate Civil/Criminal Vivek Sharma9434981199
Art School Art School Aalok Bindu9434247182
Advocate Civil/Criminal Zahangir Alam9434372174
Art School Art School Ankan9733160032
Advocate Civil/Criminal Ferdousi Rahaman9932399317
Art School Art School Ankita Art Centre9832081931 / 03512 - 250247
Advocate Civil/Criminal Bandana Acharya 8967610964
Art School Art School Art Point9832083515
Advocate Civil/Criminal Md. Wahedur Rahaman9851240284
Art School Art School Astha Creation 9434455511 / 9932052525
Advocate Civil/Criminal Bipasha Choudhury9614897239
Art School Art School Baithaki Art School9501447646
Advocate Civil/Criminal Prabir Chowdhury7384492801
Art School Art School Canvas9474161644
Advocate Civil/Criminal Ajim Hasan9153891969
Art School Art School Charu Kala Kendra (Sonar Tari)9635457648 / 9933015688 / 03512-279168
Advocate Civil/Criminal Abani Kumar Dutta9434245793
Art School Art School Chitra Ankanaloy9734086164
Advocate Civil/Criminal Vinode Kumar Panday9609881865
Art School Art School Chitram Kala Mandir9733161855
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sudarshan Prasad Gupta9434105743
Art School Art School Chitrankan03512 - 244130
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sripati Goswami9800421350
Art School Art School Colors Group9434303781 / 9832402774
Advocate Civil/Criminal Autul Krishna Tribedi9434682571
Art School Art School Drishtinandan9851400620
Advocate Civil/Criminal Monoranjan Maitra9476974115
Art School Art School Dishari Shilpa Kala Kendra9609913642
Advocate Civil/Criminal Amalendu Banerjee9735046692
Art School Art School Gourbina Ankan Academy 8670401225
Advocate Civil/Criminal Asim Kumar Seth 9733047074
Art School Art School Kala Kendra9434355362
Advocate Civil/Criminal Mriganka Kumar Dutta9434456578
Art School Art School Kalangan 9832068013
Advocate Civil/Criminal Aswini Kumar Pandey9734195031
Art School Art School Kristi9434154575 / 9933358800
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sushil Chandra Pramanik 9547426772
Art School Art School Monalisha03512 - 266643
Advocate Civil/Criminal Subir Kumar Bhoumik9434066696
Art School Art School Monalisha Culture Centre03512 - 256179
Advocate Civil/Criminal Anan Chandra Mandal 8016345383
Art School Art School Nandan9733061712 / 03512 - 251846
Advocate Civil/Criminal Phani Bhusan Sarkar 9434421177
Art School Art School Nita Ankan Kala Kendra9851925416
Advocate Civil/Criminal Md Sahajahan Sardar9474470072
Art School Art School North Bengal Art Academy9232522518
Advocate Civil/Criminal Kshudalal Barman9851106669
Art School Art School Radha Kiran Art School99329221392
Advocate Civil/Criminal Shyamapada Bhattacharyya9733186947
Art School Art School Raikhik9434140309 / 9832066032
Advocate Civil/Criminal Ajit Kr Saha9800637588
Art School Art School Rang Tuli8906165072
Advocate Civil/Criminal Shyam Prasad Roy9434213330
Art School Art School Rangan Art9832067884
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sudip Kr Sikdar9434303975
Art School Art School Rangin Tuli Rangin Tal9233199216
Advocate Civil/Criminal Amal Krishna Mandal9332410778
Art School Art School Rekha Chitra9851784636
Advocate Civil/Criminal Smt Chandana Das9434872153
Art School Art School Saptarshi Academy03512 - 260366
Advocate Civil/Criminal Shyamal Kr Banik9932297595
Art School Art School Saptarshi Art School9126406702
Advocate Civil/Criminal Debojyoti Sinha 7797941149
Art School Art School Sarashwata Mandir9733188228
Advocate Civil/Criminal Dunduvi Saha9564424039
Art School Art School Scetch9832326977
Advocate Civil/Criminal Md Humayun Mia9434189967
Art School Art School Shilpangan9932809176 / 9332296633 /03512 - 283487
Advocate Civil/Criminal Amar Kr Das9474797603
Art School Art School Shilpanjali Fine Arts9932743724
Advocate Civil/Criminal Asim Kr Bandopadhyya9475091881
Art School Art School Shilpichakra9474471707 / 03512 - 251257
Advocate Civil/Criminal Md Majibar Rahaman(2)9593667885
Art School Art School Silpanjoli Fine Art School9932743724
Advocate Civil/Criminal Deb Kishore Majumdar9434112170
Art School Art School Spandan Charu Kala Kendra9733091801
Advocate Civil/Criminal Smt Suparna Ganguli6295278096
Art School Art School Venus9434372108
Advocate Civil/Criminal Indranil Das 9641305489
ArtistAnchore / AnnouncerAbhijit9614465351
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sagar Chandra Sarkar 9609997056
ArtistAnchore / AnnouncerAnindya Debbhuti9749036698 / 9734168904
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sartahak Das252867
ArtistAnchore / AnnouncerAmar Mandal9434457112
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sourabh Sarkar9434219213
ArtistAnchore / AnnouncerDebasish9434068440/268439
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sipra Maitra9733115370
ArtistAnchore / AnnouncerKitty9474797421
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sankarshan Bhowmik9832420091
ArtistAnchore / AnnouncerParamita9614890840
Advocate Civil/Criminal Dipanwita Pal Chowdhury9484065453
ArtistAnchore / AnnouncerPrakash Ganguly9932812517
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sucheta Bhattacharya9734990992
ArtistAnchore / AnnouncerPriyanka Chakdar9434680467
Advocate Civil/Criminal Ramita Das (Kundu) 9733262514
ArtistAnchore / AnnouncerSoumen Bagchi9932515310
Advocate Civil/Criminal Md Ramij Raja7602252362
ArtistAnchore / AnnouncerSudan Bhattacharyya9434819301
Advocate Civil/Criminal Subrata Roy9800215520
ArtistAnchore / AnnouncerTamali9474471566
Advocate Civil/Criminal Jaydeep Rahut 351225134
ArtistClay Artist (Mrit Shilpi)Astam Chowdhury 9851130757
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sanjoy Kumar Sharma9932052525
ArtistClay Artist (Mrit Shilpi)Bimal Paul 9333318800/8908755126
Advocate Civil/Criminal Krishna Ranjan Sarkar9434213230
ArtistClay Artist (Mrit Shilpi)Mintu Das 9733157418
Advocate Civil/Criminal Tridib Basak 351226706
ArtistClay Artist (Mrit Shilpi)Raju Sharma 7872970953
Advocate Civil/Criminal Arindam Dutta 351225134
ArtistClay Artist (Mrit Shilpi)Ratan Pandit 9232457933
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sauvik Kumar Das351225414
ArtistClay Artist (Mrit Shilpi)Sajal Pandit 7501234448
Advocate Civil/Criminal Biman Bhattacharyya 351226484
ArtistClay Artist (Mrit Shilpi)Samar Paul 9533388350/9851442450
Advocate Civil/Criminal Sibnandan Pandey9609939885
ArtistClay Artist (Mrit Shilpi)Sanajoy Chowdhury 9002100171/8967447457
Advocate Civil/Criminal Subrata Jha9434324099
ArtistClay Artist (Mrit Shilpi)Sukumar Pandit 9434245810
Advocate Civil/Criminal Siddhartha Roy9624370234
ArtistClay Artist (Mrit Shilpi)Sushanta Sarkar 8348694438/9593839554
Advocate Civil/Criminal Somnath Das(2)9474162784
ArtistDance TeacherAtasi Pandit9434131089
Advocate Civil/Criminal Manilal Ghosh9606956210
ArtistDance TeacherBanani Bhattacharjee9434372223
Advocate Civil/Criminal Gunamay Mandal 9614240524
ArtistDance TeacherPannalal Dasgupta9434120232
Advocate Civil/Criminal Pallab Bhaduri 9474431344
ArtistDance TeacherSujata Ghosh9434421910
Advocate Civil/Criminal Pradipta Kundu 9749381470
ArtistDance TeacherSukla Nandi9434372167
Advocate Civil/Criminal Shouvik Sarkar9434422653
ArtistDance TeacherSupriya Ghosh9434247182
Advocate Civil/Criminal Bablu Roy 9733204698
ArtistDramatistAchinta Sen9434456384
Advocate Civil/Criminal Arunayan Sharma(Service)9434175943
ArtistDramatistAjoy Kumar Das9333630660
Advocate Civil/Criminal Md Santu Mia9851070001
ArtistDramatistAmal Chandra Mandal9593857347
ArtistDramatistAmaresh Chakraborty9434030135
ArtistDramatistAparbita Sengupta9474654785
ArtistDramatistArindam Das9932759646
ArtistDramatistArunashu Bhattacharya9333993144
ArtistDramatistAshim Sen9474080792
ArtistDramatistAshim Goswami 9434372108
ArtistDramatistAshim Sharma9434817242
ArtistDramatistAshis Saha9434455519
Accounts ConsultantAccounts ConsultantAnil Das9434421326
ArtistDramatistAshok Sen9233400172
Accounts ConsultantAccounts ConsultantBhaskar Roy9733032855
ArtistDramatistAsish Chakraborty9775811766
Accounts ConsultantAccounts ConsultantChittranjan Pal9932931538
ArtistDramatistBanani Chatterjee9434180677
Accounts ConsultantAccounts ConsultantDebabrata Acharjee9434455907
ArtistDramatistBijan Mukherjee9434680413
Accounts ConsultantAccounts ConsultantDebasish Kundu9434105505
ArtistDramatistBiman Behari Gupta9932246556
Accounts ConsultantAccounts ConsultantDebu Kundu9434371844
ArtistDramatistBiplab Bhattacharya9434422717
Accounts ConsultantAccounts ConsultantGopal Podder9933684263
ArtistDramatistBiplab Das7407807754
Accounts ConsultantAccounts ConsultantKoushik Das9733155973
ArtistDramatistBiplab Saha9933084622
Accounts ConsultantAccounts ConsultantKoushik Kundu9474476416
ArtistDramatistBiswapriya Roy Chaudhury9434245560
Accounts ConsultantAccounts ConsultantKrishnendu Poddar9734963327
ArtistDramatistBrintik Nag9932389551
Accounts ConsultantAccounts ConsultantNanda Kishore Das9932693947
ArtistDramatistChandan Moitra9434818362 / 9002482109
Accounts ConsultantAccounts ConsultantNaru Das9933020343
ArtistDramatistDebangshu Bhattacharya8016355472
Accounts ConsultantAccounts ConsultantPijus Roy9332987186
ArtistDramatistDebashis Bhuti9434355309
Accounts ConsultantAccounts ConsultantRathin Malakar9733179755
ArtistDramatistDeben Das9002392651
Accounts ConsultantAccounts ConsultantSanjib Das9851311229
ArtistDramatistDebraj Bardhan9434818720
Accounts ConsultantAccounts ConsultantSankar Das9733136873
ArtistDramatistDilip Chowdhury9474081108
ArtistDramatistDipak Mitra9002392055
ArtistDramatistDurga Pada Kundu9474721528
ArtistDramatistGobinda Roy9434721598
ArtistDramatistIrin Shabnam9475698222
ArtistDramatistJoydeb Gupta9434422221
ArtistDramatistKartic Rajak9733024637
ArtistDramatistKeya Bagchi9434421787
ArtistDramatistKrishnendu Banerjee9434245593
ArtistDramatistKumud Mandal9434394703
ArtistDramatistManab Sarkar9933026772
Govt. OfficesAgriculture & Agril marketingAgril Training Centre252218/252386
ArtistDramatistMano Binod Chakraborty9734083820
Govt. OfficesAgriculture & Agril marketingAgril. Dev. Officer (Mango)255182
ArtistDramatistNandadulal Roy Chowdhury9735066951
Govt. OfficesAgriculture & Agril marketingAsst. Harticulturist252607
ArtistDramatistNihar Ranjan Saha9434219188
Govt. OfficesAgriculture & Agril marketingBij Nigam 252845
ArtistDramatistNirandra Nath Saha9434585102
Govt. OfficesAgriculture & Agril marketingDy. Director of Agril (Fruits)255182
ArtistDramatistNishith Das9002699090
Govt. OfficesAgriculture & Agril marketingMango Dev. Officer255182
ArtistDramatistPijush Chatterjee9434206732
Govt. OfficesAgriculture & Agril marketingMukhya Nirbahi Bastakar (Krishikarigari)0353-2582209
ArtistDramatistPranab Das9851779508
Govt. OfficesAgriculture & Agril marketingMukhya Nirbahi Bastakar (Krishisech)266324
ArtistDramatistPratim Sinha9434050119
Govt. OfficesAgriculture & Agril marketingNorthbengal Plan Commision266283
ArtistDramatistPriyabrata Chakraborty9474655034
Doctor Adolescent Clinic MOMukti Basak Dr. MBBS9434680282/251458
Govt. OfficesAgriculture & Agril marketingP.A.O.252341 / 250401
ArtistDramatistRahina Pramanik9474344755
DoctorAnaestheiologistAmlan Sankar Kumar Dr.223292 / 257196
Govt. OfficesAgriculture & Agril marketingS.D.A.O.266242
ArtistDramatistRanjit Magumder9434682702
DoctorAnaestheiologistGoutam Choudhury. Dr. MBBS (Anae)9434050719
Govt. OfficesAgriculture & Agril marketingSamabayika252506
ArtistDramatistRoop Rangam256032
DoctorAnaestheiologistNilendu Chakraborty Dr. MD (Anae)9434084387/284387
Govt. OfficesAgriculture & Agril marketingSECY. E.B.R.M.C.266716 / 265438
ArtistDramatistSamadrita Chatterjee9434206732
DoctorAnaestheiologistPuspita Nath Dr. 9434083125/266404 / 255404
Govt. OfficesAgriculture & Agril marketingSecy. Samsi R.M.C. (03513) - 265262 / 265658
ArtistDramatistSamir Basak9434511336
DoctorAnaestheiologistRam Jiban Chandra. Dr. MD (Anae)9434149853
Govt. OfficesAgriculture & Agril marketingSupdt. Agril Mktg. 266279 / 265435
ArtistDramatistSanchita Guha Basu9832077697
DoctorAnaestheiologistRuchira Banerjee.Dr. DA.9434149801/252645
MaldaBlock Development OfficerHarishchandrapur -1 7719360731
ArtistDramatistSarabindu Chakraborty9434421786
DoctorAnaestheiologistSupriya Dey Roy Dr. DA. M.D9331081069
MaldaBlock Development OfficerHarishchandrapur -27719360732
ArtistDramatistSarmista Sinha9434460532
DoctorAnaestheiologistSurojit Kar Dr. 9434129550
MaldaBlock Development OfficerChanchal - 17719360733
ArtistDramatistSaroj Saha9733219656
Doctor AnaesthesiologyDr. Gouri Mukherjee9831127612
MaldaBlock Development OfficerChanchal - 27719360734
ArtistDramatistSekhar Das9932657257
Doctor AnaesthesiologyDr. Ujjal Kr. Sarkar9433125249
MaldaBlock Development OfficerRatua - 17719360735
ArtistDramatistShishir Gangully9475904378
Doctor AnaesthesiologyDr. Supriya De Roy9331081069
MaldaBlock Development OfficerRatua - 27719360736
ArtistDramatistShubhajit Basak9434372541
Doctor AnaesthesiologyDr. Pradipta Mitra9830282041
Cabinet Maker Carpenter Cabinet Maker/Carpenter Achinta Das8967755237
MaldaBlock Development OfficerManikchak7719360737
ArtistDramatistSomesh Ch. Das9434095155
Doctor AnaesthesiologyDr. Shreya Laheri 9433111929
Cabinet Maker Carpenter Cabinet Maker/ Carpenter Alok8926553242
MaldaBlock Development OfficerEnglish Bazar7719360738
ArtistDramatistSomnath Jha9851981828
Doctor AnaesthesiologyDr. Ramjiban Chanda9434149853
Cabinet Maker Carpenter Cabinet Maker/ Carpenter Ashish Ganguly9733025266
MaldaBlock Development OfficerOld Malda7719360739
ArtistDramatistSonali Chatterjee Mozumder9434180677
Doctor AnaesthesiologyDr. Soumya Biswas9433127430
Cabinet Maker Carpenter Cabinet Maker/ Carpenter Asit9800591118
MaldaBlock Development OfficerGajole7719360740
ArtistDramatistSoumen Sarkar9434060737
Doctor AnaesthesiologyDr. Nurejjaman9832094605
Cabinet Maker Carpenter Cabinet Maker/ Carpenter Bhuban9475703412
MaldaBlock Development OfficerBamongola7719360741
ArtistDramatistSoumitra Sarkar9434193441
DoctorAnatomy Dr. Kalyan Bhattacharya 9433154499/8697600479
Cabinet Maker Carpenter Cabinet Maker/ Carpenter Dilip Karmakar9832484290
MaldaBlock Development OfficerHabibpur7719360742
ArtistDramatistSourav Ghosh9609700641
DoctorAnatomy Dr. Sharmistha Biswas9903408977
Cabinet Maker Carpenter Cabinet Maker/ Carpenter Gouranga7872915308
MaldaBlock Development Officerkaliachak - 17719360743
ArtistDramatistSrabani Bhattacharjee9432915401
DoctorAnatomy Dr. Arunabha Tapadar9830217818
Cabinet Maker Carpenter Cabinet Maker/ Carpenter Mahidur9733018543
MaldaBlock Development Officerkaliachak - 27719360744
ArtistDramatistSudip Roy Chowdhury9434455692
DoctorAnatomy Dr. Debajyoti Basu9831949572
Cabinet Maker Carpenter Cabinet Maker/ Carpenter Mithu8016441126
MaldaBlock Development OfficerKaliachak - 37719360745
ArtistDramatistSujit Das9433187332
DoctorAnatomy Dr. Arpen Dey9903560948
Cabinet Maker Carpenter Cabinet Maker/ Carpenter Papai9733026647
Govt. OfficeAnimal Resources DevelopmentA.R.D.033-22145777
ArtistDramatistRanjit Debhuti 9932916364
DoctorAnatomy Dr. arnab Bhar9088917289
Cabinet Maker Carpenter Cabinet Maker/ Carpenter Rupranjan Sutradhar9434625005
Govt. OfficeAnimal Resources DevelopmentAsst. Dir (Admn.)252105
ArtistDramatistSukumar Choudhury9474080004
DoctorAnatomy Dr. Alipta Bhattacharjee9831707591
Cabinet Maker Carpenter Cabinet Maker/ Carpenter Santosh9733296160
Govt. OfficeAnimal Resources DevelopmentD.V.O.252407
ArtistDramatistSumita Chatterjee8900278989
DoctorAnatomy Dr. Soumya Banerjee9432740866
Cabinet Maker Carpenter Cabinet Maker/ Carpenter Sentu9635491182/9563773405
Govt. OfficeAnimal Resources DevelopmentDy. Dir. (Admn.)252147
ArtistDramatistSunil Dutta9232253492
DoctorAnatomy Dr. Rahul Mandal9143010952
Cabinet Maker Carpenter Cabinet Maker/ Carpenter Shibu9733447090
Govt. OfficeAnimal Resources DevelopmentVeterinary Hospital253667
ArtistDramatistSurajit Datta9434680193
DoctorAnatomy Dr. Ananya Biswas9477082986
Cable ChannelCable Channel (Local)News Today03512-223435/254404
Police Govt. Office (State) : Police StationBaishnabnagar Police Station 222530
ArtistDramatistSubrata Roy 9434231826
Doctor AyurbedDr. Kalyan Mitra9083541562
Cable ChannelCable Channel (Local)Sabar Khabar9434510655/ 03512-323198
Police Govt. Office (State) : Police StationBamongola Police Station 03511 - 266324
ArtistDramatistTapati Dey9475701578
DoctorBiochemistryDr. Kaushik Bhowmik9433780873
Cable OperatorMalda Cable Pulak Roy Chowdhury9232311616
Police Govt. Office (State) : Police StationChanchal (Kharba) Police Station 03513 - 252256
ArtistDramatistTarun Paul9143790563
DoctorBiochemistryDr. Debasis Basu9433050503
Cable OperatorMalda Cable Rabi Sarkar9832016523
Police Govt. Office (State) : Police StationEnglish Bazar Police Station 252071 / 100
ArtistFine ArtsAbdul Rohim (Farakka)9932270514 / 7384220335
DoctorBiochemistryDr. Indranil Dwan9475524702
Cable OperatorMalda Cable Mithu Das9832396965
Police Govt. Office (State) : Police StationGazol Police Station 235327
ArtistFine ArtsAnindya Debbhuti9474721745
DoctorBiochemistryDr. Susmita Sarkar9734004803
Cable OperatorMalda Cable Tapan Das9832306252
Police Govt. Office (State) : Police StationHabibpur Police Station 03511 - 252664
ArtistFine ArtsAnjan Halder9593952309
DoctorBiochemistryDr. Mousumi Das9051929461
Cable OperatorMalda Cable Kishor Das9434219493
Police Govt. Office (State) : Police StationHarishchandrapur Police Station 03513 - 255215 / 255755
ArtistFine ArtsArnab Pandey9851386439
DoctorBiochemistryDr. Koushik Mondal9143443746/8981503882
Cable OperatorMalda Cable Tukai Basak9434817584
Malda Zilla ParishadD.R.D. Cell Zilla ParishadP.D., D.R.D. Cell 03512-254088/03512-252486
Police Govt. Office (State) : Police StationKaliachak Police Station 244310
ArtistFine ArtsAsim Goswami9434372108
DoctorCardiologistAnil Mishra Dr.9830021212/254430
Cable OperatorMalda Cable Chhottan Roy9832094531
Malda Zilla ParishadD.R.D. Cell Zilla ParishadOffice03512-252754
Police Govt. Office (State) : Police StationMalda Police Station 260222 / 251377
ArtistFine ArtsAsish Sarkar9434140309
DoctorCardiologistB.P. Chatterjee Dr. DM(Cardio)254430
Cable OperatorMalda Cable Sanjib Guha9832408773
Malda Zilla ParishadBamongola Panchyet Samiti Smriti Sarkar 03511-266400/266339
Police Govt. Office (State) : Police StationManikchak Police Station 272333
ArtistFine ArtsBidyut Karmakar9733091801
DoctorCardiologistP.K Jha Dr. 254300 / 252788
Cable OperatorMalda Cable Faruk Sekh9733419398
Malda Zilla ParishadChanchal-1 Panchayet SamitiRuby Saha 03513-252527
Police Govt. Office (State) : Police StationMothabari Police Station 248655
ArtistFine ArtsGouri Sankar Saha9474471707
DoctorCardiologistS. Banerjee Dr. MD. D.M03512-220158
Cable OperatorMalda Cable Bishu Saha9434186080
Malda Zilla ParishadChanchal-2 Panchayet SamitiBadal Saha 03513-265657
Police Govt. Office (State) : Police StationRathbari Police Station 266233
ArtistFine ArtsGoutam9851183273 / 9851183273
DoctorCardiologistSubhas Nandi Dr. DM (CARDIO)9830040927/252449
Cable OperatorMalda Cable Partha Pratim Mukherjee9434052677
Malda Zilla ParishadEnglish Bazar Panchayet Samiti Pabitra Kumar Roy 03512-252327
Police Govt. Office (State) : Police StationRatua Police Station 03513 - 266222
ArtistFine ArtsJayanta Roy / Sarashwata Mandir9734119075
DoctorChest & TuberculosisBimal Kr. Sarkar Dr. 253729
Cable OperatorMalda Cable Supu Chakrabarty9932687463
Malda Zilla ParishadGazol Panchayet Samiti Prabhat Poddar 03512-235345
PolicePoliceAddl. S.P. ,Malda 252661 / 252856 / 252664
ArtistFine ArtsJiten Chowdhury9932743724
DoctorChest & TuberculosisHimachal Das Dr.9734193469
Cable OperatorMalda Cable Soumen Roy9434420988
Malda Zilla ParishadHabibpur Panchayet SamitiRegina Murmu 03511-252494
PolicePoliceCI , Sadar 252018
ArtistFine ArtsKoushik Podder (Joy)9434355362
DoctorChest & TuberculosisPrabodh Kuili (Rly) Dr. 9434180551/221301/252500
Cable OperatorMalda Cable Anadi Deb9434355091
Malda Zilla ParishadHarishchandrapur - 1 Panchayet Samiti Jamil Firdoush 03513-255228
PolicePoliceCI ,Chanchal252224
ArtistFine ArtsKrishna Pada Das9126406702
DoctorChest & TuberculosisSurya Kanta Tripathi Dr. 266522
Cable OperatorMalda Cable Utpal Bhaskar9434207009
Malda Zilla ParishadHarishchandrapur - 2 Panchayet Samiti Tajfera Khatun 03513-255448
PolicePoliceCI ,Gazole235338
ArtistFine ArtsManju Sarma9434420840
DoctorChest & TuberculosisTapan Priya Roy Dr.9434054430/254430
Cable OperatorMalda Cable Subrata Gupta9434197984
Malda Zilla ParishadKaliachak -1 Panchayet Samiti Farhana Khatun 03512-244162
PolicePoliceControl Room252951 / 252001
ArtistFine ArtsManoranjan Barman9775957858
DoctorChild SpecialistBidyut Kumar Ghosh Dr. DCH9434112262/253165 / 221412
Cable OperatorMalda Cable Priya Ranjan Podder9434304135
Malda Zilla ParishadKaliachak -2 Panchayet Samiti Prabhati Sarkar03512-248626
PolicePoliceD.I.G , Malda Range 03522-255505 / 03522-255555
ArtistFine ArtsMrinal Kanti Biswas9635457648
DoctorChild SpecialistH.Chatterjee Dr. DCH9474475291/250970 / 252481
Cable OperatorMalda Cable Safiqual Islam (Ripan)9614123288
Malda Zilla ParishadKaliachak -2 Panchayet Samiti Sariyatul Islam 03512-222546
PolicePoliceDy. S.P. (D & T) 252148
ArtistFine ArtsNilay Roy9832326977
DoctorChild SpecialistM.Pal Dr. DCH 9434078147/254877
Cable OperatorMalda Cable Pappu7501231731
Malda Zilla ParishadManikchak Panchayet Samiti Rakhi Mandal 03512-272331
PolicePoliceDy. S.P. (DIB)252385 / 252018
ArtistFine ArtsNilladri Saha9851307508
DoctorChild SpecialistMohit Chitlangia Dr. 9832632638
Cable OperatorMalda Cable Babla Saha9475699168
Malda Zilla ParishadOld Malda Panchayet Samiti Gopal Sarkar 03512-260257
PolicePoliceDy. S.P. ,Malda 252148 / 252691
ArtistFine ArtsNirjhar Dutta9733061712 / 9614465656
DoctorChild SpecialistP.K Majhi Dr. DCH9434066787/220106
Cable OperatorMalda Cable Bishwanath Debnath9434420967
Malda Zilla ParishadRatua-1 Panchayet Samiti Muslima Khatun 03513-266251
PolicePoliceIC ,Baishnabnagar PS204282
ArtistFine ArtsNishit Mandal9933970207
DoctorChild SpecialistS.P. Agarwala Dr. DCH9434057569/252605 / 252889
Cable OperatorMalda Cable Amitabha9474654833
Malda Zilla ParishadRatua-2 Panchayet Samiti Tajibur Rahaman 03513-282250
PolicePoliceIC ,Bamongola PS 266324
ArtistFine ArtsPartha Basak & Sharabani Basak9474161644
DoctorChild SpecialistShubhalaxmi Roy Chowdhury Dr. DCH9434052419/252419
Cable OperatorMalda Cable Samir Das9832011402
Malda Zilla ParishadZilla Parishad: OfficialsSarad Kumar Dwibedi 03512-252381/267182
PolicePoliceIC ,Chanchal PS252256
ArtistFine ArtsPartha Sarathi Nath9434421152
DoctorChild SpecialistShyamal Chakraborty Dr. MD9832042986
Cable OperatorMalda Cable Sisir Das9434684311
Malda Zilla ParishadZilla Parishad: OfficialsAmal Kanti Roy Dr. 03512-252328
PolicePoliceIC ,English Bazar PS 252071
ArtistFine ArtsPranab Chowdhury9332296633 / 9932809176
DoctorChild SpecialistSujit Das Dr. DCH9434053280/253280 / 253349
Cable OperatorMalda Cable Mithu Das9735933755
Malda Zilla ParishadZilla Parishad: OfficialsAnanda Saha 9434245340/03512-255038/258725/6
PolicePoliceIC ,H.C.Pur PS 03513-255215
ArtistFine ArtsPranab Kr. Kundu9851400620
DoctorChild SpecialistSwarnayu Mishra Dr. DCH252828
Cable OperatorMalda Cable Ranjan Mandal9475815042
Malda Zilla ParishadZilla Parishad: OfficialsAsim Kumar Sarkar 9434112131/03512-255038/258725/6
PolicePoliceIC ,Habibpur PS 03511-252664
ArtistFine ArtsPrasenjit Dasgupta9434140309 / 9832066032
DoctorChild SpecialistTushar Kanti Das Dr. MD (PAED)9434149395/250299
Cable OperatorMalda Cable Munna9933774585
Malda Zilla ParishadZilla Parishad: OfficialsAsish Agarwalla9434820517/03512-255038/258725/6
PolicePoliceIC ,Kaliachak PS244310
ArtistFine ArtsPriyanka Sarkar8759759476
DoctorChild SpecialistZ.Haque Dr. 9434817859
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Bikash Saha9832542412
Malda Zilla ParishadZilla Parishad: OfficialsAtahur Rahaman 9474080018/03512-255038/258725/6
PolicePoliceIC ,Malda PS260222
ArtistFine ArtsRaju 9233199216
DoctorCommunity MedicineDr. Amit Sen9433050510
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Ashim Shatier9832386359
Malda Zilla ParishadZilla Parishad: OfficialsChandana Chatterjee9434456081/03512-255038/258725/6
PolicePoliceIG ,North Bengal 0353-2546553 / 0353-2543700
ArtistFine ArtsRanjan Ghosh9733160032
DoctorCommunity MedicineDr. Debasish Das 9433084372
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Bapi Basak9635651219
Malda Zilla ParishadZilla Parishad: OfficialsDebananda Paul9614335380/03512-252328
PolicePoliceR.I. of Police 252001 / 252951
ArtistFine ArtsRanjan Paul9733251983
DoctorCommunity MedicineDr. Subhrajyoti Naskar 9830145803
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Anita Sarkar9434154550
Malda Zilla ParishadZilla Parishad: OfficialsGanapati Mandal 9474653620/03512-255038/258725/6
PolicePoliceS.P. ,Malda 9083270300 / 252520 / 252856 / 255629 / 252315
ArtistFine ArtsSahajat Hossain9609913642
DoctorCommunity MedicineDr. Subhadeep Paul8981207307
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Malay Roy Chowdhury9474082060
Malda Zilla ParishadZilla Parishad: OfficialsGeorge Hembrom 9735567113/03512-255038/258725/6
PolicePoliceS.P.D.O., Chanchal 251092
ArtistFine ArtsSubhra Das (Joy)9734086164
DoctorCommunity MedicineDr. Debjani Sengupta 9433357290
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Surajit Mahato (Sujay)9932484622
Malda Zilla ParishadZilla Parishad: OfficialsGouri Munsi 8906517997/03512-255038
Police Police S.P. Coach Behar 03582-227755 / 227632
ArtistFine ArtsSumit Das9832402774
DoctorCommunity MedicineLouis Tirkey9434234599
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Biswajit Roy9002686546
Malda Zilla ParishadZilla Parishad: OfficialsJayanta Ghosh9749381437/03512-255038/258725/6
Police Police S.P. Jalpaiguri 03561-230492 / 232024
ArtistFine ArtsSumit Ghosh9434303781 / 9832402774
DoctorCommunity MedicineDr. Sarmistha Ghosh 9830239716
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Barun Saha9434166108
Malda Zilla ParishadZilla Parishad: OfficialsLalchand Singha 9733050523/03512-255038/258725/6
ArtistFine ArtsSupriya Ghosh9434247182
DoctorCommunity MedicineDr. Naimul Hoque 9614571677
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Arindam Maitra9434245704
Malda Zilla ParishadZilla Parishad: OfficialsParitosh Tewari 9851339560/03512-255038/258725/6
Police Police S.P. Raiganj03523-252461 / 252527
ArtistFine ArtsTamashree9614220209
DoctorCommunity MedicineDr. Moumita Goswami 9434193474
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Pradip Gupta9832361645
Malda Zilla ParishadZilla Parishad: OfficialsPulakesh Mandal9233124596/03512-255038/258725/6
Police Police S.P. Balurghat 03522-255321 / 255502
ArtistFine ArtsTapan Roy9832067884
DoctorCommunity MedicineDr. Bidyut Bnadyopadhyay9339813483
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Goutam Roy9434219151
Malda Zilla ParishadZilla Parishad: OfficialsRajkumar Rajak 9434817498/03512-255038/258725/6
Police Police S.P. Murshidabad 03482-250751/ 250003
ArtistFine ArtsTapas9832066032
DoctorDentistBarun Kr. Satiar Dr. 266869
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Ramen Banerjee9434149771
Malda Zilla ParishadZilla Parishad: OfficialsRatan Kumar Saha 9434170858/03512-255038/258725/6
Police Police S.P. Nadia03472-252229 / 252303
ArtistFine ArtsTapashi Das Gupta9735055654 / 9832066032
DoctorDentistDebjyoti Karmakar Dr. 9433483945
Cable OperatorSabar Cable B. Khatun9007305595
Malda Zilla ParishadZilla Parishad: OfficialsRuma Ganguli9734039833/03512-255038/258725/6
Police Police S.P. Purulia03252-222304 / 222203
ArtistFine ArtsUtpal Karmakar9434154575
DoctorDentistGoutam Bhattacharjee Dr. 251137
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Bhutu Roy9474653911
Malda Zilla ParishadZilla Parishad: OfficialsSanjit Roy 8900143405/03512-255038/258725/6
Police Police S.P. Bankura 03242-250305 / 250306
ArtistGuiterAmitabha Mukherjee9733070272 / 9153038610
DoctorDentistGoutam Kundu Dr. MDS9434052825/252825
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Bishwa Saha9851137087
Malda Zilla ParishadZilla Parishad: OfficialsShila Ghosh 9475813799/03512-255038/258725/6
Police Police S.P. Birbhum03462-255353 / 255219
ArtistGuiterArun Mahinta9564333069
DoctorDentistJoydev Saha Dr. 9434000830/265362
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Chiranjib Ghosh9153210077
Malda Zilla ParishadZilla Parishad: OfficialsSubrata Sarkar 9434967485/03512-255038
Police Police S.P. Burdwan 0342-2262495 / 2262442
ArtistGuiterSanjib Das9434154344
DoctorDentistK. Sengupta Dr. 9830105260
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Chitta Hajra9434323429
Gram Panchyat SamityBamongola Panchyat SamityPanchayat Samity Office03511-266339
Police Police S.P. Howrah033-26602626 / 26602086
ArtistGuiterSayta Ghosh8972384107
DoctorDentistM.K. Saha Dr. 9434176007/258263
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Gabbar9434213457
Gram Panchyat SamityBamongola Panchyat SamityBamongola9564036025
Police Police S.P. Hoogly033-26804827 / 26802325
ArtistMagicianAmaresh 9932841221
DoctorDentistMeena Kedia Dr. 9434510755
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Gita Mandal9641666231
Gram Panchyat SamityBamongola Panchyat SamityChandpur9083947746
Police Police S.P. 24 (Pgs.) North 033-25423055 / 25523657
ArtistMagicianB. Das9434219181
DoctorDentistP. P. Roy Dr. BDS9434049956
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Gopal Ghosh9434323844
Gram Panchyat SamityBamongola Panchyat SamityPakuahat9733419120
Police Police S.P. 24 (Pgs.) South033-24793333 / 24793330
ArtistMagicianP. Dutta9733157136
DoctorDentistR.G. Saha Dr. 253170
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Hrishikesh Barman9832517243
Gram Panchyat SamityBamongola Panchyat SamityGobindopur-Maheshpur9137128798
Police Police S.P. Midnapur 03222-262609 / 262608
ArtistMagicianS. Babu9932270486
DoctorDentistRadhamadhab Roy Dr. 253134
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Jayanta / Bhupal9734946338
Gram Panchyat SamityBamongola Panchyat SamityJogddola9734397717
Railway Railway (Malda)A.D.R.M.266888
ArtistMagicianS. Roy9933895426
DoctorDentistRajat Saha Dr. 257289 / 264666
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Jayanta Sarkar9434154333
Gram Panchyat SamityBamongola Panchyat SamityModnabati7076173332
Railway Railway (Malda)Computer Reserevation 266944
ArtistMouth OrganArun Mahinta9564333069
DoctorDentistSaidul Islam Dr. BDS246288
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Joysurya Saha9434518278
Gram Panchyat SamityHabibpur Panchayat SamityPanchayat Samity Office03511-252214
Railway Railway (Malda)Control Room266132
ArtistOrganAlok Bhaduri9609782239
DoctorDentistSamiran Sinha Dr. BDS9434170907/250394 / 252239
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Kalyan Tiwari9434149758
Gram Panchyat SamityHabibpur Panchayat SamitySreerampore9679135956
Railway Railway (Malda)D.C.M.266222
ArtistOrganMalay Saha9434323371
DoctorDentistShyamal Saha Dr. 251445 / 252815
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Kinshuk Chatterjee9434039898
Gram Panchyat SamityHabibpur Panchayat SamityAiho7797188189
Railway Railway (Malda)D.R.M.266458
ArtistOrganPartha Dey9932632348
DoctorDentistryDr. Abhijit Niyogi9830677783
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Mangal Bari7501378998
Gram Panchyat SamityHabibpur Panchayat SamityHabibpur9733081627
Railway Railway (Malda)Enquary 131 / 266000
ArtistPadAnindya Kanti Dutta (Raju)9733349722
DoctorDermatology, Venereology & LeprosyDr. Sudip Das9830244385
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Manoj Bhagat9434149750
Gram Panchyat SamityHabibpur Panchayat SamityBulbulchandi9775889319
Railway Railway (Malda)G.R.P.266489
ArtistPadArun Mahinta9733349722
DoctorDermatology, Venereology & LeprosyDr. Sabyasachi Banerjee9883213197
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Najimul Islam9434130276
Gram Panchyat SamityHabibpur Panchayat SamityDhumpur8637083838
Railway Railway (Malda)Godown266171
ArtistPadKoushik Roy (Kaju)9932698295
DoctorDermatology, Venereology & LeprosyDr. Kapildev Das9434195557/9564293680
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Nayan Ghosh9232696701
Gram Panchyat SamityHabibpur Panchayat SamityKanturka8944827636
Railway Railway (Malda)M.D.O.M.266353
ArtistPadSuman Dutta (Tuki)9733132904
DoctorDermatology, Venereology & LeprosyDr. Chinmoy Kar9494212062
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Nikhil / Anjan9851961446
Gram Panchyat SamityHabibpur Panchayat SamityJajoil8016813191
Railway Railway (Malda)Rail Hospital266004
ArtistPainterManju Sharma9434420840
DoctorDermatology, Venereology & LeprosyDr. Tanmoy Sarkar 9830996958
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Nitai Paul9332516717
Gram Panchyat SamityHabibpur Panchayat SamityRishipur7319575134
Railway Railway (Malda)Station Manager 266198
ArtistRecitation Abhishyamal Mukhopadhyay 9475814323
DoctorEndocrinologistAshutosh Roy Dr. (ENDO)9434112246/250574
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Pallab Chakraborty9434245451
Gram Panchyat SamityHabibpur Panchayat SamityBaidyapur8001201110
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionAbhai Pur (AHA)06346-253023
ArtistRecitation Anindya Debbhuti 9749036698
DoctorEndocrinologistD.Biswas Dr. MD,DM03512 - 220158
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Partha Das (Chhotu)9733139895
Gram Panchyat SamityHabibpur Panchayat SamityAktailya9733226639
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionAkbarnagar (AKN)0641-2434444
ArtistRecitation Anirban Bhattacharya 9735082992
DoctorEnt & SurgeonA.K. Bhowmik Dr. (ENT)9433133538 / 9830052423/252605
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Pradip Dey9474656258
Gram Panchyat SamityHabibpur Panchayat SamityMangolpura9734189831
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionBarharwaya (BWH)06426-278692
ArtistRecitation Barnali Maitra 9434165989
DoctorEnt & SurgeonAjoy Roy Dr. MS(ENT)9434053173/253173
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Ramen Roy9434149771
Gram Panchyat SamityHarischandrapur-1 Panchayat SamityPanchayat Samity Office03513-255228
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionBariarpur (BUP)06344-265755
ArtistRecitation Basudeb Chakrabarty 9153315989
DoctorEnt & SurgeonAmitabha Sen Dr. DLO253484
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Rupak Deb9434232740
Gram Panchyat SamityHarischandrapur-1 Panchayat SamityTulsihata8116569866
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionBDAG (WLL)06426-273007
ArtistRecitation Brojogopal Sapui 9635437063
DoctorEnt & SurgeonBikramjit Dhar Dr. MS(ENT)9932269018
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Sagar Dey9434680811
Gram Panchyat SamityHarischandrapur-1 Panchayat SamityMahendrapur8145513420
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionBhagalpur (BGP)0641-2421901
ArtistRecitation Chaitali Sengupta 9474475036
DoctorEnt & SurgeonG.C. Gayen Dr. MS(ENT)9434303785/269628
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Saibal Dutta9434511311
Gram Panchyat SamityHarischandrapur-1 Panchayat SamityKushida9647806910
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionBhagalpur (BGP)0641-1072
ArtistRecitation Dalia Bhowmik 9434980996
DoctorEnt & SurgeonKallol Paul Dr. DLO252788 / 254300
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Samar Mukherjee9434206863
Gram Panchyat SamityHarischandrapur-1 Panchayat SamityRashidabad9064936883
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionBhakkuti (BKLE)06426-256153
ArtistRecitation Debabrata Bandyopadhyay 9434681197
DoctorEnt & SurgeonManatosh Dutta Dr. MS(ENT)250522
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Sanjib Chakraborty9474348087
Gram Panchyat SamityHarischandrapur-1 Panchayat SamityHarischandrapur7719225335
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionBikramshila, BKSL (WLL)06429-210977
ArtistRecitation Debasish Chattoraj 9434068440
DoctorEnt & SurgeonMonaj Sarkar Dr. MS(ENT)9434245728/251889
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Sanjib Paul9434186023
Gram Panchyat SamityHarischandrapur-1 Panchayat SamityBoroi8016278432
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionChamargram (CMX)03512-225666
ArtistRecitation Dibakar Bhattacharya 9474162970
DoctorEnt & SurgeonSaiyeda Zeba Islam Dr. 9434456865/266217
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Shankar Lodh9434816615
Gram Panchyat SamityHarischandrapur-1 Panchayat SamityBhingol9733371405
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionDanapur (DNRE)06346-288272
ArtistRecitation Gouranga Debvarma 9153316077
DoctorEnt & SurgeonSantosh Poddar Dr. DLO9434245301/255333
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Shankar Saha9434154530
Gram Panchyat SamityHarischandrapur-2 Panchayat SamityPanchayat Samity Office03513-255249
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionDasrathpur (DRTP)06344-252231
ArtistRecitation Kaberi Sarkar 9932932049
DoctorEnt & SurgeonSubhashis Roy Dr. MS(ENT)9434040368
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Shymal Kundu9434421896
Gram Panchyat SamityHarischandrapur-2 Panchayat SamitySultannagar9593742788
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionDharhara (DRA)06344-256045
ArtistRecitation Madhumita Karmakar 9434820161
DoctorEnt & SurgeonT. K. Patra Dr. 03513 53204
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Subha Sarkar9474163308
Gram Panchyat SamityHarischandrapur-2 Panchayat SamityIslampur9734957484
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionDhuliyan (DGLE)03485-265277
ArtistRecitation Moumita Chatterjee 9641919364
DoctorEye SpecialistChitra Dey Dr. DO,MS,(Eye)9434050251/250251
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Subhasish Paul9434149761
Gram Panchyat SamityHarischandrapur-2 Panchayat SamitySadlichack9733019899
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionEkchabi (EKC)06429-289262
ArtistRecitation Nilkantha Dutta 9434186102
DoctorEye SpecialistD.P. Roy Dr. DO.MS9434021266/254885 / 254028
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Sudip Chakraborty9614418151
Gram Panchyat SamityHarischandrapur-2 Panchayat SamityDoulatpur9933318088
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionGangariyan (GNNA)06344-285432
ArtistRecitation Priyatosh Sen Sharma 267328
DoctorEye SpecialistDebdas Mukherjee Dr. DO.MS9434056307/252623/256307
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Sukumar Ghosh9932979484
Gram Panchyat SamityHarischandrapur-2 Panchayat SamityDoulatnagar9593811340
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionGankar (GALE)03483-262131
ArtistRecitation Radha Das 9434371958
DoctorEye SpecialistDipak Chatterjee Dr. DO.9434105777/252888 / 253444
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Sumit Chandra9434355294
Gram Panchyat SamityHarischandrapur-2 Panchayat SamityBhaluka7407732395
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionGhoga (GGA)06429-281448
ArtistRecitation Ratna Choudhury9800097775
DoctorEye SpecialistMalay Sarkar Dr. DO.MS9434055178/255498/255178
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Surajit Sinha9434680845
Gram Panchyat SamityHarischandrapur-2 Panchayat SamityMasaldaha9593257618
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionGourbanga (GZM)03512-223231
ArtistRecitation Reshmi Majumder 9733086530
DoctorEye SpecialistNiladri Saha Dr. DO.MS9434149824/252217/253968
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Tapan Dey9434231849
Gram Panchyat SamityHarischandrapur-2 Panchayat SamityMalior-19733109875
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionJamalpur (JMP)06344-241637
ArtistRecitation Sanchita Guha Basu 9735332392
DoctorEye SpecialistRashi Roy Dr. 9434054029/221266 / 252705
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Tapan Kumar Das9733049243
Gram Panchyat SamityHarischandrapur-2 Panchayat SamityMalior-28768663507
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionJamalpur (JMP)06344-1072
ArtistRecitation Sanjib Sarkar 8436811601
DoctorEye SpecialistS.S Kedia Dr. DO.9434191347
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Tapan Roy7501239511
Gram Panchyat SamityChanchal-1 Panchayat SamityPanchayat Samity Office03513-252223
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionJamnirghata (JMQ)03512-246425
ArtistRecitation Shankar Paul 9434980943
DoctorEye SpecialistSachindra Nath Biswas Dr. DO.MS9434981400
Cable OperatorSabar Cable Uday Majumdar9434213356
Gram Panchyat SamityChanchal-1 Panchayat SamityCahanchal7029539282
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionJangipur Road (JRLE)03483-266131
ArtistRecitation Srabani Bhattacharya 8293732392
DoctorEye SpecialistSantanu Dey Dr. MS9434145677/265060
Cake ShopCake ShopSri Krishna Bakery8170011681
Gram Panchyat SamityChanchal-1 Panchayat SamityKaligram9851474781
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionKahalganow (CLG)06429-222259
ArtistRecitation Sumana Das Chakrabarty 9232587289
DoctorEye SpecialistSubrata Shom Dr. DO.MS9434149785/250337
Camera & Photo AccessoriesCamera & Photo AccessoriesStudio Photographer9434165912 / 220931
Gram Panchyat SamityChanchal-1 Panchayat SamityKharba9832566743
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionKajra (KJH)06346-254264
ArtistRecitation Sumana Ghosh Guha 9474435783
Doctor Forensic MedicineDr. Aloke Majumder 8902638439
Camera & Photo AccessoriesCamera & photo AccessoriesAjanta Studio9002266199
Gram Panchyat SamityChanchal-1 Panchayat SamityMahanandapur9002059659
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionKalyanpur Road, KPRD (WLL)06344-285437
ArtistRecitation Surath Dutta Roy 9434231956
Doctor Forensic MedicineDr. Apurba Sarkar8013072418
Camera & Photo AccessoriesCamera & photo AccessoriesElora Studio9434938855
Gram Panchyat SamityChanchal-1 Panchayat SamityMokdumpur9679210082
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionKhaltipur (KTJ)03512-244810
ArtistRecitation Sushanta Saha 9832400309
Doctor Forensic MedicineDr. Ashutosh Sarkar9433137010
Camera & Photo AccessoriesCamera & photo AccessoriesJoy Studio273257
Gram Panchyat SamityChanchal-1 Panchayat SamityMotiharpur9735980022
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionKumarpur, KRMA (WLL)06436-272179
ArtistRecitation Ranjit Debhuti 9932916364
DoctorGastroenterologistK. K. Dhar Dr. MD(GASTRO)252788/254300
Camera & Photo AccessoriesCamera & photo AccessoriesKonica Auto Colour Lab220200
Gram Panchyat SamityChanchal-2 Panchayat SamityPanchayat Samity Office03512-265660
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionKXE (WLL)06426-273243
ArtistSetarDebasish Misra9434819664
DoctorGastroenterologistK.D. Biswas Dr. MD(GASTRO)9433128722
Camera & Photo AccessoriesCamera & photo AccessoriesLoknath Production9434130222 / 9475510922
Gram Panchyat SamityChanchal-2 Panchayat SamityBhakri7797626686
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionLailammalKhan, LMM (WLL)0641-2316979
ArtistSetarSubhankar Das9734180646
DoctorGastroenterologistPrabir Kr. Banerjee Dr. 252788 / 254300
Camera & Photo AccessoriesCamera & photo AccessoriesMalda Auto Colour Lab9434095057 / 220708
Bakery ConfectioneryBakery/ConfectioneryBakery Centre265421
Gram Panchyat SamityChanchal-2 Panchayat SamityChandrapara9547838533
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionMahipal Road, MPIR (WLL)03483-283928
ArtistTablaAbhijit Baruri9735046311
DoctorGastroenterologistS. Paul Dr. 220158 / 220673
Camera & Photo AccessoriesCamera & photo AccessoriesNew Elora Studio9733248646
Bakery ConfectioneryBakery/ConfectioneryBarjatri Chanachur266723
Gram Panchyat SamityChanchal-2 Panchayat SamityDhangara-Bishnupur9733234024
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionMahipal, MGLE (WLL)03483-283558
ArtistTablaAbhijit Chowdhuary9474081528
Doctor General MedicineDr. Amitava Chakraborty 9434524930
Camera & Photo AccessoriesCamera & photo AccessoriesOishi Auto Colour Lab221122
Bakery ConfectioneryBakery/ConfectioneryGoutam Bakery 252671
Gram Panchyat SamityChanchal-2 Panchayat SamityJalalpur7407650179
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionMalda Town (MLDT)03512-266198
ArtistTablaAsis Chakraborty9775811766
Doctor General MedicineDr. Ramtanu Bandyopadhyay9830153511
Camera & Photo AccessoriesCamera & photo AccessoriesPuja Photo9232759008
Bakery ConfectioneryBakery/ConfectioneryIdeal Bakery252689
Gram Panchyat SamityChanchal-2 Panchayat Samitykhempur9733400200
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionMalda Town (MLDT)03512-1072
ArtistTablaBishwajit Das9933921266
Doctor General MedicineDr. Indranil Roy9903120898
Camera & Photo AccessoriesCamera & photo AccessoriesSkylight Colour Lab9593936480 /9775156817
Bakery ConfectioneryBakery/ConfectioneryJain & Company 9434139947
Gram Panchyat SamityChanchal-2 Panchayat SamityGourhondo9002599034
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionManderhil 06424-238107
ArtistTablaBishwanath Chowdhury9434324043
Doctor General MedicineDr. Abhjit Saha9883026884
Camera & Photo AccessoriesCamera & photo AccessoriesStudio Titli9434095057 / 220708
Bakery ConfectioneryBakery/ConfectioneryMamoni Bakery7407651169
Gram Panchyat SamityChanchal-2 Panchayat SamityMalatipur9733152304
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionMasudan (MSDN)06344-288390
ArtistTablaDebasish Das (Raju)9733199768
Doctor General MedicineDr. Debasish Sarkar9564978148
Camera & Photo AccessoriesCamera & photo AccessoriesSumita Studio9932699874/ 264662/ 265674
Bakery ConfectioneryBakery/ConfectioneryMillenium Bakery 9434303788
Gram Panchyat SamityRatua-1 Panchayat SamityPanchayat Samity Office03513-266229
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionMirjachouki (MZC)06436-244733
ArtistTablaDhrubajyoti Chakrabarty9434130075
Doctor General MedicineDr. Parinita Ranjit9477370517
Car AccessoriesRoyal Car Accessories Subhajit Mani 9153145568 /9851889545
Bakery ConfectioneryBakery/ConfectioneryNew Eastern Bakery 220261
Gram Panchyat SamityRatua-1 Panchayat SamityMahanandatola9647607464
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionNathnagar (NAT)0641-2501971
ArtistTablaDibyendu Basak (Rinku)9434733409
Doctor General MedicineDr. Kalyan Kanti Mandal9433375457
Car on Call Car on Call Nibas pande9775990966
Bakery ConfectioneryBakery/ConfectioneryParadise Bakery9434231950
Gram Panchyat SamityRatua-1 Panchayat SamityBilaimari9564332079
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionNew Farakka (NFK)03485-253006
ArtistTablaDulal Adhikari9434456882
Doctor General MedicineDr. Pijush Kanti Mandal 9804209502/9433116968
Car on Call Car on Call Sayon Travel 9434245817
Bakery ConfectioneryBakery/ConfectioneryPradip Bakery220260
Gram Panchyat SamityRatua-1 Panchayat SamityKahala8327820560
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionNimtita (NILE)03485-262440
ArtistTablaGajen Das9232796675
Doctor General MedicineDr. Shyamal Kanti Paul 9830261132/9434576112
Car on RentCar on RentAshis Bhaskar 9547478192
Bakery ConfectioneryBakery/ConfectioneryProgressive Distributors250047
Gram Panchyat SamityRatua-1 Panchayat SamityBaharal9734040002
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionPirpaitri (PPT)06429-283008
ArtistTablaGoutam Chowdhury9434324043
DoctorGeneral PhysicianA. B. Roychoudhury Dr. MBBS9434052582
Car on RentCar on RentAshok Mandal 9593697757
Bakery ConfectioneryBakery/ConfectioneryRadha Krishna Bakery265007
Gram Panchyat SamityRatua-1 Panchayat SamityChandmoni-19733210741
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionRajmahal (RJL)06426-228166
ArtistTablaKousik Roy9932698295
DoctorGeneral PhysicianA. C. Roy Dr. MD.9874204566 / 9832599819
Car on RentCar on RentBikash Banik 9733303924
Bakery ConfectioneryBakery/ConfectionerySri Krishna Bakery266894
Gram Panchyat SamityRatua-1 Panchayat SamityChandmoni-29733434543
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionRPA06344-285463
ArtistTablaMadhab Sarkar9233117730
DoctorGeneral PhysicianA. K. Das Dr. 224803
Car on RentCar on RentBikash Sharma 9932877468
Bakery ConfectioneryBakery/ConfectionerySwadhin Bekary255603
Gram Panchyat SamityRatua-1 Panchayat SamitySamsi9735335397
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionSabaur (SBO)0641-2452106
ArtistTablaMalay Saha9434323371
DoctorGeneral PhysicianA. K. Kundu Dr. 265056
Car on RentCar on RentBishnu Ghosh 9434652150
Bakery ConfectioneryBakery/ConfectioneryTasty260284
Gram Panchyat SamityRatua-1 Panchayat SamityBhado9733476294
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionSahebgang (SBG)06436-225384
ArtistTablaManas Mitra9434680870
DoctorGeneral PhysicianA. Sikdar Dr. 9434021414
Car on RentCar on RentBiswajit Mandal 9635286167
Bank Financial InstituteAllahabad Bank Babla248633
Gram Panchyat SamityRatua-1 Panchayat SamityRatua9775235268
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionShokbridgoli, SLJ (WLL)06436-272121
ArtistTablaMrinal Mukherjee9434206671
DoctorGeneral PhysicianAjoy Banerjee Dr. 268939
Car on RentCar on RentBholanath saha 8436292773
Bank Financial InstituteAllahabad Bank Bamongola03511-265312
Gram Panchyat SamityRatua-1 Panchayat SamityDebipur7609930683
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionSibnarayanpur (SVRP)06429-284808
ArtistTablaNilay Saha9832095826
DoctorGeneral PhysicianAjoy Kr. Das Dr. 264068
Car on RentCar on RentBuddha Das 9733303923
Bank Financial InstituteAllahabad Bank Chandanpur244282
Gram Panchyat SamityRatua-2 Panchayat SamityPanchayat Samity Office03513-282250
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionSujnipara (SPLE)03485-240001
ArtistTablaNirobindu Chatterjee9414780472
DoctorGeneral PhysicianAmal Krishna Choudhury Dr. 250648 / 222550
Car on RentCar on RentDilip Mandal 9733026793
Bank Financial InstituteAllahabad Bank Dalla288259
Gram Panchyat SamityRatua-2 Panchayat SamityAraidanga9635100891
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionSultangang (SGG)0641-2492364
ArtistTablaPrabir Banerjee9434245549
DoctorGeneral PhysicianAmitabha Maitra Dr. MBBS.FCCP.9434024994
Car on RentCar on RentGanesh Karmakar 9547025969
Bank Financial InstituteAllahabad Bank English Bazar9434149854/252813
Gram Panchyat SamityRatua-2 Panchayat SamityPirganj9547718198
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionTailjhar Jan (TLJ)06426-246300
ArtistTablaRaju Das9233199216
DoctorGeneral PhysicianAmlan Sanyal Dr. MBBS.9733030415
Car on RentCar on RentGobindo Das 9609773550
Bank Financial InstituteAllahabad Bank Golapganj242209
Gram Panchyat SamityRatua-2 Panchayat SamityPoranpur9775309897
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionTildanga (TDLE)03485-251911
ArtistTablaSamir Sarkar9434511398
DoctorGeneral PhysicianArabinda Sen Dr. MBBS.253256
Car on RentCar on RentGolak Biswas 9733194528
Bank Financial InstituteAllahabad Bank Jaluabathal247949
Gram Panchyat SamityRatua-2 Panchayat SamityPukhuria9932940121
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionTinpahar (TPH)06426-258642
ArtistTablaSangeet Sudhakar9434245549
DoctorGeneral PhysicianAribandu Sanyal Dr. MBBS266869 / 221635
Car on RentCar on RentIahar Mandal 9800390156
Bank Financial InstituteAllahabad Bank Jhaljhalia266264
Gram Panchyat SamityRatua-2 Panchayat SamitySombolpur9749710795
RailwayRail Station of Malda DivisionUXN06346-288384
ArtistTablaSanjoy Banerjee9932282498
DoctorGeneral PhysicianAshok Chakraborty Dr. MBBS.9434455488
Car on RentCar on RentKanai Das 9932412528
Bank Financial InstituteAllahabad Bank Mahespur Colony03511-261265
Gram Panchyat SamityRatua-2 Panchayat SamitySripur-19593296197
RailwayGovt. Office (Central) : RailwaysDiv. Rly. Manager266458/ 266425
ArtistTablaShankar Misra9735051375
DoctorGeneral PhysicianB. Agarwala Dr. MD.9434052626
Car on RentCar on RentNihar Sarkar 9434818992
Bank Financial InstituteAllahabad Bank Malda- Court Gate252081
Gram Panchyat SamityRatua-2 Panchayat SamitySripur-28641913874
RailwayGovt. Office (Central) : RailwaysA.D.R.M.266888
ArtistTablaSoumen Sharma9474796799
DoctorGeneral PhysicianB. K. Sarkar Dr. MBBS.9434154570
Car on RentCar on RentPacha Bowl 9609341524
Bank Financial InstituteAllahabad Bank Nawabganj Hat260238
Gram Panchyat SamityRatua-2 Panchayat SamityMaharajpur8016441823
RailwayGovt. Office (Central) : RailwaysAssistant Secretary R.R.B.264567
ArtistTablaSubir Nandi9733337445
DoctorGeneral PhysicianB. N. Choudhury Dr. MBBS.9474312640
Car on RentCar on RentPituram Mandal 9647700761
Bank Financial InstituteAllahabad Bank Silampur244283
Gram Panchyat SamityManikchack Panchayat SamityPanchayat Samity Office03512-272326
RailwayGovt. Office (Central) : RailwaysChairman, R.R.B.254347
ArtistTablaSubrata Sarkar9434681476
DoctorGeneral PhysicianBidhan Mishra Dr. MBBS.9434012345
Car on RentCar on RentPrasanta Mandal 9800599485
Bank Financial InstituteAllahabad Bank Tulsihatta03513-256696
Gram Panchyat SamityManikchack Panchayat SamityDharampur9064558649
RailwayGovt. Office (Central) : RailwaysChief Controller266387
ArtistTablaSuman Chakrabarty9434180646
DoctorGeneral PhysicianC. D. Basak Dr. MBBS9434186055
Car on RentCar on RentRabi Das 9733099341
Bank Financial InstituteAxis BankMalda223312/13/14
Gram Panchyat SamityManikchack Panchayat SamityChowki-Mirdadpur7407478201
RailwayGovt. Office (Central) : RailwaysComputer Reservation266944
ArtistTablaSunil Barman9800598892
DoctorGeneral PhysicianD. K. Choudhury Dr. 265449
Car on RentCar on RentSarathi Halder 9851461392
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankAiho03511-253505
Gram Panchyat SamityManikchack Panchayat SamityGopalpur7364806935
RailwayGovt. Office (Central) : RailwaysD.C.M.266222
ArtistViolinAmitabha Mukherjee9733070272/9153038610
DoctorGeneral PhysicianD. P. Kundu Dr. 266485
Car on RentCar on RentSourav Mandal9733336026
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankAlal3512280410
Gram Panchyat SamityManikchack Panchayat SamityDakshin Chandipur9647405463
RailwayGovt. Office (Central) : RailwaysD.S.C. (R.P.F.)266554
ArtistViolin & GuitarAmitabha Mukherjee9733070272 / 9153038610
DoctorGeneral PhysicianDebjani Paramanik Dr. MBBS.258701
Car on RentCar on RentSubhash Pandey 8972534488
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankAraidanga03513-282299
Gram Panchyat SamityManikchack Panchayat SamityEnayatpur9593276988
RailwayGovt. Office (Central) : RailwaysDFO252346
ArtistViolin & Guitar SchoolMadhuvanti9733070272
DoctorGeneral PhysicianDhruba Jyoti Satiar Dr. 9434187335
Car on RentCar on RentSwapan Das 8116660724
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankAshapur03513-254267
Gram Panchyat SamityManikchack Panchayat SamityUttar Chandipur7718713722
RailwayGovt. Office (Central) : RailwaysEXN (Constrn)266796
ArtistVocalAlok Bhaduri9609782239
DoctorGeneral PhysicianDilip Kumar Ghosh Dr. MBBS.9233009693
Cartridge RefillingCartridge RefillingCartridge World 9593700583
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankBaharal03513-284737
Gram Panchyat SamityManikchack Panchayat SamityManikchack9564720232
RailwayGovt. Office (Central) : RailwaysG.R.P.266489
ArtistVocalAmrita Bhattachriya9714780472
DoctorGeneral PhysicianDurjoy Kumar Basu Dr. MBBS (HONS)9434022338 / 9932249382
Cartridge RefillingCartridge RefillingMalda Computer 9474687614 / 8145702977
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankBaishnabnagar222593
Gram Panchyat SamityManikchack Panchayat SamityMathurapur6296047575
RailwayGovt. Office (Central) : RailwaysGoods266171
ArtistVocalAnasuya Dutta9434381853
DoctorGeneral PhysicianG. C. Mitra Dr. 260681
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorA.K. Decorators9933705990
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankBangitola276506
Gram Panchyat SamityManikchack Panchayat SamityNajirpur9733360295
RailwayGovt. Office (Central) : RailwaysO/C Aerodrom266165
ArtistVocalArun Chowdhury9434681985
DoctorGeneral PhysicianG. N. Chowdhury Dr. MBBS.9832093093
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorAnath Decorators9932411407
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankBarduary03513-255925
Gram Panchyat SamityManikchack Panchayat SamityNurpur9733360295
RailwayGovt. Office (Central) : RailwaysRailway Goods266171
ArtistVocalArun Mahinta9564333069
DoctorGeneral PhysicianJ. Mandal Dr. 251655
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorAnjali Decorators9434105759
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankBhaluka Bazar03513-268650
Gram Panchyat SamityManikchack Panchayat SamityHiranandapur9593950582
RailwayGovt. Office (Central) : RailwaysRly. Control Room266132
ArtistVocalAshis Majumder9832326272 / 8670833070
DoctorGeneral PhysicianJaiul Haque Dr. 9434817859
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorApsara Decorators9434050010
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankBhingole03513-250350
Gram Panchyat SamityOld Malda Panchayat SamityPanchayat Samity Office03512-260239
RailwayGovt. Office (Central) : RailwaysRly. Enquiry266000 / 131
ArtistVocalBidyut Sarkar9474721557
DoctorGeneral PhysicianJyotish Chandra Das Dr. MBBS.9434372525 / 9800762755
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorAshirbad Decorators9332295808
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankBulbulchandi03511-252808
Gram Panchyat SamityOld Malda Panchayat SamityMahishbathhani9800762818
RailwayGovt. Office (Central) : RailwaysRly. Hospital266004
ArtistVocalBinoy Roy9434819642
DoctorGeneral PhysicianK.B. Thakur Dr. MBBS.9434457048 / 9800762739
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorAstha catarers9476373900
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankChanchal03513-253007
Gram Panchyat SamityOld Malda Panchayat SamityJatradanga8918927917
RailwayGovt. Office (Central) : RailwaysSr. D.O.M.266335
ArtistVocalBiswanath Chowdhury9474794505
DoctorGeneral PhysicianK.C. Poddar Dr. MBBS.9434044555
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorAstha Decorators9434149772
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankChandipur03513-250333
Gram Panchyat SamityOld Malda Panchayat SamitySahapur7699277199
RailwayGovt. Office (Central) : RailwaysStn. Manager, Malda266198
ArtistVocalChitya Priya Sikdar9434680457
DoctorGeneral PhysicianKakali Ghosh Dr. MD9433065218
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorB.M. Decorators9434176140
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankDaulatpur(MLD)03513-295573
Gram Panchyat SamityOld Malda Panchayat SamityMangalbari8927629179
Govt. OfficeB.L.R.O. Dept.D.L.& L.R.O.254405 / 252355
ArtistVocalIndrani Banerjee9734135313
DoctorGeneral PhysicianKalipada Das Dr. 253279
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorB.N. Elec. & Decorators9474470562
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankDharampur(B/S)05312-270094
Gram Panchyat SamityOld Malda Panchayat SamityMuchia8170011365
Govt. OfficeB.L.R.O. Dept.DY. D.L.& L.R.O. 252470
ArtistVocalIndranil Roy Chowdhury9474080728
DoctorGeneral PhysicianKalyan Sanyal Dr. MD.9434053730
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorBaba Loknath Decorators9775863913/ 9434303664
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankEklakshmi230687
Gram Panchyat SamityOld Malda Panchayat SamityBhabuk7384054473
Govt. OfficeB.L.R.O. Dept.S.D.L.& L.R.O. Chanchal03513-253361
ArtistVocalIra Das9476143501
DoctorGeneral PhysicianM. Dargahi Dr. MBBS.9832053551
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorBaban Decorators9832393135
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankGazol235447
Gram Panchyat SamityEnglish Bazar Panchayat SamityPanchayat Samity Office03512-220163
Govt. OfficeB.L.R.O. Dept.Dy. Sub Division Officer 252053
ArtistVocalJaba Banerjee9933411874
DoctorGeneral PhysicianM.A Rashid Dr. MD.9434044599
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorBanik Decorators9832097094
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankKaliachak243573
Gram Panchyat SamityEnglish Bazar Panchayat SamityBinodpur9679357833
Govt. OfficeB.L.R.O. Dept.Dist. Registrater252123
ArtistVocalJagannath De9475702157
DoctorGeneral PhysicianM.K Majhi Dr. MD.9474655613
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorBasak Decorators9434219345
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankKaligram03513-252572
Gram Panchyat SamityEnglish Bazar Panchayat SamityMilki9593850793
Govt. OfficeB.L.R.O. Dept.B.L.&L.R.O (E.B)268252
ArtistVocalJayita Roy 7474655219
DoctorGeneral PhysicianM.K Sharma Dr. MD.9832095077
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorBasak Electronics9832083623
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankKanturka03511-257219
Gram Panchyat SamityEnglish Bazar Panchayat SamityKajigram9733227311
Govt. OfficeB.L.R.O. Dept.B.L.&L.R.O (Old Malda)261046
ArtistVocalKhushi Paul9733328399
DoctorGeneral PhysicianM.L Das Dr. MBBS.9832035279
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorBeauti Decorators258793
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankKatna232914
Gram Panchyat SamityEnglish Bazar Panchayat SamityJadupur-29564955252
Govt. OfficeB.L.R.O. Dept.B.L.&L.R.O (Manikchak)272730
ArtistVocalKishore Bagat9434457015
DoctorGeneral PhysicianMd. Minatullah Dr. MD.246243
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorBanik Decorators9832097094
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankKazigram271538
Gram Panchyat SamityEnglish Bazar Panchayat SamityFulbaria9733237899
Govt. OfficeB.L.R.O. Dept.B.L.&L.R.O (Gazol)235062
ArtistVocalMalay Saha9434323371
DoctorGeneral PhysicianMrinal Kanti Saha Dr. 221301 / 221199
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorBhai Bhai Decorators9932633016
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankKendpukur03511-263339
Gram Panchyat SamityEnglish Bazar Panchayat SamityNorhatta7699883633
Govt. OfficeB.L.R.O. Dept.B.L.&L.R.O (Kaliachak - I)244997
ArtistVocalManab Mitra9474657147
DoctorGeneral PhysicianMrinal Kanti Sarkar Dr.266593
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorBhoumik Decorators9434219479
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankKhidirpur03513-295750
Gram Panchyat SamityEnglish Bazar Panchayat SamityKotwali8653714666
Govt. OfficeB.L.R.O. Dept.B.L.&L.R.O (Kaliachak - II)248493
ArtistVocalMani Majumder9933376828
DoctorGeneral PhysicianNaru Gopal Sarkar Dr. 235591
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorBina Decorators9832652802
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankKotwali268600
Gram Panchyat SamityEnglish Bazar Panchayat SamityAmrity8371852980
Govt. OfficeB.L.R.O. Dept.B.L.&L.R.O (Kaliachak - III)222666
ArtistVocalMihir Das9233170286
DoctorGeneral PhysicianNirmalendu Roy Dr. MBBS.9434231675 / 9474346636
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorBiplab Mike Service9932380181
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankKrishnapur239276
Gram Panchyat SamityEnglish Bazar Panchayat SamitySovanagar9734192907
Govt. OfficeB.L.R.O. Dept.B.L.&L.R.O (Ratua - I)03513-266633
ArtistVocalMita Chaterjee9614780472
DoctorGeneral PhysicianP. Banerjee Dr. MBBS.9434057917
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorChakraborty Decorators9734996291
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankKumedpur03513-258300
Gram Panchyat SamityEnglish Bazar Panchayat SamityJadupur-17098688476
Govt. OfficeB.L.R.O. Dept.B.L.&L.R.O (Ratua - II)03513-282486
ArtistVocalMithun Das9474723552
DoctorGeneral PhysicianP. Jha Dr. 250923
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorChowdhury Catarer9563386956
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankKushida03513-259225
Gram Panchyat SamityEnglish Bazar Panchayat SamityMohodipur8436014690
Govt. OfficeB.L.R.O. Dept.B.L.&L.R.O (Chanchal - I)03513-252878
ArtistVocalMrinal Kanti Basak9434323568
DoctorGeneral PhysicianP.K Basu Thakur Dr. MBBS9434303931
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorChoudhary Decorators9749354941
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankMagura280405
Gram Panchyat SamityGajol Panchayat SamityPanchayat Samity Office03512-235330
Govt. OfficeB.L.R.O. Dept.B.L.&L.R.O (Chanchal - II)03513-265674
ArtistVocalMrinal Kundu9932750299
DoctorGeneral PhysicianP.K Kundu Dr. MBBS.9434052253
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorChowudhary Electronics9733013750
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankMahananda Halt03513-204043
Gram Panchyat SamityGajol Panchayat SamityAlal9002126171
Govt. OfficeB.L.R.O. Dept.B.L. & L.R.O (Habibpur)03511-252516
ArtistVocalMukti Roy9474081495
DoctorGeneral PhysicianP.M Rao Dr. AYUR265187
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorDas & Sarkar Decorators9832091291
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankMalatipur03513-265688
Gram Panchyat SamityGajol Panchayat SamityBabupur9735013284
Govt. OfficeB.L.R.O. Dept.B.L. & L.R.O (Bamongola)03511-266372
ArtistVocalNitai Das9232603966
DoctorGeneral PhysicianP.P Deb Dr. MBBS9434020042
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorDas Brothers Decorators9434149714
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankMalda254186
Gram Panchyat SamityGajol Panchayat SamityBairgachi-27319013980
Govt. OfficeB.L.R.O. Dept.B.L.&L.R.O (Harischandrapur - I)03513-255184
ArtistVocalPijush Nag9475698572
DoctorGeneral PhysicianParimal Kr. Pramanik Dr. MBBS253287
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorDas Decorators9734059804
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankMalda(MRO)9434304144/254229/258923/252738
Gram Panchyat SamityGajol Panchayat SamityBairgachi-19593976239
Govt. OfficeB.L.R.O. Dept.B.L.&L.R.O (Harischandrapur - II)03513-255177
ArtistVocalPirthwiraj Mukherjee9434682093
DoctorGeneral PhysicianParimal Kr. Pramanik Dr. MBBS.253287
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorDas Electricals9932206822
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankMangalbari 260004
Gram Panchyat SamityGajol Panchayat SamityDeotala7872962236
Heath DepartmentAraidangaBlock Medical Officer of Health03513-282228
ArtistVocalPrabhat Sanyal9332441626
DoctorGeneral PhysicianPranabesh Roy Dr. MD9434682399 / 9433172652
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorDaxinakali Decorators9933707222
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankMayna232496
Gram Panchyat SamityGajol Panchayat SamityGajol-19932138647
Heath DepartmentBedrabadBlock Medical Officer of Health03513-222550
ArtistVocalRahul Majumder9832536154
DoctorGeneral PhysicianR. Bhattacharya Dr. MBBS.9832361119
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorDebesh Electricals267506
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankMilki274260
Gram Panchyat SamityGajol Panchayat SamityGajol-29851504995
Heath DepartmentMashaldar BazarBlock Medical Officer of Health03513-257237
ArtistVocalRanjan Bhaduri9679670277
DoctorGeneral PhysicianR.B Roy Dr. MBBS MTPT9434035325
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorDecorators & Electricals9733149684
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankMothabari248073
Gram Panchyat SamityGajol Panchayat SamityKorkoch8944995666
Heath DepartmentHarischandrapurBlock Medical Officer of Health03513-255322
ArtistVocalRanjan Bhaduri9679670277
DoctorGeneral PhysicianR.N Chowdhury Dr. MBBS.252065
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorDecorators & catarer Baisakhai9434219167
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankNalagola03511-264519
Gram Panchyat SamityGajol Panchayat SamityPandua9734077323
Heath DepartmentChanchalBlock Medical Officer of Health03513-252375
ArtistVocalRita Bose9434355387
DoctorGeneral PhysicianR.R Samanta Dr. MBBS.9434054841
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorDecorators Bijalika9434145472
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankNarhatta238360
Gram Panchyat SamityGajol Panchayat SamityMajhra9609963162
Heath DepartmentMalotipurBlock Medical Officer of Health03513-265239
ArtistVocalSabarni Das Gupta9434511378
DoctorGeneral PhysicianRamgobinda Pal Dr. 266661
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorDecorators Elora9434510658
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankNurpur03513-283588
Gram Panchyat SamityGajol Panchayat SamityRanigangj-18972112360
Heath DepartmentRatuaBlock Medical Officer of Health03513-266242
ArtistVocalSajal Dutta9232428509
DoctorGeneral PhysicianRanabir Bose Dr. MD9434386287
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorDecorators India9332921999
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankPakuahat03511-266640
Gram Panchyat SamityGajol Panchayat SamityRanigangj-29932116937
Heath DepartmentBangitolaBlock Medical Officer of Health03512-276208
ArtistVocalSanchari Saha9932921392
DoctorGeneral PhysicianRatan Ghosh Dr. MBBS.9434154225
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorDecorators Sunita9434354824
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankPeerganj286580
Gram Panchyat SamityGajol Panchayat SamitySalaidanga7147955753
Heath DepartmentMolpurBlock Medical Officer of Health03512-261002
ArtistVocalSanchita Paul9832362391
DoctorGeneral PhysicianS. Das Dr. MBBS.9434040208
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorDey Electric9434421444
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankPhulbaria274189
Gram Panchyat SamityGajol Panchayat SamitySahajadpur7602351895
Heath DepartmentHatimariBlock Medical Officer of Health03512-230202
ArtistVocalSangeeta Dey9800544662
DoctorGeneral PhysicianS. Jaman Mir Dr. 246788 / 265764
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorDhiman Decorators9932649652
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankRajnagar205288
Gram Panchyat SamityKaliachak-1 Panchayat SamityPanchayat Samity Office03512-244258
Heath DepartmentManikchackBlock Medical Officer of Health03512-272329
ArtistVocalShahdat Rana Khan (Classic)9434166007
DoctorGeneral PhysicianS. N Paul Dr. MBBS.9434421447 / 9434421448
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorDilip Decorators9434817829
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankRaniganj239580
Gram Panchyat SamityKaliachak-1 Panchayat SamitySilampur-19647372425
Heath DepartmentR.N.R. Rural HospitalBlock Medical Officer of Health03511-252345
ArtistVocalShashwata Satiar9434193442
DoctorGeneral PhysicianS.S Roy Dr. MD9434213406
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorDip Decorators & catarer9832006596
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankRishipur03511-253154
Gram Panchyat SamityKaliachak-1 Panchayat SamitySilampur-29733431333
Heath DepartmentSilampurBlock Medical Officer of Health03512-243785
ArtistVocalSubhajyoti (Classic)8116380718/8348502018
DoctorGeneral PhysicianSankhejyoti Dr. Saha9434154170 / 9474416389
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorDipti Electrics9832005458
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankSahabajpur242022
Gram Panchyat SamityKaliachak-1 Panchayat SamityAlinagar8768004553
Heath DepartmentGazolBlock Medical Officer of Health03512-235601
ArtistVocalSudakshina Bhagat 9474656008
DoctorGeneral PhysicianShirshendu Ghosh Dr. 252605 / 252889
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorDolphin Decorators9851780056
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankSahapur 261462
Gram Panchyat SamityKaliachak-1 Panchayat SamityGayeshbari9563062616
Heath DepartmentBamongolaBlock Medical Officer of Health03511-261213
ArtistVocalSudipta Das9434206609
DoctorGeneral PhysicianShyamal Kr. Jha Dr. MBBS.9434681914
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorDreamlight Solution9679967294
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankSambalpur03513-262553
Gram Panchyat SamityKaliachak-1 Panchayat SamityAlipur-27908138427
Govt. Office BDOSamir Kr. DeyBamangola9434738458 / 9163634402 / (03511) 266339
ArtistVocalSukkhomay Majumder9434231859
DoctorGeneral PhysicianSk. Sameul Dr. MBBS9434681890
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorDutta Decorators9832034460
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankSamsi03513-265142
Gram Panchyat SamityKaliachak-1 Panchayat SamityKaliachak-19733191739
Govt. Office BDOMunmun GhoshChanchal - Il (03513) 265660
ArtistVocalSumana Patra9474347504
DoctorGeneral PhysicianSoumen Das Dr. 266400
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorElectric Vs Sound9832527716
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankShersahi245976
Gram Panchyat SamityKaliachak-1 Panchayat SamityAlipur-19434641279
Govt. Office BDOKrishna Chandra DasHarishchandrapur-II9434738492 / 9775273180 / (03513) 255249
ArtistVocalSumita Bhattacharya9051729154
DoctorGeneral PhysicianSouren Mishra Dr. MBBS.265649
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorFriends Decorators9733152969
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankSujapur246430
Gram Panchyat SamityKaliachak-1 Panchayat SamityJalalpur9434411530
Govt. Office BDOBishnupada ChakrabortyGazole9434738456 / 235330
ArtistVocalSushil Saw9932657242
DoctorGeneral PhysicianSubhas Nandi Dr. DM(CARDIO)9830040927
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorGanesh De9932931923
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankSukanta More266409
Gram Panchyat SamityKaliachak-1 Panchayat SamityBamongram-Mosimpur9800916530
Govt. Office BDOPhurba Dorjee SherpaHabibpur7384189944 / (03511) 252214
ArtistVocalTanushree Chakraborty9434456229
DoctorGeneral PhysicianSubhendu Mandal Dr. MBBS.9434432278
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorGhosh Decorators9735912714
Bank Financial InstituteBangiya Gramin Bikash BankTulshihata03513-244159
Gram Panchyat SamityKaliachak-1 Panchayat SamitySujapur9614220792
ArtistVocalTapan Pandit9434130189
DoctorGeneral PhysicianSubhra Dey Dr. MBBS.9434105800
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorGita & Son's9932777215
Bank Financial InstituteBank of Baroda Malda284047
Gram Panchyat SamityKaliachak-1 Panchayat SamityMojjampur7551876782
Govt. Office BDOKuntal BoseKaliachak - I9434738481 / 244258
ArtistVocalTapan Roy8145835971
DoctorGeneral PhysicianSubrata Kundu Dr. MBBS.9434213258
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorGouri Decorators255465
Bank Financial InstituteBank of India Malda253475
Gram Panchyat SamityKaliachak-1 Panchayat SamityJaluabathal9679167933
Govt. Office BDONarottam BiswasOld Malda9434738459/ 260239
ArtistVocalTapas Majumdar9434057891
DoctorGeneral PhysicianSujit Ojha Dr. 266125
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorGupta Decorators7501441366
Bank Financial InstituteBank of India Gour Road9474484258/223034
Gram Panchyat SamityKaliachak-1 Panchayat SamityNaoda-Jadupur9735778030
Govt. Office BDOBiswanath ChakrabortyRatua - I9434738489 / (03513) 266229
ArtistVocalTapati De9832517111
DoctorGeneral PhysicianSumit Mallik Dr. 9434154300
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorHalder Electric9832097283
Bank Financial InstituteBank of MaharashtraStation Road8100224530/264265
Gram Panchyat SamityKaliachak-1 Panchayat SamityKaliachak-26295221124
Govt. Office BDODebarshi MukharjeeEnglish Bazar9434738451/ 252297
ArtistVocalTridib Sanyal9434680196
DoctorGeneral PhysicianSurajit Jha Dr. 251820 / 254183
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorJyoti Decorators & Catarers9851362419/ 9733026402
Bank Financial InstituteCanara BankMalda223856
Gram Panchyat SamityKaliachak-2 Panchayat SamityPanchayat Samity Office03512-2488626
Govt. Office BDOArijit MukhopadhyayKaliachak - II9434738482/ 248626
ArtistVocalTufan Sarkar9474345243
DoctorGeneral PhysicianSurajit Jha Dr. (O+) 260732
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorJagadhatri Decorators9434213375
Bank Financial InstituteCentral Bank of India Mahadipur240380
Gram Panchyat SamityKaliachak-2 Panchayat SamityUttar Panchanandapur -19851870451
Govt. Office BDODulal Chandra SarkarKaliachak - lII9002203538 / 222526
ArtistVocal Chitralekha Das9775919547
DoctorGeneral PhysicianSushanta Banerjee Dr. 274352
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorK. Electronics9932981762
Bank Financial InstituteCentral Bank of India Malda220130 / 220530
Gram Panchyat SamityKaliachak-2 Panchayat SamityRajnagar9775412588
Govt. Office BDOUtpal MukherjeeManikchak9735002085 / 272326
ArtistVocal (Classical)Surmangalam 8116380718/8348502018
DoctorGeneral PhysicianSusmita Sarkar. Dr. 252314
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorKamala Decorators260037
Bank Financial InstituteCentral Bank of India Nazirpur03513-283224
Gram Panchyat SamityKaliachak-2 Panchayat SamityUttar Laxmipur9733129462
Govt. Office BDODurga Prasad SharmaChanchal - I9733376213 / (03513) 252223
AssociationMalda DistributorBalai lal rudra 9434303955/8420879649
DoctorGeneral PhysicianSwapan Biswas Dr. MBBS.252302
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorKarmakar Electronics9832090993
Bank Financial InstituteCentral Bank of India Pakhuria03513-286578
Gram Panchyat SamityKaliachak-2 Panchayat SamityRathbari9635553201
Govt. Office BDOMohan MajiRatua-lI8768903769 / (03513) 282250
AssociationMalda DistributorJayanta Kundu9733015165/220401/266701
DoctorGeneral PhysicianSwapan Sarkar Dr. MD.9434053732
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorLight Musium9932269063
Bank Financial InstituteCentral Bank of India Pandua230543
Gram Panchyat SamityKaliachak-2 Panchayat SamityUttar Panchanandapur -29735063177
Govt. Office CentralBorder Security ForceAssistant Director 260482
AssociationMalda DistributorSushanta kr. Ghosh252484
DoctorGeneral PhysicianT. Sarkar Dr.9434149469
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorLoknath Decorators9434303664
Bank Financial InstituteCentral Bank of India Paranpur03513-284352
Gram Panchyat SamityKaliachak-2 Panchayat SamityHamidpur9593754677
Govt. Office CentralBorder Security ForceC.O.183 B.N. B.S.F. Narayanpur260442
AssociationMalda DistributorShankarlal agarwala9932450337/260544/260337
DoctorGeneral PhysicianT.K Chaterjee Dr. 266998
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorMa Durga Decorators9733139895
Bank Financial InstituteCorporation BankMalda268617
Gram Panchyat SamityKaliachak-2 Panchayat SamityBangitola7407101568
Govt. Office CentralBorder Security ForceC.O.69 B.N. B.S.F. Narayanpur260492
AssociationMalda DistributorTapas dey9434245604/9046460004
DoctorGeneral PhysicianTapan Haldar Dr. DCH.MD9434012341
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorMa Tara Decorators9434980890
Bank Financial InstituteHDFC BANKMalda9733025023/9831073333/268218/04/223884
Gram Panchyat SamityKaliachak-2 Panchayat SamityGangaprasad9733238286
Govt. Office CentralBorder Security ForceCommandant, C.I.S.F., Baishnabnagar224265
AssociationMalda DistributorSantanu chowdhury9733112491/250537
DoctorGeneral PhysicianTapan Kr Das Dr. MD.9474599729 / 9851333
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorMaa Anjali Decorators9614465695
Bank Financial InstituteICICI BANKMalda268044
Gram Panchyat SamityKaliachak-2 Panchayat SamityMothabari9295151675
Govt. Office CentralBorder Security ForceD.I.G., B.S.F.260491 / 260389
AssociationMalda DistributorManurul islam9733103115
DoctorGeneral PhysicianTapan Roy Dr. MBBS 9434052060
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorMaa Arati Electric9932276560
Bank Financial InstituteIDBI BankMalda9749371772/221066
Gram Panchyat SamityKaliachak-3 Panchayat SamityPanchayat Samity Office03512-222526
Govt. Office CentralBorder Security Force123 B.N.B.S.F. Chamagram224362
AssociationMalda DistributorSom subhra dey9434176012/9233551266/251266
DoctorGeneral PhysicianU. Moitra Dr. 251190
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorMaa Jahura Decorators9832396224
Bank Financial InstituteIndian Bank Malda223278/ 252529
Gram Panchyat SamityKaliachak-3 Panchayat SamityAkondobaria9002280544
Govt. Office CentralBorder Security Force151 B.N. B.S.F. Baishnabnagar224265
AssociationMalda DistributorDebasish dutta9434421424/9851671831
DoctorGeneral PhysicianU.K Kirtania Dr. 9832375005
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorMaha Kali Decorators9434219807
Bank Financial InstituteIndian Oversease Bank English Bazar252146
Gram Panchyat SamityKaliachak-3 Panchayat SamityBakhrabad9735935507
Govt. Office CentralBorder Security Force4th B.N.B.S.F.260457
AssociationMalda DistributorSanjib ghosh9434180539/9933549054/255789
DoctorGeneral PhysicianUma Sankar Das Dr. 252281
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorMaitra Decorators9232785412
Bank Financial InstituteIndian Oversease Bank Jhaljhalia265047
Gram Panchyat SamityKaliachak-3 Panchayat SamityBedrabad9734171072
Govt. Office CentralBorder Security Force87 B.N. B.S.F. Narayanpur260457
AssociationMalda DistributorMonoj bagchi9474472957
DoctorGeneral PhysicianUtpal Kumar Dr. 254733
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorMalda Decorators Asociation268063
Bank Financial InstituteIndian Oversease Bank Bagbari279008
Gram Panchyat SamityKaliachak-3 Panchayat SamityBhagobanpur9733374555
Govt. OfficeC.I.S.F. & Custom Dept.Commando224286
AssociationMalda DistributorBasudeb roy 9474160132/236472
DoctorGeneral Surgeon A.S. Prasad Dr. MS.9832049285/283670
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorMangalik Decorators & Catarer9832333883
Bank Financial Institutelndusind Bank Malda265769 / 62
Gram Panchyat SamityKaliachak-3 Panchayat SamityBirnagar-29734920287
Govt. OfficeC.I.S.F. & Custom Dept.Super of Custom253410
AssociationMalda DistributorBiswanath das9733018272/9153253819/251404
DoctorGeneral Surgeon M.A. Mabood Dr. MS.9434070141/265501
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorMadan Decorators9332987126
Bank Financial InstituteMalda Co-op Urban Bank LtdMalda252799
Gram Panchyat SamityKaliachak-3 Panchayat SamityChariyanantapur9733084746
Govt. OfficeC.I.S.F. & Custom Dept.Super Central 253406
AssociationMalda DistributorSobhan mishra9434166055/9046460060
DoctorGeneral Surgeon Manoj Kumar Jha Dr. MS.9434057563/255137
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorMama-bhagne Catarer9434991806
Bank Financial InstituteMalda Dist Co-op Agricultural & Rural Development Bank LtdMalda Head Office252402
Gram Panchyat SamityKaliachak-3 Panchayat SamityKumbhira7319155855
Govt. OfficeC.P.W.D.Dept.Field Engineer 253429 / 252612
AssociationMalda DistributorAnjan kanti kar9474473061
DoctorGeneral Surgeon P. Chakraborty Dr. MS.9434032250/266655 / 266378
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorManashkamana Decorators & catarer9434186025
Bank Financial InstituteMalda Dist Co-op Agricultural & Rural Development Bank LtdMalda Savings Branch 251323
Gram Panchyat SamityKaliachak-3 Panchayat SamitySahabajpur8617660010
Govt. OfficeC.P.W.D.Dept.Exe. Engr. - I 252049 / 251095
AssociationMalda DistributorAnjan kriushna pal9434057689/9002359532/257689
DoctorGeneral Surgeon Samar Das Dr. MS.9434050189/250189
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorMandal Decorators & catarer9434817829
Bank Financial InstituteMalda Dist Co-op Agricultural & Rural Development Bank LtdGazol236311
Gram Panchyat SamityKaliachak-3 Panchayat SamitySahabanchak9939240624
Govt. OfficeC.P.W.D.Dept.Exe. Engr. - II252686 / 254147
AssociationMalda DistributorUttam basak 9434176032/9933508811
DoctorGeneral Surgeon Sanjib Karmakar Dr. MS.9434219360/254424 / 255793
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorMandal Decorators 9733061905
Bank Financial InstituteMalda Dist Co-op Agricultural & Rural Development Bank LtdChanchal03513-265577
Gram Panchyat SamityKaliachak-3 Panchayat SamityKrishnapur9733120153
Circuit House Circuit House 24 (Pgs.) North 033-25523424
AssociationMalda DistributorAvijit chatterjee9635436205/256533
DoctorGeneral Surgeon & LapD.N. Majumder Dr. MS.9434069099/252031
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorMayuri Decorators9232672345
Bank Financial InstituteMalda Dist Co-op Agricultural & Rural Development Bank LtdHarishchandra Pur03513-255785
Gram Panchyat SamityKaliachak-3 Panchayat SamityLaxmipur6294702639
Circuit House Circuit House Alipur 03564-255123
AssociationMalda DistributorSibaji ghosh9434510978/253365
DoctorGeneral Surgeon & LapDawn Mabood Dr. MS.9434702458
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorMike House9474161581
Bank Financial InstituteMalda Dist. Central Co-op. Bank Ltd.Chanchal03513-252247 / 265577
Gram Panchyat SamityKaliachak-3 Panchayat SamityBirnagar-17365825351
Circuit House Circuit House Asansol0341-253011
AssociationMalda DistributorSubrata banerjee9832011155/9232237865/252739/252800
DoctorGeneral Surgeon & LapM. Pramanik Dr. MS (AIIMS)9434058701/252687
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorMilan Elec. & Decorators9832329744
Bank Financial InstituteMalda Dist. Central Co-op. Bank Ltd.Gazole235339 / 236311
Gram Panchyat SamityKaliachak-3 Panchayat SamityGopalganj8348809252
Circuit House Circuit House Balurghat 03522-255605
AssociationMalda DistributorUjjwal kr. Bhadra 9434206919/9932389345/266596
DoctorGeneral Surgeon & LapM.M. Kapoor Dr. MS.9434053091/252912 / 253091
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorMithu De9733120757
Bank Financial InstituteMalda Dist. Central Co-op. Bank Ltd.Gour Road223494
Gram Panchyat SamityKaliachak-3 Panchayat SamityPardeonapur-Sovapur8162072052
Circuit House Circuit House Banga Bhavan011-237-1996
AssociationNGOBharat Sevashram Sangha260459
DoctorGeneral Surgeon & LapS.Basu Dr. MS.8116602199
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorMitra Ele. & Decorators9434304086
Bank Financial InstituteMalda Dist. Central Co-op. Bank Ltd.Harishchandra Pur03513-255459 / 255785
Zilla ParishadSabhadhipatiMalda03512-253042
Circuit House Circuit House Bankura 03242-250548
AssociationNGOCentre for Ecological Engineering (Environment)9434175943
DoctorGeneral SurgeryDr. Shyamal kr. Halder9433417660
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorModern Decorators9332987126
Bank Financial InstituteMalda Dist. Central Co-op. Bank Ltd.Head Office 252441 / 252402 / 257044
Zilla ParishadSabhadhipatiJalpaiguri03561-230287
Circuit House Circuit House Birbhum03462-255558
DoctorGeneral SurgeryDr. Dilip Kr. Das9433142249
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorMonalisha Decorators253890
Bank Financial InstituteMalda Dist. Central Co-op. Bank Ltd.Jhaljhalia 265127
Zilla ParishadSabhadhipatiCoachbehar03582-222486
Circuit House Circuit House Bolpur 03463-256744
AssociationNGOInner Wheel Club of Malda9851886763
DoctorGeneral SurgeryDr. Prabitra kr. Goswami9433013116
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorN.T.V. Centre9932326028
Bank Financial InstituteMalda Dist. Central Co-op. Bank Ltd.Kaliachak244268
Zilla ParishadSabhadhipatiUttar Dinajpur03523-252826
Circuit House Circuit House Burdwan 0342-2625399
AssociationNGOLions Club of Chanchal( Kamal Prasad Saha )9007761111
DoctorGeneral SurgeryDr. Arijit Mukherjee9830176523
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorNandi Decorators & catarer9002932945
Bank Financial InstituteMalda Dist. Central Co-op. Bank Ltd.Main & Evening 221786 / 258085
Zilla ParishadSabhadhipatiDaskhin Dinajpur253522-255366
Circuit House Circuit House Circular Road 011-2301-35751
AssociationNGOLions Club of Gazole ( Biplab Banerjee )9434154480
DoctorGeneral SurgeryDr. Akraprovo Roy9830041886
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorNarayani Catarer9002589556
Bank Financial InstituteMalda Dist. Central Co-op. Bank Ltd.Mangalbari 260992
Zilla ParishadSabhadhipatiMurshidabad03482-251653
Circuit House Circuit House Coach Behar 03582-227121
AssociationNGOLions Club of Malda ( Debabrata Bose )9434066521
DoctorGeneral SurgeryDr. Choden Norbu9733396969
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorNabin Decorators9733051153
Bank Financial InstituteMalda Dist. Central Co-op. Bank Ltd.Manikchak272336
Zilla ParishadSabhadhipatiSili Guri Mahokuma Parishad0353-2525688
Circuit House Circuit House D.P.L. Guest House 0343-2555066
AssociationNGOLions Club of Malda Greater( Keshab Mitra)9434219336/8436696610
DoctorGeneral SurgeryDr. Dusmanta Barman9433377285
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorNew Astha Decorators9832404286
Bank Financial InstituteMalda Dist. Central Co-op. Bank Ltd.Mothabari248492
Zilla ParishadSabhadhipatiNadia03472-252499
Circuit House Circuit House Dakshin Dinajpur 03522-255605
AssociationNGOLions Club of Malda Jagriti ( Mousumi Chakraborty)9434303259
DoctorGeneral SurgeryDr. Shivaji Mandal9831454794
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorNew Das Decorators257968
Bank Financial InstituteMalda Dist. Central Co-op. Bank Ltd.Pakua 03511-266050
Zilla ParishadSabhadhipatiBirbhum03462-255472
Circuit House Circuit House Darjeeling0354-2254827
AssociationNGOLions Club of Malda New Century ( Bivash Saha )9434206636
DoctorGeneral SurgeryDr. Mintu Mohan Nandi9434160338
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorNew Friends Decorators & catarer9434510674
Bank Financial InstituteMalda Dist. Central Co-op. Bank Ltd.Pukhuria286522
Zilla ParishadSabhadhipatiPurulia03252-222255
Circuit House Circuit House Haldia Bhavan03224-266348
AssociationNGOLions Club of Malda Rainbow ( Prabir Kr. Dey )9434105673
DoctorGeneral SurgeryDr. Nilay Biswas9830139286
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorNew Friends Decorators & catarer (2)9932731691/ 8101841079
Bank Financial InstituteMalda Dist. Central Co-op. Bank Ltd.Rathbari 266031
Zilla ParishadSabhadhipatiBankura03242-250644
Circuit House Circuit House Hoogly033-26802852
AssociationNGOLions Club of Samsi ( Bhaskar Das)9733157177
DoctorGeneral SurgeryDr. Prasanta kr. Roy9432879274
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorMaa Jahara Decorators & catarer9832396224
Bank Financial InstituteMalda Dist. Central Co-op. Bank Ltd.Samsi03513-265537
Zilla ParishadSabhadhipatiHoogly29533-26701089
Circuit House Circuit House Howrah033-26604272
AssociationNGOMalda Bus & Mini Bus Owners Asso.252050
DoctorGeneral SurgeryDr. Partha Pratim Mandal9434233880/9153175522
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorNew jashada Decorators9232793614
Bank Financial InstituteNABARD ConsultancyMalda9477458439/253347
Zilla ParishadSabhadhipatiHowrah033-26382531
Circuit House Circuit House Islampur 03526-255026
AssociationNGOMalda Chamber of Commerce266028
DoctorGynaecologistA.K Nandi Dr. MD (DGO)9434165963
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorNew Kalyani Decorators9733141266
Bank Financial InstituteOriental Bank of Commerce Malda268599/266005
Zilla ParishadSabhadhipatiUttar 24 Porgona033-25523640
Circuit House Circuit House Jalpaiguri 03561-230274
AssociationNGOMalda Club253276
DoctorGynaecologistA.K.Pradhan Dr. MD.(DGO)9434058375
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorNew Malda Decorators251342
Bank Financial InstitutePanjab National Bank Malda2834201 /265914
Zilla ParishadSabhadhipatiDaskhin 24 Porgogna033-24791738
Circuit House Circuit House Kalimpong03562-255269
AssociationNGOMalda Mango Marchent's Association252937
DoctorGynaecologistAjit Kumar De Dr. DGO.MD.9830061460
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorNew Modern Electronics9832484173
Bank Financial InstituteState Bank of IndiaAlampur9733136087/230205
Zilla ParishadSabhadhipatiPaschim Mindapore03222-275428
Circuit House Circuit House Kolkata033-2240-5242
AssociationNGOMalda Medium Club9434197977
DoctorGynaecologistAnupam Das Dr. DGO.MD.9434053136
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorNew Sun Decorators9434112288
Bank Financial InstituteState Bank of IndiaAmarthi274231
Zilla ParishadSabhadhipatiPurba Midnapore03228-269672
Circuit House Circuit House Malda 252096
AssociationNGOMalda Press Club255378
DoctorGynaecologistArup Agarwal Dr. DGO.MD.9434053838
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorNisha Decorators9434193450
Bank Financial InstituteState Bank of IndiaAmriti285231
Zilla ParishadSabhadhipatiBardhaman0342-2662401
Circuit House Circuit House Midnapur 03322-275132
AssociationNGOMalda Press Photographers Asso.250222
DoctorGynaecologistB.B.Sen Dr. DGO.MD.9434052760
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorNisha Catarer9126406447
Bank Financial InstituteState Bank of IndiaArapur-Kotwali9474342455/267821
Zilla ParishadSabhadhipatiDarjeeling Parbotya Parishad0354-2254434
Circuit House Circuit House Murshidabad 03482-250577
AssociationNGOMalda Safe Society 9434245369
DoctorGynaecologistBima Bihari Bose Dr. 9434154200
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorPapai Decorators9614761841
Bank Financial InstituteState Bank of IndiaBalurpur Hat Village9733181729/03513-266267
Zilla ParishadSabhadhipatiKolkata Corporation033-22441576
Circuit House Circuit House Nadia03472-252901
AssociationNGOMalda Sahajogita Club9733079601
DoctorGynaecologistD.Sarkar Dr. MS (G&O)9434066603
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorPaul Decorator9733108819
Bank Financial InstituteState Bank of IndiaBarduary03513-255469
Sabhadipati of WBBankura Arup Chakrabarty03242 250664
Circuit House Circuit House Purulia0352-222193
AssociationNGOMalda Truck Owners Association266187
DoctorGynaecologistJaba Das Chatterjee Dr. 9832034996
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorPradip Catarer9775853174
Bank Financial InstituteState Bank of IndiaBhelatand(Dhanbad)0326-2373339
Sabhadipati of WBBardhaman Debu Tudu 0342-2662401
Circuit House Circuit House Raiganj03523-252177
AssociationNGOMohadipur Exports Association240245
DoctorGynaecologistKalyan Mishra Dr. 9434189926
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorPradip Electrics9232496299
Bank Financial InstituteState Bank of IndiaBorokamath Sab9474342458/222421
Sabhadipati of WBBirbhum Bikash Choudhury03462 255472
Circuit House Circuit House Siliguri0353-2513005
AssociationNGOPrajapati Brahmakumari I. B Vidyalaya9647794759/03512 - 223058
DoctorGynaecologistL.K. Dutta Dr. DGO.MD.9434052887
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorPrasad Electrics9332314696
Bank Financial InstituteState Bank of IndiaChanchal03513-252254
Sabhadipati of WBCoochbehar Puspita Roy Dakua03582-222486
Circuit House Circuit House Uttar Dinajpur03523-252177
AssociationNGOPrees Club of North Malda 9474081215
DoctorGynaecologistMainak Sen Dr. 9733388980
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorPrerana Decorators9434040156
Bank Financial InstituteState Bank of IndiaDhangara Sab03513-252289
Sabhadipati of WBDakshin Dinajpur Lalitya Tigya 253522/255366
Govt. Offices StateCommerce & SericultureD.O., K.V.I.252830
AssociationNGORam Krishna Mission252479
DoctorGynaecologistN. R. Saha Dr. DGO.MD.FRCOG9434056987
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorPrapti Catarers9046539816
Bank Financial InstituteState Bank of IndiaDRM Office-Jhaljhalia269072
Sabhadipati of WBDarjeeling Parbatya Parishad Bimal Gurung 0354-2254434/0354-2254377
Govt. Offices StateCommerce & SericultureDy. Director Sericulture 252291 / 252474
AssociationNGORed Cross250293
DoctorGynaecologistP.K. Das Dr. MS (G&O)9832096525
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorPuja Electronics9474652624
Bank Financial InstituteState Bank of IndiaGazole 235347
Sabhadipati of WBEast Mednipur Madhurima Mandal03228-269672
Govt. Offices StateCommerce & SericultureG.M.D.I.C.252934 / 252880
AssociationNGORoop Rangam 256032
DoctorGynaecologistP.L. Sikdar Dr. DGO.9434052822
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorRadha Rani Decorators9733050596
Bank Financial InstituteState Bank of IndiaGopalpur9474379858/03522-267305
Sabhadipati of WBHowrah Mina Mukherjee Sekh 033-26382531
Govt. Offices StateCommerce & SericultureHandloom Dev. Officer252718
AssociationNGORotary Club of Mango City Malda9434084618/284618
DoctorGynaecologistRudrendu Chatterjee Dr. 9434056669
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorRaj Laxmi Decorators9832329945
Bank Financial InstituteState Bank of IndiaHarishchandra Pur03513-255263/507403
Sabhadipati of WBHughli Alhaz Sekh Mehebub Rahaman 29533-26701089
Govt. Offices StateCommerce & SericultureJt. Dir. Cent. Silk Board.253472
AssociationNGORotary Club of Malda9434420840 / 9800261509/251544
DoctorGynaecologistS. Basak Dr.9434511408
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorRajashri Decorators catarer9434219167
Bank Financial InstituteState Bank of IndiaJadupur252702/751109
Sabhadipati of WBJalpaiguri Nurjahan Begam 03561 224324
Govt. Offices StateCommerce & SericultureManager, D.I.C. (Market)252880
AssociationNGORotary Club of Malda Central9434094943 / 9733001105
DoctorGynaecologistS. Chatterjee Dr. MBBS, DGO9830438302
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorRiya Catarers9233183565
Bank Financial InstituteState Bank of IndiaJaigaon03566-263475
Sabhadipati of WBKolkata Corporation Mayor Shovan Chattopadhya 033-22441576
Govt. Offices StateCommerce & SericultureOld Malda Mango Factory260219
AssociationNGOSri Bisnnupada Welfare Society9749073081
DoctorGynaecologistS.N. Sharma Dr. DGO.MD.9434057580
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorRaju Decorators9434456580
Bank Financial InstituteState Bank of IndiaJamtala03511-266347
Sabhadipati of WBMaldaSarala Murmu 03512-253042
Govt. Offices StateCommerce & SericulturePeddie Silk266762
AssociationNGOSt. John Ambulance252751
DoctorGynaecologistSayantan Gupta Dr. DGO.MD.9434057480
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorRoy Decorators & Catarer9932379975
Bank Financial InstituteState Bank of IndiaKahala9474342454/03513-256001
Sabhadipati of WBMurshidabad Shilyaditya Halder 03482-251653/03482-257441
Govt. Offices StateCommerce & SericultureProject Manager, D.I.C.252622
Ad MediaMr. Kallal Kr. DasMaheshmati,Malda9434130070
DoctorGynaecologistSefali Sarkar Dr. 8906152140/252314
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorRoy Electronics9434511322
Bank Financial InstituteState Bank of IndiaKaliachak244246
Sabhadipati of WBNadia Bani Kumar Roy 3472252499
Govt. Offices StateCommerce & SericultureW.B.F.C.252111
Ad PointMr. Sandip SamajdarNetaji More,Malda-7321019832329692
DoctorGynaecologistShampa Chakraborty Dr. DGO9734086159 / 9434303218
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorRoyal Electronics9851257928
Bank Financial InstituteState Bank of IndiaKhejuria NTPC Township224235/224527
Sabhadipati of WBNorth 24 Pargana Rahima Mandal 033-25523640
Govt. Offices StateCommerce & SericultureW.B.I.I.D.C.252631
Ajanta ArtsMr. Biswajit LalaRathbari,Malda9434245952
DoctorGynaecologistSubhra Khan (ROY) Dr. 9434140243
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorRoyal Radio Service265512
Bank Financial InstituteState Bank of IndiaKhetua9732733288/03227-289129
Sabhadipati of WBPurulia Sristidhar Mahato03252 222255
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: Other Dist. DMD.M.,D / Dinajpur03522-255201
AlkaMr. Sudipta DasRabindrapally,Malda9933797759
DoctorHomoeopathA Houque Dr. 9434176070
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorSadhana Decorators8967299355
Bank Financial InstituteState Bank of IndiaMajumpur244628
Sabhadipati of WBSiliguri Mahakuma Parishad Jyoti Tirke 03532 525688
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: Other Dist. DMD.M.,Darjeeling0354-2254233 / 2254266
AlpanaMr. Kalipada RoyMangalbari,Malda9232307227
DoctorHomoeopathA. Hossain Dr. BHMS.9434112244
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorSaha Decorators9434355115
Bank Financial InstituteState Bank of IndiaMalda252371/254934
Sabhadipati of WBSouth 24 Pargana Samima Sekh 033-24791738
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: Other Dist. DMD.M.,U / Dinajpur03523-252925
Ananda ArtsMr. Ananda BasakITI More, Malda9434066962
DoctorHomoeopathA. K. Saha Dr. 9831063539
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorS.R. catarer9851121031
Bank Financial InstituteState Bank of IndiaMangalbari 261358
Sabhadipati of WBUttar Dinajpur Ladli Choudhury 03523 252826
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: Other Dist. DMD.M. 24 (Pgs.) North 033-25523662 / 25523474
Art GalleryMr. Sunil Kr. KarmakarRaiganj,U.Dinajpur9434052883
DoctorHomoeopathAbdul Bar Razi Dr. DMS265133
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorSaha Elec. & Decorators9932979240
Bank Financial InstituteState Bank of IndiaManikchak272337
Sabhadipati of WBWest Mednipur Uttra Sinha (Hazara)03222-275428
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: Other Dist. DMD.M. 24 (Pgs.) South033-24793713 / 24793456
Artman Advt. ConcernMr. Sandeep TarafdarSiliguri,Darjeeling9832049169
DoctorHomoeopathAbdus Sattar Khan Dr. RMP.9733079456
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorSaha Electronics9932932388
Bank Financial InstituteState Bank of IndiaMokdumpur223802
Malda Zilla ParishadZilla Parishad Account ConsultantTanushvam Bhoumik9433085440
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: Other Dist. DMD.M. Balurghat 03522-255201 / 255202
Ad. MaldaMr. Bhaskar SarkarR. K. Pally,Malda9775843382
DoctorHomoeopathAinul Hoque Dr.9733271534
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorSamadhan Decorators266033
Bank Financial InstituteState Bank of IndiaMRO (Malda Regional Office)267900
Malda Zilla ParishadZilla ParishadA.E.O.03512-252328/253855
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: Other Dist. DMD.M. Bankura 03242-250304 / 250303
AssociationAiho Babsayee SamityGopal sarkar9474476207
DoctorHomoeopathAjit Kumar Ghosh Dr. 9434245941
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorSandhya Decorators9434303356
Bank Financial InstituteState Bank of IndiaRathbari 283962/266177
Malda Zilla ParishadZilla ParishadKmdh. Ban. O Bhumi03512-258725/258726
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: Other Dist. DMD.M. Birbhum03462-255222 / 255223
AssociationAiho Babsayee SamityAbhisek Mahato9434819707
DoctorHomoeopathAlam Saikh Dr. BHMS.9434323104
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorSarba Mangala Decorators9474476239
Bank Financial InstituteState Bank of IndiaRCPC Malda260017
Malda Zilla ParishadZilla ParishadKmdh. Jana Sashtya03512-255038
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: Other Dist. DMD.M. Burdwan 0342-2562428
AssociationAmrity Babasayee Samitypankaj Kumar Singha9434456174
DoctorHomoeopathAllama Iqbal Dr. BHMS9434371869
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorSarkar Decorators267036
Bank Financial InstituteState Bank of IndiaSamsi03513-206244/268305
Malda Zilla ParishadZilla ParishadKmdh. Khadya03512-258725
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: Other Dist. DMD.M. Coach Behar 03582-227101 / 227202
AssociationAtul Marker Marchants'Susanta Basak9775860777
DoctorHomoeopathArabinda Sa Dr. 9434219350
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorSarkar Decorators9800043484
Bank Financial InstituteState Bank of IndiaSantoshpur9474164025/03513-254507
Malda Zilla ParishadZilla ParishadKmdh. Khudra Sech03512-258725/258726
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: Other Dist. DMD.M. Hoogly033-26802122 / 26802040
AssociationBaishnabnagar Motilal Nehuru Bazar WelfarePresident7407626952
DoctorHomoeopathArpan Kr. Adhikari Dr. BHMS9433122547
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorSarkar Electronics9474347872
Bank Financial InstituteState Bank of IndiaSujapur246238/247943
Malda Zilla ParishadZilla ParishadKmdh. Khudrashilpa03512-258725/258726
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: Other Dist. DMD.M. Howrah033-26602961 / 26602024
AssociationBaishnabnagar Motilal Nehuru Bazar Welfare SamitySecretary9734911490
DoctorHomoeopathArup Chakraborty Dr. DMS.9434510567
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorSathi Catarer9232467996
Bank Financial InstituteState Bank of IndiaTalbhakuria Sab9903883164/03513-292696
Malda Zilla ParishadZilla ParishadKmdh. Mastya O Prani 03512-258725
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: Other Dist. DMD.M. Jalpaiguri 03561-230107 / 227333
AssociationBala Sahapur Disco More Babosayee SamityChandan 9733416818
DoctorHomoeopathArup Kr. Ganguli Dr. BHMS.265828
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorShib Decorators9434680858
Bank Financial InstituteState Bank of IndiaTilason9474342457/03511-257302
Malda Zilla ParishadZilla ParishadKmdh. Purta03512-255038
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: Other Dist. DMD.M. Malda 252381 / 253030
AssociationBangya Swarna Silpi O Swarna BabasayeeMadan Gupta9434149755
DoctorHomoeopathAtiur Rahman Dr. BHMS.9434149841
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorShib Durga Decorators9434962477
Bank Financial InstituteState Bank of IndiaUttar Lakshmipur Sab9733136091/248481
Malda Zilla ParishadZilla ParishadKmdh. Shishu O Nari03512-258725/258726
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: Other Dist. DMD.M. Midnapur (E)03228-266098
AssociationBangya Swarna Silpi O Swarna BabasayeeUjjal Sarkar9434231947
DoctorHomoeopathAzmal Hossain Dr. DMS9474656690
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorShivam Decorators9733024940
Bank Financial InstituteSyndicate Bank Malda284666
Malda Zilla ParishadZilla ParishadKmdh. Siksha03512-258725/258726
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: Other Dist. DMD.M. Midnapur (w)0322-275571
AssociationBangya Swarna Silpi O Swarna BabasayeeHarendra Kumar Saha7384950410
DoctorHomoeopathB. B. Mandal Dr. DMS9932634664
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorShyama Decorators9832329849
Bank Financial InstituteUCO Bank Dharampur9434707894
Malda Zilla ParishadZilla ParishadSabhadhipati03512-253042
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: Other Dist. DMD.M. Murshidabad 03482-251650 / 250002
AssociationBinoy Sarkar Road Marchants' Welfare SamitySahajadd Hossen8653024059
DoctorHomoeopathBenu Lahiri Dr. 267393
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorShyamali Decorators9932269322
Bank Financial InstituteUCO Bank Enayetpur270214
Malda Zilla ParishadZilla ParishadSaha Sabhadhipati03512-252683
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: Other Dist. DMD.M. Nadia03472-251001 / 252302
AssociationBulbulchandi Marchants' AssociationPravash Choudhury9602842469
DoctorHomoeopathBhim Sarkar Dr 9434456597
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorSoma Decorators9734135729
Bank Financial InstituteUCO Bank Gangaprasad248637
Malda Zilla ParishadZilla ParishadSecretary03512-252423
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: Other Dist. DMD.M. Purulia03552-222302 / 222301
AssociationBulbulchandi Marchants' AssociationBinod Prasad9547289477
DoctorHomoeopathBidhan Mondal Dr. BHMS267376
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorSourav Electronics252122
Bank Financial InstituteUCO Bank Gazol234068
Malda Zilla ParishadZilla Parishad Account ConsultantAsutosh Basak9434710816
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: Other Dist. DMD.M. Raiganj03523-252905 / 250005
AssociationChaityanya More Marchants' AssociationPresident9832444804
DoctorHomoeopathBidhan Roy Dr. 266143
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorSunita Decorators & catater9434854824
Bank Financial InstituteUCO Bank Malda 252777
Malda Zilla ParishadZilla Parishad Account ConsultantDllip Chandra Sarkar9474654933
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: Other Dist. DMD.M. Purulia03252-222302
AssociationChaityanya More Marchants' AssociationSecretary9933641760
DoctorHomoeopathChandan Das Dr. 9434680794
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorSujit Electronics9832034460
Bank Financial InstituteUCO Bank Mangalbari 260460
Malda Zilla ParishadZilla Parishad Account ConsultantLalchand Sinha9434455872
AdministrationMalda DistrictS.P.03512-22380
AssociationChancal Marchants' AssociationPrangopal Podder9434060425
DoctorHomoeopathChandan Kr. Das Dr. BHMS250080
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorSun Decorators9434112288
Bank Financial InstituteUCO Bank Pandua06722-240373
Malda Zilla ParishadZilla Parishad Account ConsultantPranab Kr. Das03512-260539
AdministrationMalda DistrictS.P. (Police Line )03512-252856
AssociationDeshbandhu Chittaranjan Market Marchants' AssociationMridul Kundu9735038971
DoctorHomoeopathD.K. Sinha Dr. 244137
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorSur Sangam Decorators & catater9434425158
Bank Financial InstituteUCO Bank Sovanagar274249
Malda Zilla ParishadZilla Parishad Account ConsultantSamita Jha9474474020
AdministrationMalda DistrictAdditional S.P.03512-252661
AssociationDeshbandhu Chittaranjan Market Marchants'AssociationJayanta Chatterjee9475096240
DoctorHomoeopathDebajit Kundu Dr. BHMS9434323768
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorSwasty Catarer9476144203
Bank Financial InstituteUnion Bank of IndiaMalda03512-223352
Malda Zilla ParishadZilla Parishad Account ConsultantSotten Bhattacharya03512-268133
AdministrationMalda DistrictDeputy A.S.P. ( Head Quarter )03512-252148
AssociationDharampur Babosayee welfareSuprakash singha9434817372
DoctorHomoeopathDipak Kr. Saha Dr. BHMS9832074517
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorTirupati Electronics9434456121
Bank Financial InstituteUnion Bank of IndiaBhaluka Road (Kariali)03512-257222
ClinicAllopathyNew Saha & Co. 251501 / 253036
AdministrationMalda DistrictDeputy S.P. ( D & T )03512-252148
AssociationDharampur Babosayee welfareBrojendra Nath Lala9474471376
DoctorHomoeopathDipak Sikdar Dr. DMS9434511431
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorTripti Decorators9832044208
Bank Financial InstituteUnion Bank of IndiaGajol7908613547
ClinicAllopathyMalda Cancer Centre 267192
AdministrationMalda DistrictDeputy S.P. (D.I.B.)03512-252385
AssociationEnglish Bazar Narayantrit Dokan BabasayeeSajal Kundu9434012628
DoctorHomoeopathEla Mukherjee Dr. BHMS9775870460
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorUjjwal Malakar9221581228
Bank Financial InstituteUnion Bank of IndiaManikchak9775801038
ClinicAllopathySeshraj Nursing Home9434053091/252913 / 254974
AdministrationMalda DistrictD.E.B Inspector03512-252461
AssociationEnglish Bazar Narayantrit Dokan BabasayeeBiswanath Roy9733318815
DoctorHomoeopathGolam Mohammad Dr. DHMS9434112253
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorVoice Light & Sound9232788426
Bank Financial InstituteUnited Bank of IndiaChanchal9476141903/03513-252262
ClinicAyurvedicSova Clinic9434022574
AdministrationMalda DistrictC.I Sadar03512-252018
AssociationEnglish Bazar Timber Marchants' AssociationKamal Mandal9434051128
DoctorHomoeopathGolam Mostafa Dr. 252651
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorRuchira Catarer9733026816
Bank Financial InstituteUnited Bank of IndiaGazol9434055748/235346
ClinicAyurvedic / PhysicanDr. D. K. Saha9432132406
AdministrationMalda DistrictC.I. Gajol03512-235338
AssociationEnglishbazar NinTrita Dokan Ghor Babosayee SamitySajal Kundu9434012628
DoctorHomoeopathGoutam Kr. Banik Dr. DMS9434304150
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorMitra Catarer9832484764
Bank Financial InstituteUnited Bank of IndiaHabibpur9378398564/03511-252213
ClinicDentalDr. M. K. Saha9434176007
AdministrationMalda DistrictC.I. Cahanchal03513-252224
AssociationEnglishbazar NinTrita Dokan Ghor Babosayee SamityBappa Choudhury9851278621
DoctorHomoeopathH.P. Santra Dr. DSM9474162362
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorUtsab Catarer9734156466
Bank Financial InstituteUnited Bank of IndiaJalalpur (H)9836679156/03513 - 204015
ClinicDentalMalda Dental Clinic258263
AdministrationMalda DistrictD.I.B.03512-252349
AssociationFaria Businessmens' Welfare AssociationParimal Saha9436237197
DoctorHomoeopathJayjit Bishwas Dr. BHMS MD9434463206
Caterer DecoratorCaterer/DecoratorOm Caterar9851810534
Bank Financial InstituteUnited Bank of IndiaJalalpur (W.B)9434229163/246230
ClinicDentalSatadal Clinic251445
AdministrationMalda DistrictPolice Control03512-252001
AssociationFlyover Babsayee Samity (East)Tapan Roy9593859413
DoctorHomoeopathJyotirmay Chakraborty Dr. 251295
Ceremonial Hall Ceremonial Hall Abhinandan9333732690
Bank Financial InstituteUnited Bank of IndiaKaliachak9475904338/244222
ClinicHomeopathBio-Chemic Medicine Research & Study Institute265470
AdministrationMalda DistrictPolice Office03512-252007
AssociationFlyover Babsayee Samity (East)Dijen Bala9932560249
DoctorHomoeopathKamalash Talukder Dr. BHMS9434089994
Ceremonial Hall Ceremonial Hall Anandan266473
Bank Financial InstituteUnited Bank of IndiaKumarganj (M)9474320488/03513-262218
ClinicHomeopathThakur Homeo Hall256562
AdministrationMalda DistrictR.I of Police03512-252001
AssociationFulbari Benoy Sarkar Poura Bazar Babosayee SamityDebu Bhattacharjee8016834602
DoctorHomoeopathKrishnendu Dutta Dr. DMS253725
Ceremonial Hall Ceremonial Hall Ashirbad252583
Bank Financial InstituteUnited Bank of IndiaLDMO (M)9749330948/223154
MemberBehani Abasan Residents' Society CommitteeAmit Chhajer9332108000
AdministrationMalda DistrictControl Room03512-220831
AssociationFulbari Benoy Sarkar Poura Bazar Babosayee SamitySadan Dutta9002171026
DoctorHomoeopathMalay Chaki Dr. DHMS.9434303774
Ceremonial Hall Ceremonial Hall B.J.P. Office251015
Bank Financial InstituteUnited Bank of IndiaMalda223352/223353
MemberBehani Abasan Residents' Society CommitteeAmlan Saha 9933072659
AdministrationMalda DistrictHarischandrapur P.S.03513-255215
AssociationGazole Marchants' AssociationMahindra Chandra Pal7407776755
DoctorHomoeopathMalay Kanti Bhowmik Dr. 267084
Ceremonial Hall Ceremonial Hall Baba Kartick9433113973
Bank Financial InstituteUnited Bank of IndiaMalda 9434058974/252067/258860
MemberBehani Abasan Residents' Society CommitteeArnab De9775454577
AdministrationMalda DistrictChanchal (Kharba) P.S.03513-252256
AssociationGazole Marchants' AssociationBedhan Roy9564508842
DoctorHomoeopathManju Ghosh Dr. BHMS257655
Ceremonial Hall Ceremonial Hall Binodan9832563080/250526 / 258497
Bank Financial InstituteUnited Bank of IndiaMalda(GPO)03513-257222
MemberBehani Abasan Residents' Society CommitteeChandan Bagchi 9609760539
AdministrationMalda DistrictRatua P.S.03513-266222
AssociationHantakali More BusinessmensSubasish Dey9547943586
DoctorHomoeopathManwar Hossain Dr. BHMS.9434219297
Ceremonial Hall Ceremonial Hall Gitanjali9932328122
Bank Financial InstituteUnited Bank of IndiaManiknagar9775459621
MemberBehani Abasan Residents' Society CommitteeHansraj Fulfagar9476374061
AdministrationMalda DistrictManickchak P.S.03512-272333
AssociationHantakali More Businessmens Welfare AssociationBijon Sarkar9474471938
DoctorHomoeopathMd. Allama Iqbal (Hasan) Dr. 9434371869
Ceremonial Hall Ceremonial Hall Godhuli Lodge9547957477
Bank Financial InstituteUnited Bank of IndiaMathurapur7602261984/272321
MemberBehani Abasan Residents' Society CommitteeManoj Thakkar9434130120
AdministrationMalda DistrictEnglish Bazar P.S.03512-252071
AssociationHarishchandrapur Thana Byabasyee SamityTarakswar Roy9933430875
DoctorHomoeopathMitra Kundu Dr. BHMS9474721310
Ceremonial Hall Ceremonial Hall Golden Park9647700203
Bank Financial InstituteUnited Bank of IndiaMilki9434820150/274232
MemberBehani Abasan Residents' Society CommitteeNidhiram Basak7001983237
AdministrationMalda DistrictMalda P.S.03512-260222
AssociationHatkhola Binay Sarkar Road babosayee SamityBakul Das6294529401
DoctorHomoeopathMolay Chaki Dr. DHMS9434303774
Ceremonial Hall Ceremonial Hall Gour Atithishala220674
Bank Financial InstituteUnited Bank of IndiaMRO (Malda Regional Office)9434067508/223138
MemberBehani Abasan Residents' Society CommitteeRajib Jha 8348696093
AdministrationMalda DistrictGajol P.S.03512-235327
AssociationHatkhola Binay Sarkar Road babosayee SamityAnup Dutta9734957507
DoctorHomoeopathMrinal Kanti Sarkar Dr. 266593
Ceremonial Hall Ceremonial Hall Hotel Hori Om9733166431
Bank Financial InstituteUnited Bank of IndiaMuchia9932921384/03511-253233
MemberBehani Abasan Residents' Society CommitteeSampat Kochar9434083312
AdministrationMalda DistrictBamongola P.S.03511-266324
AssociationHazari Building Byabsayee SamityBarin Biswas9932894044
DoctorHomoeopathN.K.Paul Dr. 9434112274
Ceremonial Hall Ceremonial Hall Kripamayee9434180618
Bank Financial InstituteUnited Bank of IndiaNetaji Mkt 220352 / 252617
MemberBehani Abasan Residents' Society CommitteeSulochana Gupta9932105029
AdministrationMalda DistrictHabibpur P.S.03511-252664
AssociationHazari Building Byabsayee SamitySukumar Ghosh9434207016
DoctorHomoeopathP.N. Saha Dr. BHMS9474345766
Ceremonial Hall Ceremonial Hall Lukochuri Laodge 8158880922, 9851883385
Bank Financial InstituteUnited Bank of IndiaNiamatpur9733051271/274243
MemberBehani Abasan Residents' Society CommitteeSuraj Ratan Daga9332299441
AdministrationMalda DistrictKaliachak P.S.03512-244310
AssociationJadupur Marchants' AssociationJahangir Alam9733045835
DoctorHomoeopathPrahakar Das Dr. DMS9434246029
Ceremonial Hall Ceremonial Hall Madhu Kunja7699279144
Bank Financial InstituteUnited Bank of IndiaOld Malda9619646202/260248
MemberBehani Abasan Residents' Society MembersSadhin Pal & Sumita Pal9733223739
AdministrationMalda DistrictMothabari Police Fari03512-248655
AssociationJhuri Dali Babasayee samitySantosh Kar7797962373
DoctorHomoeopathPranabananda Saha Dr. B.H.M.S.9932809176
Ceremonial Hall Ceremonial Hall Maharaja Lodge9733429938/8597136489
Bank Financial InstituteUnited Bank of IndiaPakuahat8972244750/03511-266616
MemberBehani Abasan Residents' Society MembersAmit Chhajer9332108000
AdministrationMalda DistrictBaishnabnagar P.S.03512-222530
AssociationK.J Sanyal Road Byabsayee SamityAloke Bose8972561444
DoctorHomoeopathPrasanta Mandal Dr. 9232776758
Ceremonial Hall Ceremonial Hall Majumdar Neer9475308444
Bank Financial InstituteUnited Bank of IndiaRatua8906404674/03513-266244
MemberBehani Abasan Residents' Society MembersAmit Polley9800899460/9434213245
AdministrationMalda DistrictRathbari Police Fari03512-266233
AssociationK.J Sanyal Road Byabsayee SamitySwapan Ghosh7699020192
DoctorHomoeopathPrasenjit Das Dr. BHMS9332510251
Ceremonial Hall Ceremonial Hall Mangaldeep9547849424
Bank Financial InstituteUnited Bank of IndiaSamsi9475904167/03513-265263
MemberBehani Abasan Residents' Society MembersArnab & Mousumi De9775454577
Malda District Health DepartmentHealth DepartmentC.M.O.H. ( District Hospital)03512-252280
AssociationKaliachak Marchants' AssociationMd Najamuddin9733087161
DoctorHomoeopathPratip Kr. Roy Dr. DMS 9434323556
Ceremonial Hall Ceremonial Hall Mangalik265353
Bank Financial InstituteUnited Bank of IndiaTapan7602039749/03521 - 252355
MemberBehani Abasan Residents' Society MembersB. Fulfagar9476374061
Malda District Health DepartmentHealth DepartmentDistrict Hospital03512-252947
AssociationKaliachak Marchants' AssociationMd. Jakir9679359176
DoctorHomoeopathPravakar Das Dr. DMS9434246029
Ceremonial Hall Ceremonial Hall Matri Kunja9932482681 / 9851698249
Bank Financial InstituteUnited Bank of IndiaUniversity GB9474747532/223377
MemberBehani Abasan Residents' Society MembersBina Daga 9332299441/223777
Malda District Health DepartmentHealth DepartmentD.M.O District Hospital03512-252480
AssociationKatwali anchal Babasayee SamityUjjal Chatterjee9002364674
DoctorHomoeopathR.N. Paul Dr. DMS9733138651
Ceremonial Hall Ceremonial Hall Mayaban Resort9647531744
Bank Financial InstituteUnited Industrial BankMalda251813
MemberBehani Abasan Residents' Society MembersChandan Bagchi9609760539
Malda District Health DepartmentHealth DepartmentDeputy C.M.O.H -103512-252337
AssociationKazi Azaharuddin market Marchants' AssociationSukumar Saha8617013131
DoctorHomoeopathRafiqul Hasan Dr. MD9434033999 / 9932931299
Ceremonial Hall Ceremonial Hall New Manjushree Lodge 9734934103 / 9434088889
Bank Financial InstituteVijaya BankMalda223595
MemberBehani Abasan Residents' Society MembersD.K. Singha9434233928
Malda District Health DepartmentHealth DepartmentDeputy C.M.O.H -203512-252493
AssociationKazi Azaharuddin market Marchants' AssociationSovon Goswami9563188343
DoctorHomoeopathRam Ranjan Sarkar Dr. 244372
Ceremonial Hall Ceremonial Hall Nightingle9434231570
Bank Financial InstituteWBFCMalda252111
MemberBehani Abasan Residents' Society MembersDilip Kr. Debnath9475253040
Malda District Health DepartmentHealth DepartmentDeputy C.M.O.H -303512-252658
AssociationLottary Ticket Sellers AssociationSatta Ranjan Adhikary9832448108
DoctorHomoeopathRanjit Kr. Saha Dr. BHMS246293
Ceremonial Hall Ceremonial Hall Nikunja9775451123
Banquet HallBanquet HallArundhati266694 / 266620
MemberBehani Abasan Residents' Society MembersGopal Nandi9474736699
Malda District Health DepartmentHealth DepartmentSuper District Hospital03512-252480
AssociationMahadipur Exporters' AssociationNikhil Ghosh9002346983
DoctorHomoeopathRupa Karmakar Dr. 9474786785
Ceremonial Hall Ceremonial Hall Pirojpur Youth Club9474348176 / 9434139992
Banquet HallBanquet Hall Binay Sarkar Atithi Aabas9434105553/255888 / 255038 .
MemberBehani Abasan Residents' Society MembersH.Singh9830065400
Malda District Health DepartmentHealth DepartmentEmergency Section Hospital03512-252947
AssociationMahadipur Exporters' AssociationSukumar Saha8670562116
DoctorHomoeopathS. N. Saha Dr. 9232799933
Ceremonial Hall Ceremonial Hall Puspatara7797293901
Banquet HallBanquet Hall Hotel Golden Park9647700203
MemberBehani Abasan Residents' Society MembersK.Saha9933072659
Malda District Health DepartmentHealth DepartmentWard Master Hospital03512-252099
AssociationMalda Association Of Advertising AgenciesPartha Guha9733015660
DoctorHomoeopathS.N Sengupta Dr. DMS9434245457
Ceremonial Hall Ceremonial Hall Rajlaxmi Apartment 9609932230
Banquet HallBanquet Hall Hotel Hori Om9733166431
MemberBehani Abasan Residents' Society MembersM.C. Adhikari9434309488
Malda District Health DepartmentHealth DepartmentNirbahi Bastukar P.H.E (Arcenic)03512-268547
AssociationMalda Barosanko Progressive Vegetable Businessmen' WelfareDhananjoy Mandal9749036460
DoctorHomoeopathSamir kumar Bishwas Dr. 9474345962
Ceremonial Hall Ceremonial Hall Rangi - Birangi250916 / 252363
Banquet HallBanquet Hall Hotel Royal Park220183
MemberBehani Abasan Residents' Society MembersMadhumita Pandey8158922669
Malda District Health DepartmentHealth DepartmentRail Hospital03512-266004
AssociationMalda Barosanko Progressive Vegetable Businessmen' AssociationTarun Ghosh9733139027
DoctorHomoeopathSampa Chakraborty Dr. BHMS251322 / 252414
Ceremonial Hall Ceremonial Hall Sabujayan Lodge 9733179533 / 9475904598 / 284305
Banquet HallBanquet Hall Mallika Apartment258345
MemberBehani Abasan Residents' Society MembersManoj Thakkar9434130120
Malda District Health DepartmentHealth DepartmentAmbulance03512-252947
AssociationMalda Brick Field Owners' AssociationHarendra Kumar Saha7384950410
DoctorHomoeopathSandeep Karmakar Dr. BHMS9434245372
Ceremonial Hall Ceremonial Hall Shanti Bharati Parishad265055
Banquet HallBanquet Hall Mayaban9647531744
MemberBehani Abasan Residents' Society MembersN.Basak8016835476/7001983237
Malda District Health DepartmentHealth DepartmentAssistant C.M.O.H (Chanchal)03512-252271
AssociationMalda Brick Field Owners' AssociationPramad Chandra Ghosh9434035337
DoctorHomoeopathSantosh Kr. Dey Dr. DMS9474163164
Ceremonial Hall Ceremonial Hall Sharanya Apartment 9232788076
Banquet HallBanquet Hall Swad258697
MemberBehani Abasan Residents' Society MembersP.Agarwal (Munna)9434095110
Malda District Health DepartmentHealth DepartmentR.C.H.03512-252729
AssociationMalda Bus & Mni Bus Owners' AssociationSubal Krishna Maitra9434084618
DoctorHomoeopathSantosh Kumar Maitra Dr. DMS252727
Ceremonial Hall Ceremonial Hall Shatabdi Apartment 9635553822 / 9641030012 / 9434820243
BARBARAppayan 252010
MemberBehani Abasan Residents' Society MembersPankaj Agarwal9232799811
Malda District Health DepartmentHealth DepartmentZ.I.O03512-253920
AssociationMalda Bus & Mni Bus Owners' AssociationSovan Joardar8101116437
DoctorHomoeopathShrabanti Bhowmik Dr. 267084
Ceremonial Hall Ceremonial Hall Sonar Gaon9474655039/254052
BARBARFiza 283199
MemberBehani Abasan Residents' Society MembersRajeshwari Dey9434759680
Malda District Health DepartmentHealth DepartmentAssistant C.M.O.H (Sadar)03512-251606
AssociationMalda Cloth Marchants' AssociationSankar Ghosh9434424433
DoctorHomoeopathSoumyabrata Das Dr. DHMS.9434186149
Ceremonial Hall Ceremonial Hall Sonar Tari9758489563
BARBARLahari 267187/266183
MemberBehani Abasan Residents' Society MembersRajib Jha8373052766
Malda District Health DepartmentHealth DepartmentR.C.T.B. Hospital03512-266540
AssociationMalda Cloth Marchants' AssociationSwapan Baruri9434213249
DoctorHomoeopathSubhas Bagchi Dr. 265833
Ceremonial Hall Ceremonial Hall Subham Lodge 9474470153
BARBARMalda Tourist lodge220123
MemberBehani Abasan Residents' Society MembersRajib Jha7001907738
Malda District Health DepartmentHealth DepartmentP.P.Unit03512-253286
AssociationMalda Court Compound Business Owners Welfare AssociationRaja Alam9851636890
DoctorHomoeopathSubrata Pal Chowdhury Dr. BHMS, MD9434050106
Ceremonial Hall Ceremonial Hall Sumangal Community Hall9434130136 / 9800477792
BARBARMayaban 250612
MemberBehani Abasan Residents' Society MembersRajib Jha9233490060
Malda District Health DepartmentHealth DepartmentBlood Bank03512-221827
AssociationMalda Decorators' AssociationBarun Saha9434305245
DoctorHomoeopathSumit Kundu Dr. BHMS. 9434206576
Ceremonial Hall Ceremonial Hall Swapana Neer9434680249/267329
BARBARPayel 266150
MemberBehani Abasan Residents' Society MembersRatan Lal Behani9434053237
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: EBM OfficersAbhijit Jha 9434878145
AssociationMalda Decorators' AssociationMadan Kundu9434186025
DoctorHomoeopathSutapa Bagchi Dr. 265804
Ceremonial Hall Ceremonial Hall Swastika Lodge 9434139873
BARBARSip N. Bite 258345
MemberBehani Abasan Residents' Society MembersS.Chakrabarty8670357800
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: EBM OfficersAlpana Sarkar 03512 - 278659
AssociationMalda Distributors' AssociationAnjan Krishna Paul9434057689
DoctorHomoeopathSwapan Bose Dr 9434197945
Ceremonial Hall Ceremonial Hall Victoria9735067290
BarberBarberJugal Shil9851024084
MemberBehani Abasan Residents' Society MembersS.Chowdhury9434154327
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: EBM OfficersAnjali Bhattacherjee 9126404833
AssociationMalda Distributors' AssociationUttam Basak9434176032
DoctorHomoeopathSwrupananda Das Dr. DHMS258753
Chadnatala DesignerChadnatala DesignerTapas Singha8768264375
Battery Inverter GeneratorBattery / Inverter / GeneratorDK Trading9232727950/266485 / 267373
MemberBehani Abasan Residents' Society MembersS.Gupta9932165029
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: EBM OfficersAshok Das 9832473912
AssociationMalda District Agro-Inputs Dealers' AssociationDinendra Nath9434432258
DoctorHomoeopathTayub Sinha Dr.244137
Chadnatala DesignerChadnatala DesignerSudip Sarkar9932633327
Battery Inverter GeneratorBattery / Inverter / GeneratorGupta Battery9733046698
MemberBehani Abasan Residents' Society MembersS.K.Das9002024481/9434355272
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: EBM OfficersAsit Bhattacharya 9434231778
AssociationMalda District Agro-Inputs Dealers' Welfare AssociationSham Sundar Sarda9434432311
DoctorHomoeopathTouhidul Islam Dr. BHMS, MD9434037242
Chadnatala DesignerChadnatala DesignerSaheb Karmakar9734181880
Battery Inverter GeneratorBattery / Inverter / GeneratorMalda Battery Centre 9434206631/269178
MemberBehani Abasan Residents' Society MembersS.Kedia9733399961/9474017407
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: EBM OfficersChaitali Mandal7602823205
AssociationMalda District Hotel & Resturant Owners' Welfare AssociationJillur Rahaman9434052736
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Prof. (Dr.) U.K.Bhadra9433006937
Chadnatala DesignerChadnatala DesignerBiplab Singha8906090321
Battery Inverter GeneratorBattery / Inverter / GeneratorRoyal Enterprise 266170 / 266995
MemberBehani Abasan Residents' Society MembersS.Sarkar7001425243
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: EBM OfficersChandrani Paul9475701379
AssociationMalda District Hotel & Resturant Owners' Welfare AssociationKrishnendu9434052098
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Prof. (Dr.) M.A. Rashid8902762875
Chartered Accountant Chartered Accountant Anil Musaddi9434022003 / 9832324287
Battery Inverter GeneratorBattery / Inverter / GeneratorSamanta Battery 9733019730
MemberBehani Abasan Residents' Society MembersSampat Kochar9836935670/9434083312
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: EBM OfficersDabasish Das 9733260501
AssociationMalda District Poultry development AssociationSubrata9434206744
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Utpal Dan9434177906
Chartered Accountant Chartered Accountant Bhutra & Associates9434217071
Battery Inverter GeneratorBattery / Inverter / GeneratorSamanta Traders 265136
MemberBehani Abasan Residents' Society MembersShantanu Saha9933089886
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: EBM OfficersDebashish Dutta 9434130055
AssociationMalda Electric Traders'/On/S/AssociationBikes Saha9434058424
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Tridib kr. Seth9433419373
Chartered Accountant Chartered Accountant Bibek Agarwala9932522025
Battery Inverter GeneratorBattery / Inverter / GeneratorTirupati Traders 266519
MemberBehani Abasan Residents' Society MembersShyam Sundar Sarda9434432311/252709
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: EBM OfficersDilip Kr. Ghosh 9434455906
AssociationMalda English Bazar Fruits & VegetableRajkumar Prasad9434020884
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Subhra Mandal9477458100
Chartered Accountant Chartered Accountant Dipak Poddar9830121608
Battery Inverter GeneratorBattery / Inverter / GeneratorTyre Plaza 9832013930
MemberBehani Abasan Residents' Society MembersSuraj Ratan Daga9332299441/223777
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: EBM OfficersDilip Kumar Das 9474163518
AssociationMalda English Bazar Fruits & VegetableAlok Das8001952323
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Debjyoti Basu9831949572
Chartered Accountant Chartered Accountant M.K. Khaitan9434176014
Beauty ParlourBeauty Parlour (Ladies)Identity Beauty Parlour9434105587 / 8670164344
MemberBehani Abasan Residents' Society MembersU.Bhattacharyya9434303266
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: EBM OfficersDoli Hansda 9635751091
AssociationMalda Fruits Marchants'Jiban Krishna Deb9434681768
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Arpan Dey9903560948
Chartered Accountant Chartered Accountant Mahesh Agarwala9434055588
Beauty ParlourBeauty Parlour (Ladies)Bridal Make Up Artist8250894376
MemberDSA Member MaldaAbhijit Jha9775487546
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: EBM OfficersGolam Marshal 9733176401
AssociationMalda Fruits Marchants'Naba Chandra saha9434180565
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Arnab Bhar9433223116
Chartered Accountant Chartered Accountant Manoj Bhagat9434066778
Beauty ParlourBeauty Parlour (Ladies)Diva Beauty Parlour7031166896
MemberDSA Member MaldaAjit Kumar Das9475308457
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: EBM OfficersGopa Mahinta9474082353
AssociationMalda Ful Babsayee SamityRaju Saha9933212250
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Alipita Bhattacharya9831707591
Chartered Accountant Chartered Accountant Prolay Chakraborty9933087505
Beauty ParlourBeauty Parlour (Ladies)Ishita'z Makeup Studio & Academy9933970988
MemberDSA Member MaldaAlok Kanti Moitra9851562025
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: EBM OfficersGopal Chandra Das 9475093244
AssociationMalda Industrial Chamber of CommerceNarayan agarwala9434064824
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Soumya Banerjee9432740866
Chartered Accountant Chartered Accountant Saumitra Sarkar9434193441/266749
Beauty ParlourBeauty Parlour (Ladies)Keya Seth' Medi Spa *03512 -284999
MemberDSA Member MaldaAmar Kumar Saha9434223656
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: EBM OfficersGouranga Mukhopadhyay9734144099
AssociationMalda Industrial Chamber of CommerceSubash Halder9434149479
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Rahul Mandal9143010952
Chartered Accountant Chartered Accountant Shubhra Kundu9434054252
Beauty ParlourBeauty Parlour (Ladies)Labani Ladies Beauty Parlour 9933640502
MemberDSA Member MaldaAmarendra Nath Ganguly9474077487
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: EBM OfficersHaurlal Sarkar 9733419526
AssociationMalda Jela Bekary AssociationMd Mahasin8945516346
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Kakali Roy (Basu)9433179147
ChefChefFiren Jha9474343179
Beauty ParlourBeauty Parlour (Ladies)Labanya ladies Beauty Parlour9474720913/220350 / 266312
MemberDSA Member MaldaAmitava Seth9434206960
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: EBM OfficersJitendra Nath Barman 9474831126
AssociationMalda Jela Bekary AssociationDebasish Saha9434231950
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Jayanta Bhattacharya9903108419
ChefChefJiten Roy 9679679939
Beauty ParlourBeauty Parlour (Ladies)Make up 267964
MemberDSA Member MaldaAmiya Kumar Saha9734994579
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: EBM OfficersKakali Sarkar 8101497005
AssociationMalda Kala Babsayee SamityJatan das9733186378
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Anish Bhowmik9735859363
ChefChefNaresh Das (Goutam)9733176507
Beauty ParlourBeauty Parlour (Ladies)New A Man 254083
MemberDSA Member MaldaAmulya Roy9593600719
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: EBM OfficersLily Chakraborty9434170711
AssociationMalda kasta Babsayee Kalyan samityMegnath karmakar9832039523
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Debjyoti Das9836456592
ChefChefRadhekanta Jha 9932649837
Beauty ParlourBeauty Parlour (Ladies)New Delhi Cosmetic 244264
MemberDSA Member MaldaAnanda Das9434231586
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: EBM OfficersMadhusudan Mandal 9733150540
AssociationMalda kasta Babsayee Kalyan samitySankar Dutta9434323755
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Biman Roy9331027298
Child Care Child Care Sishu bikash 9474163240
Beauty ParlourBeauty Parlour (Ladies)Portia Beauty Parlour 9434820215
MemberDSA Member MaldaAnanda Roy9434245518
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: EBM OfficersManabendra Mandal8906867720
AssociationMalda Mangoo and Fruits Agents' CommissionMantu Sk9002162251
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Adity Das8016188216
Choreographer Dance Teacher School Choreographer Dance Teacher School Agni Dance Group 289418
Beauty ParlourBeauty Parlour (Ladies)Pritty Beauty Parlour 264970
MemberDSA Member MaldaAnjan Krishna Paul9434057689
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: EBM OfficersManas Sarkar 9434303548
AssociationMalda Netaji Commercial market Byabsayee SamityKishan Chatterjee9434154433
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Kaushik Roy9433163341
Choreographer Dance Teacher School Choreographer Dance Teacher School Atasi Pandit 9434131089
Beauty ParlourBeauty Parlour (Ladies)Priyadarshini Clinic Cum Parlour 9434193325
MemberDSA Member MaldaAnshuman Chakraborty9614420014
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: EBM OfficersManindra Nath Mandal9475308920
AssociationMalda Netaji Commercial market Byabsayee SamityRatan Saha9851123384
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Debal Saren9434122621
Choreographer Dance Teacher School Choreographer Dance Teacher School Banani Bhattacharya 9434372223
Beauty ParlourBeauty Parlour (Ladies)Sadhana Beauty Parlour 250458
MemberDSA Member MaldaArabinda Banerjee9434323330
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: EBM OfficersMd. Faizullah03512 - 247297
AssociationMalda Progressive Bus Owners' Welfare AssociationHemendra Natha Saha9434052429
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Tapas Ghosh9477287626
Choreographer Dance Teacher School Choreographer Dance Teacher School Basanta Bahar Nritya Anushilan Kendra289418
Beauty ParlourBeauty Parlour (Ladies)Srimoyee Ladies Beauty Parlour 9434245740
MemberDSA Member MaldaArabinda Laha9851203025
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: EBM OfficersMd. Rousan Jamil 9434817087
AssociationMalda Progressive Bus Owners' Welfare AssociationVivek Das9434193358
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Indranil Chakraborty9830517205
Choreographer Dance Teacher School Choreographer Dance Teacher School Chanda Bharati 9434372223/252967
Beauty ParlourBeauty Parlour (Ladies)Stylo Beauty Parlour 253332
MemberDSA Member MaldaAshok Bihari Gupta9474655310
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: EBM OfficersMd. Yusuf Ali 9434371983
AssociationMalda Railway Marchants' AssociationDilip Agarwala9434096681
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Pinaki Sarkar9831163005
Choreographer Dance Teacher School Choreographer Dance Teacher School Creative Academy 8972235511/9775913007
Beauty ParlourBeauty Parlour (Ladies)Tani"z9614097453
MemberDSA Member MaldaAshok Kumar Choudhury9434170912
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: EBM OfficersMotiur Rahaman 9932462768
AssociationMalda Railway Marchants' AssociationSanjoy Kundu9775465552
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Kaushik Bhowmik9433780873
Choreographer Dance Teacher School Choreographer Dance Teacher School Dance And Cultural Society 9434120232/254453
Beauty ParlourBeauty Parlour (Ladies)The Fair World 9434085755
MemberDSA Member MaldaAtaur Rahaman9800021826
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: EBM OfficersMrinal Kanti Halder 9932391675
AssociationMalda Regular Market Small BusinessmensSanjib sarkar9851263907
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Binoy Krishna Das9831483727
Choreographer Dance Teacher School Choreographer Dance Teacher School Hindol Nritya Siksha Kendra267033
Beauty ParlourBeauty Parlour (Ladies)Reborn (Ladies & Kids Parlour)7074304595/7872073817
MemberDSA Member MaldaAtiur Rahaman7872222644
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: EBM OfficersNasrin Banu 9614146318
AssociationMalda Regular Market Small Welfare AssociationSubal Das9126199117
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Angshuman De9432938153
Choreographer Dance Teacher School Choreographer Dance Teacher School Kanak Manjuri Sangeet Vidyalaya9434120232/254453
MemberPaschimbanga Bigyan ManchaK. C. Sing9933828319
MemberDSA Member MaldaBimal Chandra Das9434065628
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: EBM OfficersNitai Chandra Das 9733414075
AssociationMalda Regular Market SmallBappa Choudhury9851278621
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Susmita Sarkar9734004803
Choreographer Dance Teacher School Choreographer Dance Teacher School Raganjali Nrilya Siksha Kendra .267789 / 265560
MemberPaschimbanga Bigyan ManchaDr. Pranatosh Sen9434421605
MemberDSA Member MaldaBinoy Moitra9903306469
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: EBM OfficersPankaj Kr. Jha 9749065941
AssociationMalda Rice Mill Owners' AssociationGopal Agarwala9434055205
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Indranil Dwan9475524702
Choreographer Dance Teacher School Choreographer Dance Teacher School Sukla Nandi 9775451126
MemberPaschimbanga Bigyan ManchaAnil Prasad Sarkar9932932138
MemberDSA Member MaldaBiswanath Ghosh9932932383
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: EBM OfficersParadip Majumder 03512 - 254520
AssociationMalda Saw Mill Owners' AssociationRatan Agarwal9434066412
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Nabanita Bhattacharya9830553202
Choreographer Dance Teacher School Choreographer Dance Teacher School Sumita Bhattacharya 9434245617
MemberPaschimbanga Bigyan ManchaDr. Ujjal Saha9434193452
MemberDSA Member MaldaChanchal Kumar Das9474788560
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: EBM OfficersParbati Das 9733367362
AssociationMalda taxi Owners AssociationBalai Bhattarchee9434982107
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Rama Prosad Roy9433381429
Choreographer Dance Teacher School Choreographer Dance Teacher School Supriya Ghosh 256924
MemberPaschimbanga Bigyan ManchaMira Dutta8016837441
MemberDSA Member MaldaChandi Dutta9932807996
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: EBM OfficersRaja Sarkar 8016698529
AssociationMangalbari Narayanpur Marchants' AssociationSatya Narayan Agarwala9434511100
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Debasis Das9433084372
Cinema HallCinema HallBichitra 266434
MemberPaschimbanga Bigyan ManchaKanti Roy9474721934
MemberDSA Member MaldaDebabrata Biswas9932898082
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: EBM OfficersRam Mardi9434680846
AssociationMangalbari Narayanpur Marchants' AssociationAmal Chandra Saha9434060722
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Subhadeep Paul8981207307
Cinema HallCinema HallNabin266178
MemberPaschimbanga Bigyan ManchaAmajuddin Sekh9733152017
MemberDSA Member MaldaDebabrata Saha9933301440
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: EBM OfficersSagarika Pal9474736698
AssociationManik Chak Babosayee SamityPresident9935074226
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Subhrajati Naskar 9830145803
Cinema HallCinema HallNataraj 03512 - 262221
MemberPaschimbanga Bigyan ManchaSwapna Ghosh Roy9474475511
MemberDSA Member MaldaDebapriya Saha9932093977
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: EBM OfficersSamir Basak 9800252929
AssociationManik Chak Babosayee SamitySecretary9474347306
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Amitava Chakraborty9474489617
Civil Office (Police Department)Civil Office (Police Department)DC Sahibgjanj06436-220100 / 222100 / 222002
MemberPaschimbanga Bigyan ManchaSumit Das9733010362
MemberDSA Member MaldaDebasish Majumder9614691899
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: EBM OfficersSamirul 9735958067
AssociationMilki Marchants' Chember of CommerceGolam Mougid9733675133
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Indranil Das9674036676
Civil Office (Police Department)Civil Office (Police Department)DM Malda9832024844/03512-252381 / 252415
MemberPaschimbanga Bigyan ManchaSunil Das9434420928
MemberDSA Member MaldaDilip Kumar Das9733494387
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: EBM OfficersShyama Prasad Bandopadhyay 9434684587
AssociationMokdumpur Marchants' Rajesh Ghosh9474721814
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Moumita Goswami9434193474
Civil Office (Police Department)Civil Office (Police Department)DM Murshidabad9434057522/03482-251650/250002
MemberPaschimbanga Bigyan ManchaManaranjan Das9475309420
MemberDSA Member MaldaDilip Kumar Dey7602227345
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: EBM OfficersSingha Ch. Rajak 9735938843
AssociationMukundalal Sala Pourabazar Marchants'Uzzal Saha9434206618
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Md. Naimul Haque9614571677
Civil Office (Police Department)Civil Office (Police Department)Malda03512-252301 / 252380
MemberPaschimbanga Bigyan ManchaSunil Sarkar9434820348
MemberDSA Member MaldaDilip Sarkar9733032863
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: EBM OfficersSk. Ansarul 9614222224
AssociationMukundalal Sala Pourabazar Marchants'haren Choudhury9434165912
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Sormishtha Ghosh9830239716
Civil Office (Police Department)Civil Office (Police Department)Murshidabad953582-251065/251603
MemberPaschimbanga Bigyan ManchaMonoj Sarkar9434421906
MemberDSA Member MaldaDipak Kumar Sarkar9434154315
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: EBM OfficersSoumitra Das 9733236606
AssociationNalagola Babyosayee SamitySunil Tarafdar9933514617
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Subodh kr. Bhattacharya9434386686
Civil Office (Police Department)Civil Office (Police Department)Nadia953472-252101/252473
MemberPaschimbanga Bigyan ManchaMd. Atabuddin7407442084
MemberDSA Member MaldaGopal Poddar9933466816
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: EBM OfficersSubhajit Poddar 9800663434
AssociationNalagola Babyosayee SamityDilip Sarkar9434816909
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Ranjana Bandyopadhyay9830862433
Civil Office (Police Department)Civil Office (Police Department)North 24 pargana25523090 / 25624323
MemberPaschimbanga Bigyan ManchaHarish Ch. Pal9832439190
MemberDSA Member MaldaH.H.K Lodi9434303751
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: EBM OfficersSumit Sarkar 8436667580
AssociationNetaji Market Gur Babsayee Samityrajendra Prasad9434323418
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Gopinath Barui9831250951
Civil Office (Police Department)Civil Office (Police Department)Pachim Mednipur275423
MemberPaschimbanga Bigyan ManchaTamali Chatterjee9434820474
MemberDSA Member MaldaHaridas Saha9832409189
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: EBM OfficersSunil Sarkar 9474161132
AssociationNetaji Market Traders' AssociationDebasish Chakraborty (Tutu)9434245406
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Anjan Kr. Das9231562980
Civil Office (Police Department)Civil Office (Police Department)Purba Mednipur953228-268750
MemberPaschimbanga Bigyan ManchaTushar Kanti Mandal9002545406
MemberDSA Member MaldaHemendra Kumar Saha9434052429
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: EBM OfficersSunita Dutta (Choudhury)9475092708
AssociationNetaji Puraa Bazar Babasayee SamityAjit Saha9475815150
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Prosenjit Gayen9874097919
Civil Office (Police Department)Civil Office (Police Department)Purulia953252-222339/222338
MemberPaschimbanga Bigyan ManchaTapesh Sen9734902958
MemberDSA Member MaldaHitendra Dey9434144447
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: EBM OfficersSurendra Sahanai 9933356862
AssociationNetaji Puraa Bazar Babasayee SamityManik Jaiswal9434303921
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Tarak Banik7797900230
Civil Office (Police Department)Civil Office (Police Department)SDO Jangipur03483-266234 / 266456
MemberPaschimbanga Bigyan ManchaAsit Baran Roy9434681604
MemberDSA Member MaldaJayanta Kundu9733015165
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: EBM OfficersSusanta Das 9434456751
AssociationNetaji Subash Road BabosayeePresident9832408917
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Prasenjit Kr Bar9732757908
Civil Office (Police Department)Civil Office (Police Department)SDO Malda03512-252733/252308
MemberPaschimbanga Bigyan ManchaSatya Choudhary9434232040
MemberDSA Member MaldaJiban Moitra9434066370
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: EBM OfficersTapas Ghosh 9475095178
AssociationNetaji Super Market Babsayee samityAnil Saha9749035987
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Prasanta Ranjan Paul9830014879
Civil Office (Police Department)Civil Office (Police Department)SDO Shibganj06436-222630 / 222093
MemberPaschimbanga Bigyan ManchaSomsankar Singha9474163132
MemberDSA Member MaldaKamalesh Behani9832095202
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office: EBM OfficersTapasi Sarkar 9002648622
AssociationNetaji Super Market Babsayee samityRatan Singha8918509485
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Sushil Kumar9474049331
Civil Office (Police Department)Civil Office (Police Department)South 24 Pargana24797691
MemberPaschimbanga Bigyan ManchaAbhijit Achariya9434510565
MemberDSA Member MaldaKhagen Murmu9434011112
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices (State) : EducationChairman DPSC253473
AssociationPabitra Sen Gallery O Shoping ComplexUttam Biswas9434154405
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Krishnendu Das9733966319
Civil Office (Police Department)Civil Office (Police Department)SP Malda9434393617/03512-252520
MemberPaschimbanga Bigyan ManchaBiplab Banerjee9434154480
MemberDSA Member MaldaKoushal Das9733026781
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices (State) : EducationChairman, S.S.C.251709 / 251556
AssociationPabitra Sen Gallery O Shoping ComplexSankar Kundu9434371908
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Chandra Khan9830594317
Civil Office (Police Department)Civil Office (Police Department)SP Sahibganj06436-222160 / 222033
MemberPaschimbanga Bigyan ManchaAsish Saha9434455519
MemberDSA Member MaldaKoushik Das9775820221
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices (State) : EducationControler University 0353 - 2581254
AssociationPakuahat Bapsayee samityPradip Kundu9434820578
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Arindam Karmakar9231667811
Civil Office (Police Department)Civil Office (Police Department)Uttar Dinajpur953523-252304/253826/252281
MemberPaschimbanga Bigyan ManchaArun Kumar Saha9733051528
MemberDSA Member MaldaKoushik Saha8967103554
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices (State) : EducationD.I. Madhyamik252261
AssociationPakuahat Bapsayee samitySudhir Kumar Singha9474161193
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Nitish Kr Pal9433559514
Clinic Noor Clinic Dr. Julmat Hossain 8759738402/9733391654
MemberPaschimbanga Bigyan ManchaDilip Das8900284528
MemberDSA Member MaldaKrishnendu Banerjee9635491893
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices (State) : EducationD.I. Primary252342
AssociationPepsi Beverage Distributers' AssociationPrabal Acharjee9932484707
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Sukanta Sinha9831380767
Cloth Merchant Cloth Merchant Binapani Bastralaya 9832072235 / 252320
MemberPaschimbanga Bigyan ManchaBhim Ch sarkar9932500661
MemberDSA Member MaldaKrishnendu Narayan Chowdhury9434095102
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices (State) : EducationDPO, DPEP255817 / 258778
AssociationPragressiv Good Carier Owners' WelfarePresident9733032719
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Asish Manna9433284396
Cloth Merchant Cloth Merchant Great Rajasthan Store 9434054011 / 252513
MemberPaschimbanga Bigyan ManchaBikram Singha9434680766
MemberDSA Member MaldaLaxman Saha9233090161
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices (State) : EducationN.E.E.O.252460
AssociationPragressiv Good Carier Owners' AssociationSecretary9547791755
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Manjula Dutta9433166689
Cloth Merchant Cloth Merchant Laxmi Narayan Bastralaya9932466856 / 9932408645 / 252103
MemberPaschimbanga Bigyan ManchaDr. Kamal Kanti Das9564396296
MemberDSA Member MaldaMampi Ghosh9614868846
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices (State) : EducationDist. Library Officer 250338
AssociationRaiganj Babsayee SamitySubrata Biswas7586827059
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Rajdeep Saha9477266763
Cloth Merchant Cloth Merchant Laxmi Store 250064
MemberPaschimbanga Bigyan ManchaRamachandra Sarkar8348503189
MemberDSA Member MaldaManabendra Narayan Das9733024610
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices (State) : EducationJela Janashiksha Prasar Adhikarik 9434303564/252860
AssociationRaiganj Babsayee SamityKrishna Chandra paul9614764832
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Arnab kr. Mandal9830446094
Cloth Merchant Cloth Merchant Super Dresses9614560224
MemberPaschimbanga Bigyan ManchaPaban Mandal9733041469
MemberDSA Member MaldaMd. Eesaruddin Mandal9734111424
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices (State) : EducationMadhyashiksha Parishad (Uttar Banga)03531 - 2582152
AssociationRajib gandhi Municipal Market CommitteeTapan Ghosh9932481030
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Subhamay Chatterjee9933160760
Cloth Merchant Cloth Merchant Urbashi Bastra Bipaani 9474720920
MemberPaschimbanga Bigyan ManchaSibasish Ghosh8637587841
MemberDSA Member MaldaMd. Nijamuddin9434149499
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices (State) : EducationMadhyashiksha Parshad033 - 22268594/5/6
AssociationRajib gandhi Municipal Market CommitteePradip Bapari9851299318
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Rehana Barkat9681146444
Coaching Training CenterCoaching Training CenterAloha9434140020
MemberPaschimbanga Bigyan ManchaAsish Das9475124961
MemberDSA Member MaldaMir Iftekhar Hossain9434304100
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices (State) : EducationPhyscial Shiksha Adhikarik252789
AssociationRamnagar Kachary Babosayee SamityPresident9474473252
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Ajay Agarwalla8293066275
Coaching Training CenterCoaching Training CenterCareer Hunt9474795633
MemberPaschimbanga Bigyan ManchaJayanta Tanti9593877351
MemberDSA Member MaldaMonomoy Mukherjee 9434154314
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices (State) : EducationPresident, Dist. School Counsil (Board)266284
AssociationRamnagar Kachary Babosayee SamitySecretary9851997176
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Arindam Karmakar9231667811
Coaching Training CenterCoaching Training CenterGuide Line Tutorial9434219151
MemberPaschimbanga Bigyan ManchaSambhu Thakur9434420931
MemberDSA Member MaldaMonotosh Barman9002488297
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices (State) : EducationRegistraer University 0353 - 2551305
AssociationRatua Babsayee SanityUjjal Ghosh8145093112
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Aloke Majumder8902638439
Coaching Training CenterCoaching Training CenterHoly Home9434145045 / 9851207277
MemberPaschimbanga Bigyan ManchaPaltu Mishra9434511215
MemberDSA Member MaldaMrinmay Dey9474300360
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices (State) : EducationSachib Madhyashiksha Parshad 033 - 22263775
AssociationRatua Babsayee SanitySudir Ghosh9933029854
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Asutosh Sarkar9433137010
Coaching Training CenterCoaching Training CenterInflight Air Hostess Training Institute9933066664
MemberPaschimbanga Bigyan ManchaSajal Ghosh8436738803
MemberDSA Member MaldaNabendra Sekhar Roy9434817120
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices (State) : EducationV.C. Northbengal University 0353 - 2581283
AssociationRishi Bankim Chandra Market Marchants' AssociationBebakananda7586979111
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Apurba Biswas8013072418
Coaching Training CenterCoaching Training CenterMalda Coaching Centre9832049265/255045
MemberPaschimbanga Bigyan ManchaUtpal Mandal9733451722
MemberDSA Member MaldaNihar Chakraborty9153459432
Govt. OfficeElectric Dept.Asst. Engr. (E)220493 / 254361
AssociationRishi Bankim Chandra Market Marchants' AssociationRajesh Ghosh9474721814
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Pradip Kr Sinha9433088518
Coaching Training CenterCoaching Training CenterMiyhun Charaborty9434213382
MemberPaschimbanga Bigyan ManchaChandana Biswas9475308042
MemberDSA Member MaldaNripendra Lal Saha9434245725
Govt. OfficeElectric Dept.Asst. Engr. (Malda D Componion )253401 / 254231
AssociationSadar Ghat Babsayee SamitySantosh Halder9091051555
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Amitava Chakraborty9434524930
Coaching Training CenterCoaching Training CenterRataner Shikshakendra9733129022
MemberPaschimbanga Bigyan ManchaTapash Choudhary9474344703
MemberDSA Member MaldaPalash Goswami9434180528
Govt. OfficeElectric Dept.Chief Engineer 033-23591905 / 7105
AssociationSadar Ghat Babsayee SamityChandan Ghosh9933416818
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Umapada Das9564101329
Coaching Training CenterCoaching Training CenterRICE9434139921
MemberPaschimbanga Bigyan ManchaSatya Choudhary9830019191
MemberDSA Member MaldaPrabir Kumar Das9434105692
Govt. OfficeElectric Dept.Circle Manager, Malda (D) Chakra 220463 / 252521
AssociationSahapur 1No. Bimal Das Colony BazarPrakash Gupta9083797507
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Sudipta bandhyopadhyay8017536210
Cold StorageCold StorageSamsi Cold Storage 03513-265258
MemberPaschimbanga Bigyan ManchaGopendra Nath saha9832365711
MemberDSA Member MaldaPradip De9474656258
Govt. OfficeElectric Dept.Computer Room250741
AssociationSamsi Marchants' AssociationAshu Kumar Sharma9733051319
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Indranil Roy9903120898
College & UniversityCollege & UniversityBalurghat B.Ed.College03522-231315, 259179 / 271515
Binder (Book)Binder (Book)GOPAL Pictures9733235661/9733149752
MemberDSA Member MaldaPradip ghosh8293550720
Govt. OfficeElectric Dept.Dist. Engineer (D) Construction220493
AssociationSamsi Marchants' AssociationTapan Kumar Singha9733391812
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Debasis Sarkar9564978148
College & UniversityCollege & UniversityBalurghat College03522-255391, 255392 / 271465
Binder (Book)Binder (Book)Royal book binding (Firoj) 9932438969
MemberDSA Member MaldaPradip Paul9434231985
Govt. OfficeElectric Dept.Enquiry Bunglo269720
AssociationTeljana Sluice Gate Choudhury BazarSerajul Haque9759582296
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Srijan Majumder9830302235
College & UniversityCollege & UniversityBalurghat Law College03522-27118
Book SellerKolkataG D ACADEMY9831420421/7501761624
MemberDSA Member MaldaPranab Bhattacharjee9932379549
Govt. OfficeElectric Dept.Fulbari Supply Kendra 266520
AssociationWest Bangal MR Delears' AssociationAsit Kumar Saha9474017509
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Kaushik Ghosh9547901343
College & UniversityCollege & UniversityBalurghat Mahila Mahavidyalaya05122-255939
Book SellerKolkataKHALIL MALLIK9836163668
MemberDSA Member MaldaPrasanta Kumar Bhattacharjee9434154803
Govt. OfficeElectric Dept.Irrextion Engineer 9434212163/220493
AssociationWest Bangal MR Delears' AssociationPramad Kumar Ghosh9434035337
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Avijit Saha 9883026884
College & UniversityCollege & UniversityBuniadpur Mahavidyalaya03514-259053
Book SellerKolkataSUCCESS POINT9831420421/9831593150
MemberDSA Member MaldaPrasenjit Das9800544661
Govt. OfficeElectric Dept.Jonal Manager 03482-257238
Astrologer & PalmistAstrologer & PalmistBishwas Jewellery 266817
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Subrata Halder9038208103
College & UniversityCollege & UniversityChanchal College251540, 03513-252261
Book SellerKolkataSAMRAT ELECTRIC9830917688
MemberDSA Member MaldaPulak Ghosh9775858867
Govt. OfficeElectric Dept.M.D.Elec. (Kolkatta)033-22109520 / 1
Astrologer & PalmistAstrologer & PalmistDaibabani 267640
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Sutapa Ganguli9831369441
College & UniversityCollege & UniversityDewan Abdul Gani College03524-265243
Book SellerHowrahMAULANA AZAD ACADEMY9733944615
MemberDSA Member MaldaRabindra Pramanik9434680459
Govt. OfficeElectric Dept.Mokdumpur Supply Kendra 252055
Astrologer & PalmistAstrologer & PalmistDipankar Mukherjee9434193336 / 254721
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Anjan Kr. Das9830129772
College & UniversityCollege & UniversityDr. Meghnad Saha College03523-243299, 277707
Book SellerHowrahSK. MOINUL ISLAM9830409175
MemberDSA Member MaldaRaja bhowmik9434381411
Govt. OfficeElectric Dept.Nimasarai Supply Kendra 266376
Astrologer & PalmistAstrologer & PalmistDr. Ashoke Shastri 9434129828 / 257434
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Avijit Misra9163011592
College & UniversityCollege & UniversityDavid Hare Teachers' Traning College 9832068597 / 9434057586 / 348230
Book SellerHowrahNEW HOLLYWOOD TAILORS9163923290
MemberDSA Member MaldaRajashi Saha9434140175
Govt. OfficeElectric Dept.Rathbari Supply Kendra 266099
Astrologer & PalmistAstrologer & PalmistDr. R Debnath 268240
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Shyamapada Singh9830386275
College & UniversityCollege & UniversityGangarampur College03521-255075 / 257983
Book SellerHowrahTHE BEAUTY STORES9232651534
MemberDSA Member MaldaRajesh Gupta9434065325
Govt. OfficeElectric Dept.S.I.& Div. Manager (O.M.) DV253437 / 253487
Astrologer & PalmistAstrologer & PalmistDr. Samarendra Das252378
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Nepal Ch. Mahapatra9531504041
College & UniversityCollege & UniversityGangarampur B.Ed. College03521-201085 / 257888
MemberDSA Member MaldaRamesh Kumar Bhihani9734036361
Govt. OfficeElectric Dept.Super Engineer 220493 / 220456
Astrologer & PalmistAstrologer & PalmistJagadamba Jyotiskendra 9332056956
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Gauganga Biswas9433271002
College & UniversityCollege & UniversityGazole Mahavidyalaya234264
MemberDSA Member MaldaRashbihari Saha9593800375
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices [State] : Engr. DepartmentA.E. Con. P.W.D. 252656
Astrologer & PalmistAstrologer & PalmistJaydeb Kundu9434323535
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Krishanu Mandal9474995828
College & UniversityCollege & UniversityGour Mahavidyalaya260547
MemberDSA Member MaldaSahidur Rahaman9735311390
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices [State] : Engr. DepartmentA.E. P.W.D.252394
Astrologer & PalmistAstrologer & PalmistKanaklata Jyotish Karjalaya9851343952 / 9434817664
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Jadeb Kr Jana9153329625
College & UniversityCollege & UniversityHarischandrapur Collge236632 / 255228
MemberDSA Member MaldaSaiket Dey9474797431
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices [State] : Engr. DepartmentA.E. P.W.D. (Elec.)253843
Astrologer & PalmistAstrologer & PalmistNabarun Mukherjee 250458
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Subhendu Saha9830769421
College & UniversityCollege & UniversityHoly Child B.Ed. College278530 / 250555
MemberDSA Member MaldaSamir Kumdu9434020728
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices [State] : Engr. DepartmentA.E., R.W.S.269823
Astrologer & PalmistAstrologer & PalmistRatnadeep 9434219568
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Rama Das Murmu9475864399
College & UniversityCollege & UniversityI.T.I. 266322
MemberDSA Member MaldaSandip Paul9232662839
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices [State] : Engr. DepartmentAE. P.W.D. (Elec.)252843
Astrologer & PalmistAstrologer & PalmistShankar Chakraborty 9434139871 / 220281
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Bikash Purkait9231869396
College & UniversityCollege & UniversityIslampur College03256-255406, 03526-255088
MemberDSA Member MaldaSanjoy Das9434303742
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices [State] : Engr. DepartmentAsst. Engr. Agri Irrigation (Chanchal)03513-252257
Astrologer & PalmistAstrologer & PalmistShree Sibananda 252231
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Soumen Nandi9432102398
College & UniversityCollege & UniversityKaliachak College244696 / 296780
MemberDSA Member MaldaSantanu Saha9933089886
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices [State] : Engr. DepartmentAsst. Engr. Chanchal Highway 03513-252227
Astrologer & PalmistAstrologer & PalmistSisir Sharma 264815
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Animesh Mandal9748922997
College & UniversityCollege & UniversityMalda College220807/253705
Book SellerSOUTH 24 PAGAGANADR. AKBAR HOSSAIN9231873091/9143546534
MemberDSA Member MaldaSatish Chandra Jogi9434820508
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices [State] : Engr. DepartmentAsst. Engr. Rural Water Supply252448
Astrologer & PalmistAstrologer & PalmistSri Abhijit 254490 / 221756
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Sanjay Dhali9434204736
College & UniversityCollege & UniversityMalda Women's College252597
MemberDSA Member MaldaShib Prasad Ganguli9434749402
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices [State] : Engr. DepartmentAsst. Engr. Agreemake266309
Astrologer & PalmistAstrologer & PalmistSri Ashutosh Bhattacharjee 253592
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Kapil Dev Das9434195557
College & UniversityCollege & UniversityMoulana Abul Kalam Azad T.T. College03523-277938
MemberDSA Member MaldaShila Dey8906786004
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices [State] : Engr. DepartmentAsst. Engr. Chanchal252395
Astrologer & PalmistAstrologer & PalmistSri Subrata Chakraborty 9932269787
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Chinmoy Kar9434212062
College & UniversityCollege & UniversityO.C. Govt. Teachers' Training College253291, 252272
MemberDSA Member MaldaShwashata Sarkar9232659405
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices [State] : Engr. DepartmentAsst. Engr. Highway Division (Gazole)235333
Astrologer & PalmistAstrologer & PalmistSujit Pandey 250880
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Srijit Ghosh9830297184
College & UniversityCollege & UniversityPakuahat College03511-266410
MemberDSA Member MaldaShyam Prakash Gupta9434166048
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices [State] : Engr. DepartmentAsst. Engr. P.W.D. (Highway) Malda 252184
Astrologer & PalmistAstrologer & PalmistSumans Jewellery 252108
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Dipankar kanji9831264485
College & UniversityCollege & UniversityPolytechnic College 266361 / 266552
MemberDSA Member MaldaShyamal Kumar Roy9434130142
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices [State] : Engr. DepartmentAsst. Engr. P.W.D. (L.R)252316
Astrologer & PalmistAstrologer & PalmistSumrat Ali 9733041935
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Bhaskar Mukherjee9830340977
College & UniversityCollege & UniversityRaigang B.Ed. College03523-252413
MemberDSA Member MaldaSk. Samsul Hoda9474347979
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices [State] : Engr. DepartmentAsst. Engr. T.V.Rele Centre (Sub. Div.)252249
Astrologer & PalmistAstrologer & PalmistTapas Kumar Banerjee9232671649/9832078468
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Nekhilesh Mandal9434546016
College & UniversityCollege & UniversityRaigang Surendranath Mahavidyalaya03523-253055 / 251231
MemberDSA Member MaldaSomesh Chandra Das9434095155
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices [State] : Engr. DepartmentAsst. Engr., Kaliachak, Agri Irrigation 244376
Automobile Sales & ServiceAutomobile ShowroomDutta Cycle9434053512
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Abhimannu Basu9433336732
College & UniversityCollege & UniversitySamsi College03513-265252
MemberDSA Member MaldaSoumendra Narayan Choudhury9593291795
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices [State] : Engr. DepartmentDist. Engr. Malda Jila Parishad 255038 / 258725 / 6
Automobile Sales & ServiceAutomobile ShowroomAbhishek Auto Centre 9434065360 / 253987
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Manoranjan Kar9434249301
College & UniversityCollege & UniversitySatish B.Ed.College252272/ 278863
MemberDSA Member MaldaSourinda Narayan Choudhury9434120077
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices [State] : Engr. DepartmentDiv. Engr. Minor E,Corporation03482-257322
Automobile Sales & ServiceAutomobile ShowroomAlam Engineering Workshop (Tractor)9734485181
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Dilip Kr. Das9433142249
College & UniversityCollege & UniversityShree Agrasen Mahavidyalaya03525-205901
MemberDSA Member MaldaSrikanta Mukherjee9002442136
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices [State] : Engr. DepartmentDiv. Engr. Minor E,Corporation258886
Automobile Sales & ServiceAutomobile ShowroomAshalata Cycles & Motors9197203741/ 9233503633
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Pabitra Kr Goswami9433013116
College & UniversityCollege & UniversitySouth Malda College224 292
MemberDSA Member MaldaSubhas Kundu9434105518
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices [State] : Engr. DepartmentEx. Engr Agri. Mech. (Dn. - I)252209 / 252482
Automobile Sales & ServiceAutomobile ShowroomBangya Automobiles Pvt. Ltd. 7384012341/8640817627
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Arkaprovo Roy9830041886
College & UniversityCollege & UniversityTIC,North Malda Teachers' Education College [B.Ed.]344775
MemberDSA Member MaldaSubhasis Sarkar9679361143
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices [State] : Engr. DepartmentEx. Engr. , N.H. Divn. - VII266508 / 260140
Automobile Sales & ServiceAutomobile ShowroomBlue Autoworld TVS 8420842030/8420842050
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Asim Basu9830562284
College & UniversityCollege & UniversityUniversity of Gourn Banga, Rabindra Avenue223666 / 223664
MemberDSA Member MaldaSubhendu Choudhury9434154327
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices [State] : Engr. DepartmentEx. Engr. Agri. irrigation266324 / 252488
Automobile Sales & ServiceAutomobile ShowroomDurga Auto Centre 253557 / 254354
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Dusmanta Barman9433377285
College & UniversityCollege & UniversityUttar Banga B.P.Ed. College311839
MemberDSA Member MaldaSubhendu Narayan Choudhury9434166046
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices [State] : Engr. DepartmentEx. Engr. Agri. Irrigation252319
Automobile Sales & ServiceAutomobile ShowroomDurga Auto Mart260030/31
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Shivaji Mandal9831454794
College & UniversityCollege & UniversityUttar Banga Women's B.Ed. College340357
MemberDSA Member MaldaSubir Kumar Bhowmik9434066696
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices [State] : Engr. DepartmentEx. Engr. Agri. Mech. (Dn. - II)266436
Automobile Sales & ServiceAutomobile ShowroomDurga Mechinery Mart 9733466300
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Mintu Mohan Nandi9434160338
College & UniversityCollege & UniversityVivekananda T.T.College296779
MemberDSA Member MaldaSubrata Kumar Dey9932808357
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices [State] : Engr. DepartmentEx. Engr. Malda Irrigation Divn.252395 / 252278
Automobile Sales & ServiceAutomobile ShowroomJ.K Wheels Pvt. Ltd. 9733020202
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Sujay Pal9831545403
Marriage RegistrarBamangola BlockNaba Krishna Ghosh9474345166
Community HallCommunity HallDuragakinkar Sadan220674
Book SellerNORTH 24 PARAGANASEBASHRAM BOYS9230777079/7501761624
MemberDSA Member MaldaSubrata Kundu9932933240
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices [State] : Engr. DepartmentEx. Engr. P.W.D.252497 / 266328
Automobile Sales & ServiceAutomobile ShowroomM.S.Automobiles & Parts 9734466258/9851151283
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Kalishankar Bhattacharya9434049379
Marriage RegistrarBamangola BlockTarak Nath Mandal9733089553
Community HallCommunity HallRabindra Bhawan220471
MemberDSA Member MaldaSubrata Sardar9434245815
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices [State] : Engr. DepartmentEx. Engr. P.W.D.252216
Automobile Sales & ServiceAutomobile ShowroomMehi Motors 9434510676 / 321235
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Santu Kr Chejara8017283984
Marriage RegistrarChanchal-I BlockMd. Faruque Hossain9735922366
Community HallCommunity HallSanaullah Mancha220674
MemberDSA Member MaldaSujit Kundu9434039552
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices [State] : Engr. DepartmentEx. Engr. P.W.D. (Elec.)252831 / 252673
Automobile Sales & ServiceAutomobile ShowroomNarayani Honda9232956858 / 8768852368
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Debabrata Banerjee9932268343
Marriage RegistrarChanchal-II BlockIndra Narayan Majumdar9434355532
Community HallCommunity HallTown Hall (Bipin Bihari Ghosh Mancha)252324 / 252029
MemberDSA Member MaldaSukhendu Bikash Sarkar9434820998
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices [State] : Engr. DepartmentEx. Engr., Arsenic.268547/ 251335
Automobile Sales & ServiceAutomobile ShowroomPlanet Wheels 8016077567
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Dilip Kr Majumder9831197244
Marriage RegistrarChanchal-II BlockMd. Nader Ali9733176337
Computer Education CentreComputer Education CentreC.E.C (Computer Education Centre)284404
MemberDSA Member MaldaSukhendu Sarkar9434180680
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices [State] : Engr. DepartmentEx. Engr., C.P.W.D. - I252049 / 251095
Automobile Sales & ServiceAutomobile ShowroomS. N. Motors 9434040300
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Utpal Kr Mitra9434251439
Marriage RegistrarChanchal-II BlockSahinur Begum9733126238
Computer Education CentreComputer Education CentreCultural Computer Welfare Society 9733079384
MemberDSA Member MaldaSukhomoy De9434303226
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices [State] : Engr. DepartmentEx. Engr., C.P.W.D. - II252682 / 266900
Automobile Sales & ServiceAutomobile ShowroomSpeed Wheels 226682
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Bappaditya Ghosh9433336828
Marriage RegistrarEnglish Bazar BlockPrafulla Kumar Mondal9474471441
Computer Education CentreComputer Education CentreECIL / ECIT9434050151/223744
MemberDSA Member MaldaSunil Kumar Sarkar9434820348
Automobile Sales & ServiceAutomobile ShowroomTata Laxicon9830800575 / 9830978753
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Nitin Kumar9088584966
Marriage RegistrarEnglish Bazar BlockMansur Ali9733147140
Computer Education CentreComputer Education CentreEducation India253465
MemberDSA Member MaldaSusanta Das9434245316
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices [State] : Engr. DepartmentEx. Engr., M.Embkt. Dn.252598 / 253112
Automobile Sales & ServiceAutomobile ShowroomTirupati Steel 9434059377 / 9434012343
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Sandip Chakraborty9733416845
Marriage RegistrarEnglish Bazar MunicipalityTapan kumar Ojha9474161211
Computer Education CentreComputer Education CentreGCES Computer centre9434154279
Book SellerNORTH 24 PARAGANADR. MD. ALI9433935029
MemberDSA Member MaldaSusil Kumar Chitlangia9434095200
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices [State] : Engr. DepartmentEx. Engr., Mun. Engr. Dir.9434052279 / 252104
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Amlan Jyoti Roy9476487402
Marriage RegistrarEnglish Bazar MunicipalityTapas Kumar Roy9434055240
Computer Education CentreComputer Education CentreGeorge Telegraph252547
MemberDSA Member MaldaSwapan Kumar Misra9474161559
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices [State] : Engr. DepartmentEx. Engr., P.H.E.220250 / 252835
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Manas Banerjee9433451545
Marriage RegistrarHabibpur BlockDilip Kumar Dhar9434511334
Computer Education CentreComputer Education CentreIBT Institute Pvt. Ltd.9733055500
MemberDSA Member MaldaTarun Kanti Bagchi9434303743
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices [State] : Engr. DepartmentEx. Engr., P.W.D. - II252682 / 266900
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Swati Majumder9051426886
Marriage RegistrarHabibpur BlockSanjib Kumar Roy9434682773
Computer Education CentreComputer Education CentreIdeal Computer Centre9434206823
MemberDSA Member MaldaUday Choudhury9046637622
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices [State] : Engr. DepartmentExe. Eng Ganga Errosion(03483) 266203
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Somnath Mukhopadhyay9434375472
Marriage RegistrarHarischandrapur-IMd. Nurul Islam9474473909
Computer Education CentreComputer Education CentreK.B. Comtech Computer Society9232587355
MemberDSA Member MaldaUday Kumar Sanyal9474342628
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices [State] : Engr. DepartmentExe. Eng North Bengal Planning Dvn.266383/ 252169
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Koushik Sadhukhan9088939524
Marriage RegistrarHarischandrapur-I BlockMithu Maitra (Upadhyay)9153129701
Computer Education CentreComputer Education CentreKalinga Computer Institute9434355083
MemberDSA Member MaldaUday Sankar Das9563186294
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices [State] : Engr. DepartmentExe. Engr F.B. Errosion.253317
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Bivas Bala9475136474
Marriage RegistrarHarischandrapur-I BlockSudhir Chandra Mondal9932658662
Computer Education CentreComputer Education CentreLimiit9434129983/256600
Book SellerHOOGHLYNABABIYA MISION9733691186/9932416282
MemberDSA Member MaldaUjjwal Kumar Choudhury9434054695
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices [State] : Engr. DepartmentExe. Engr. Agri Irrigation250324
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Khandkar Fariduddin9732982054
Marriage RegistrarHarischandrapur-IIMd. Alauddin(2)9733185948
Computer Education CentreComputer Education CentreMagnum Institute of Technilogy250863/ 258352
Book SellerHOOGHLYNABABIYA MISION9733691186/8159898081
MemberDSA Member MaldaUjjwal Saha9434206618
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices [State] : Engr. DepartmentExe. Engr. - C.P.W.D. (Elec.)252834
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Malay Mandal9831640472
Marriage RegistrarKaliachak-I BlockMd. Liaquat Ali9932234857
Computer Education CentreComputer Education CentreMalda Gen-X Computer Centre266034
Book SellerHOOGHLYSISHU SADAN9732396668
MemberDSA Member MaldaUttam Basak9434176032
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices [State] : Engr. DepartmentExe. Engr. - P.H.E.254202 / 253058
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Parthasarathi Chakraborty9831838955
Marriage RegistrarKaliachak-I BlockMd. Abdur Raquib9832097352
Computer Education CentreComputer Education CentreMalda Gen-X School of Information Technology9851065795
Book SellerHOOGHLYBANDEL GIRLS MISION9674398030/9477061562
MemberDSA Member MaldaDistrict Umpire & Referee's Associan Malda9832535458
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices [State] : Engr. DepartmentExe. Engr. - P.H.E.269823 / 252835
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Amitava Mukherjee9432744844
Marriage RegistrarKaliachak-II BlockMd. Matiur Rahaman9733140890
Computer Education CentreComputer Education CentreMCSM Computer Academy9832421153
Book SellerHOOGHLYAMIRUL ISLAM9635532647
MemberDSA Member MaldaGazole B.S.A., Malda8768940392
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices [State] : Engr. DepartmentExe. Engr. Arsenic 268547
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Tapan Kr Maity9433078047
Marriage RegistrarKaliachak-III BlockForman Sk9832005368
Computer Education CentreComputer Education CentreMIAS8513914291
MemberDSA Member MaldaGolapatty Kishore Sangha9434193263
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices [State] : Engr. DepartmentExe. Engr. Arsenic (D - I)252503
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Malay Sarkar9831675616
Marriage RegistrarManickchak BlockSubrata Kumar Pathak9734120115
Computer Education CentreComputer Education CentreNCS Computer Centre9332426399
Book SellerHOOGHLYJ N FURNISHERS9153111110
MemberDSA Member MaldaHarishchandra-I, B.S.A., Malda9593600719
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices [State] : Engr. DepartmentExe. Engr. F.B. Irrosion253317
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Anita Das9433158448
Marriage RegistrarManickchak BlockMd. Moktar Ali9434816582
Computer Education CentreComputer Education CentreP.M. Computer 9434186018/253573
MemberDSA Member MaldaJitendra Memorial Club, Malda9434455546
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices [State] : Engr. DepartmentField Engr. P.H.E. Arsenic252835
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Rajasisho Majumdar9051183070
Marriage RegistrarOld Malda BlockJyoti Bikash Chowdhury9734151573
Computer Education CentreComputer Education CentreRCSM267757
MemberDSA Member MaldaKalitala Club9933301440
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices [State] : Engr. DepartmentJanasastha269093
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Satyendra Sekhar Manna9239458710
Marriage RegistrarOld Malda BlockManoj Kumar Sarkar9434455999
Computer Education CentreComputer Education CentreReliance Computer 267394
MemberDSA Member MaldaMalda Aneek Sangha9434468230
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices [State] : Engr. DepartmentS.E. (P.H.E) Arsenic252818 / 252835 / 279069
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Debyendu Roy9641213440
Marriage RegistrarOld Malda MunicipalityBidyut Kumar Podder9474343949
Computer Education CentreComputer Education CentreRight Infotech266733
MemberDSA Member MaldaMalda Brindabani Moidan Veterans Club9434372021
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices [State] : Engr. DepartmentS.E. Irrigation9832091729
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Sudip Ranjan Pal9432890117
Marriage RegistrarOld Malda MunicipalityMd Ismail9851888250
Computer Education CentreComputer Education CentreRoyal Computer Academy250403
MemberDSA Member MaldaPrantik7501238887
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices [State] : Engr. DepartmentS.E.C.P.W.D253429 / 252612
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Jaydeb Mandal9874246875
Marriage RegistrarRatua-ISanat Kumar Saha9434816530
Computer Education CentreComputer Education CentreSap Dot Com266327
Book SellerHOOGHLYAAT TOWHID ACADEMY9734683878/8640918490
MemberDSA Member MaldaSanti Bharati Parishad9434065088
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices [State] : Engr. DepartmentW.B. Rural Elec. Service Kendra033-22109520/1
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Sanjay Basak9851784781
Marriage RegistrarRatua-II BlockRajib Hossain9734992466
Computer Education CentreComputer Education CentreTally Academy9851725766
MemberDSA Member MaldaSibaji Sangha9832420066
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices (State) : Fire BrigadeFire Brigade, Chanchal03513 - 255101
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Ratan Das9433124123
Computer Education CentreComputer Education CentreWB Youth Computer Traning Centre9434140202
MemberDSA Member MaldaSingatala Club9733062318
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices (State) : Fire BrigadeFire Brigade, Malda ( E.B.F.S)101 / 278854
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Indranil Chakraborty9836197019
Computer Education CentreComputer Education CentreWebel Informetics9332001381
MemberDSA Member MaldaSuhrid Mitra Memorial Cricket Coaching Camp9233090161
Govt. OfficeGovt Offices (State) : FisheriesAsst. Dir. Fisheries260548
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Sandip Lahiri9432295903
Computer Education CentreComputer Education CentreWest Bengal Computer Academy9734171754/7098112250/7098112260
MemberDSA Member MaldaSukumar Memorial Athletic Club9434231985
Govt. OfficeGovt Offices (State) : FisheriesB.C.W.D.252076
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Mainak Sen9002024522
Computer Education CentreComputer Education CentreYuba Computer Prashikshan Kendra, Malda Sadar264508
MemberDSA Member MaldaUdayan Club7557056289
Govt. OfficeGovt Offices (State) : FisheriesBaro Sagardighi252566
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Mita Halder9231226872
Computer Education CentreComputer Education CentreYuba Computer Prashikshan Kendra, Malda Zila9233500394
MemberDSA Member MaldaV.K. Chakra, Malda8637599115
Govt. OfficeGovt Offices (State) : FisheriesC. E. O., C.F.C.S.266356
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Suresh Chandra Mandal9734910276
Computer Education CentreComputer Education CentreYuba Computer Prashikshan Kendra, Malda9434421891
MemberDSA Member MaldaWhite Eleven, Malda8250578220
Govt. OfficeGovt Offices (State) : FisheriesC.E.O. FFDA260425
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Somnath Mandal9433205020
Computer Education CentreComputer Education CentreZed CA221179
MemberDSA Member MaldaAJAY CHATERJEE9735940308
Govt. OfficeGovt Offices (State) : FisheriesD.E.O. (Tang)266248
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Gauri Mukherjee9831127612
Computer Sales & ServiceComputer Sales & ServiceA.C.T.C9734003605
MemberDSA Member MaldaAMLAN MAITRA9434245551
Govt. OfficeGovt Offices (State) : Food & SupplyD.C. ,F. & S.252591 / 266547
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Ujjal Kr Sarkar9433145249
Computer Sales & ServiceComputer Sales & ServiceAdhunik 9434422493
MemberDSA Member MaldaANJALI CHOUDHURY9434556272
Govt. OfficeGovt Offices (State) : Food & SupplyD.M. , F.C.I.252344 / 266956
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Supriya De Roy9331081069
Computer Sales & ServiceComputer Sales & ServiceBasak Enterprise9434422493
MemberDSA Member MaldaDIPTI PROKAS SEN9434206890
Govt. OfficeGovt Offices (State) : Food & SupplyD.Maneger 254259
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Utpal Kr Roy9434000476
Computer Sales & ServiceComputer Sales & ServiceBengal Computer9735001211
MemberDSA Member MaldaJAYANTA SARKAR9733010509
Govt. OfficeGovt Offices (State) : Food & SupplyS.C. , F. & S.220442 / 269239
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Shreya Lahiri9433111929
Computer Sales & ServiceComputer Sales & ServiceBrilliant Computer9734004812
MemberDSA Member MaldaKOUSHIK MAHANTI9733107070
Govt. OfficesFood & SupplyD.C.F. & S.252591
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Saugoto Das9851484960
Computer Sales & ServiceComputer Sales & ServiceByte Infosys9733007911
MemberDSA Member MaldaMALAY DUTTA9734080420
Govt. OfficesFood & SupplyD.M.F.C.I.252344
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Ramjiban Chanda9434149853
Computer Sales & ServiceComputer Sales & ServiceCompu Media9851387910
MemberDSA Member MaldaMD. NASIRUDDIN9932877364
Govt. OfficesFood & SupplyS.C.F. & S.220442
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Saumya Biswas9433127430
Computer Sales & ServiceComputer Sales & ServiceComputer Care9332267885
MemberDSA Member MaldaMD. RAFIQUL ISLAM THANEDER8159977104
Govt. OfficeForest Dept.D.F.O03512-252346 / 03512-223788
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Utpalendu Das9433516460
Computer Sales & ServiceComputer Sales & ServiceComputer Point 9735920267
MemberDSA Member MaldaMINA ROY9382672984
Govt. OfficeForest Dept.Ranger (Malda)267684 / 9593527037
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Madan Karmakar9830218978
Computer Sales & ServiceComputer Sales & ServiceComputer Vision9434130134
Book SellerNADIADR. BASIR AHMED9153733564
MemberDSA Member MaldaMIRIFTEKHAR HOSSAIN9434304100
Govt. OfficeForest Dept.Ranger(Gazole)235417/ 9733277222
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Soumitra Kr Ghosh9433254944
Computer Sales & ServiceComputer Sales & ServiceComputer World9933646101
MemberDSA Member MaldaNIHAR RANJAN SHIL9434456272
Govt. OfficeForest Dept.Ranger(Bhaluka)03513-257314 / 8348582764
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Rahini Singh9051139910
Computer Sales & ServiceComputer Sales & ServiceCreative Computer9851889024
Book SellerNADIAARFAN ALI9153932906
MemberDSA Member MaldaNIRJHARINI SARKAR9434355236
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office State : Guest HouseB. Sarkar Atithi Nibas (MZP)255888 (PP)
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Manojit Chakraborty9434066160
Computer Sales & ServiceComputer Sales & ServiceCulture Computer Welfare Society9614241086
MemberDSA Member MaldaSASWATI SAHA9434197986
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office State : Guest HouseChanchal Dakbanglo, Ratua Guest House258726
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Abhishek De9163444029
Computer Sales & ServiceComputer Sales & ServiceDas Computer9434186060
MemberDSA Member MaldaSHILPI GHOSH9933495600
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office State : Guest HouseCircuit House (New)251274
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Anjan Kr. Ghosh9331847030
Computer Sales & ServiceComputer Sales & ServiceElectroneural9832296693
Book SellerNADIASULTAN MONDAL9046299350
MemberDSA Member MaldaSUJAN ALAM7719318316
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office State : Guest HouseCircuit House (Old)252096 / 252545
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Swapan Kr Misra8013642586
Computer Sales & ServiceComputer Sales & ServiceFusion Technology Co - Operative Society9474162235
MemberDSA Member MaldaSUPRIYA DAS GHOSH9002149698
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office State : Guest HouseGanga Bhawan (NTPC)(03485) 227205 /226646 / 226001
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Debarshi Das Biswas9433082413
Computer Sales & ServiceComputer Sales & ServiceGayetri Marketing9733115141
MemberDSA Member MaldaSWAPAN KR. ROY CHOWDHURY03512-221214
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office State : Guest HouseGour Bhawan (Power Grid)260354
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Tapas Jyoti Roy9433174655
Computer Sales & ServiceComputer Sales & ServiceGene X Informatics 9733025134
MemberDSA Member MaldaSYED HASANUZZAMAN9733809551
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office State : Guest HouseGour Tourist Banglo, Ratua Guest House255038 / 258725
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Rajat Kanti Biswas9434026972
Computer Sales & ServiceComputer Sales & ServiceGlobal Net9434139991
MemberDSA Member MaldaTANMAY JHA9046144823
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office State : Guest HouseMahananda Bhawan / Irrigation Banglo 260480
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Sujash Halder9432930552
Computer Sales & ServiceComputer Sales & ServiceHardware Dot Com9434061681
MemberDSA Member MaldaTAPATI SAHA8670626643
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office State : Guest HouseMalda College Auditorium220674
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Pragyadyuti Mandal9433348908
Computer Sales & ServiceComputer Sales & ServiceI.E.C.T9434095159
MemberDSA Member MaldaUJJWAL MUKHERJEE9434231625
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office State : Guest HouseMeen Bhawan260548 / 266395
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Subir Sarkar9433071301
Computer Sales & ServiceComputer Sales & ServiceIT Infrastructure9733019740
MemberDSA Member MaldaABHIJIT CHOWDHURY9232659505
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office State : Guest HouseP.H.E. Atihi Nibas252835
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Meghnad Kayal9433464460
Computer Sales & ServiceComputer Sales & ServiceIT World9733001713
Book SellerBARDHAMANRIM JHIM9732091186
MemberDSA Member MaldaABHIJIT JHA9775487546
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office State : Guest HouseP.W.D. Rest House260141
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Ranjan Paul9433098852
Computer Sales & ServiceComputer Sales & ServiceJyoti Computer9734911393
MemberDSA Member MaldaAJIT KR DAS9475308457
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office State : Guest HouseTourist Lodge (WBTDCL)220123 / 220911 / 266123
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Jayanta Saha9433129539
Computer Sales & ServiceComputer Sales & ServiceMagnum Computer9434355191
MemberDSA Member MaldaAKASH BANTHIA9434054011
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices (State) : HealthAmbulance 252947
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Prabir Kr Mandal9434984248
Computer Sales & ServiceComputer Sales & ServiceMalda Computer8145702977
MemberDSA Member MaldaAKASH SAHA9614272605
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices (State) : HealthAsst. C.M.O.H. (Chanchal )252271
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Amrita Basu9163539297
Computer Sales & ServiceComputer Sales & ServiceManobindu & Assosiate9434981522
MemberDSA Member MaldaALIF PARVEJ9126446288
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices (State) : HealthAsst. C.M.O.H. (Sadar )251606
DoctorMalda Medical College & Hospital Staffs Dr. Debabrata Biswas9831996964
Computer Sales & ServiceComputer Sales & ServiceMastermind9434748799
MemberDSA Member MaldaALOK KANTA MAITRA9851562025
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices (State) : HealthBlood Bank221427
DoctorMicrobiologyDr. Tarun Kr. Pathak 9434724967/9475433516
Computer Sales & ServiceComputer Sales & ServiceMicroprocess9434050119
MemberDSA Member MaldaAMAR KR. SAHA9933054096
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices (State) : HealthC.M.O.H. (District Hospital )254611 / 252280
DoctorMicrobiologyDr. Ashis Manna9433284396
Computer Sales & ServiceComputer Sales & ServiceNet Club9832069100
MemberDSA Member MaldaAMARDIP SAHA9932699301
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices (State) : HealthD.M.O. District Hospital 252480
DoctorMicrobiologyDr. Puranjay Saha9434167080
Computer Sales & ServiceComputer Sales & ServiceSaba Technology9733081362
MemberDSA Member MaldaAMARENDRA NATH GANGULY 9474077487
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices (State) : HealthDistrict Hospital 252947
DoctorMicrobiologyDr. Manjula Dutta 9433166689
Computer Sales & ServiceComputer Sales & ServiceSay Info Computer9733007091
MemberDSA Member MaldaAMIT POLLEY9800899460
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices (State) : HealthDy C.M.O.H. - I252337
DoctorMicrobiologyDr. Tapati Mandal9674915345
Computer Sales & ServiceComputer Sales & ServiceScan Computer9733115312
MemberDSA Member MaldaAMITAVA SETH9434206960
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices (State) : HealthDy. C.M.O.H. - II252493
DoctorMicrobiologyDr. Surangana Saha9433078509
Computer Sales & ServiceComputer Sales & ServiceShivam Enterprise 9800215989/221102
MemberDSA Member MaldaAMIYA KR. SAHA9734994579
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices (State) : HealthDy. C.M.O.H. - III252658
DoctorMicrobiologyDr. Arnab Kr. Mandal 9830446094
Computer Sales & ServiceComputer Sales & ServiceSingha Computer9775989090
MemberDSA Member MaldaAMULYA ROY9733099468
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices (State) : HealthEmergency Dept. Hospital252947
DoctorMicrobiologyDr. Subhamay Chatterjee9933160760
Computer Sales & ServiceComputer Sales & ServiceUS World9734960972
MemberDSA Member MaldaANANDA DAS9434231586
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices (State) : HealthEmergency Hospital252947
DoctorMicrobiologyDr. Rehena Barkat9681146444
Computer Sales & ServiceComputer Sales & ServiceV. B. Computer Education9734135760
MemberDSA Member MaldaANANDA ROY9434245518
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices (State) : HealthNirbahi Bastukar P.H.E. (Arsenik)268547
DoctorMicrobiologyDr. Ajoy Agarwalla 8293066275
Computer Sales & ServiceComputer Sales & ServiceVista Technology9932635237
MemberDSA Member MaldaANIK GUPTA9434468036
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices (State) : HealthP.P. Unit253286
DoctorNephrologistLalit Kumar Agarwal Dr.9830054955
Marriage RegistrarHarishchandrapur IIMd. Alauddin(1)9593937322/7407481362/9661434183
Computer Sales & ServiceComputer Sales & ServiceWebsys Computer9733008406
MemberDSA Member MaldaANINDITA SAHA9434817389
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices (State) : HealthR.C.H.251729
DoctorNephrologistPratik Das Dr. 252788
Computer Sales & ServiceComputer Sales & ServiceWish Technology 9733229482
MemberDSA Member MaldaANIRBAN DAS8145800309
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices (State) : HealthR.C.T.B. Hospital266540
DoctorNephrologistSandip Kr Bhattacharya Dr. 9830025208
Cosmetic ShopCosmetic ShopBasanti Stores9609750748
MemberDSA Member MaldaANJAN KRISHNA FAUL9002359532
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices (State) : HealthR.C.T.V. Hospital 266540
DoctorNeuro Surgeon / PhysicianShankar Saha Dr. 252788 / 254300
Cosmetic ShopCosmetic ShopKushal Varieties9851862770
MemberDSA Member MaldaANUP CHITLANGIA8145800309
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices (State) : HealthRailway Hospital266004
DoctorNeuro Surgeon / PhysicianSushanta Bhattacharya Dr. 9231857468/252606
Cosmetic ShopCosmetic ShopNilima Cosmetic Centre 9932979327
MemberDSA Member MaldaANUP KR. SARKAR9434456216
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices (State) : HealthSupdt. Dist. Hospital9434154306/252480
DoctorNeuro Surgeon / PhysicianSushen Chattapadhaya Dr.9831077770
Cosmetic ShopCosmetic ShopShree Bishnu Agency252598
MemberDSA Member MaldaANUP MANDAL9734015003
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices (State) : HealthWard Master Hospital 252099
DoctorNeuro-PsychiatryNikhilesh Mandal Dr.9775454592
Councillor EBM1Mr. Rajib Champati9832068467
MemberDSA Member MaldaARGHA DEY7908429590
Govt. OfficeGovt. Offices (State) : HealthZ.L.O.253920
DoctorNeuro-PsychiatryP. Dasgupta Dr. MD9434198001
Councillor EBM2Miss Sumala Agarwala9434193416
MemberDSA Member MaldaARIJIT DEY9434154409
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office (State) : Indian Oil CorporationPlant Manager Narayanpur260502/261845
DoctorObstetrics & Gynaecology Dr. Sarmila Kundu9830784946
Councillor EBM3Mr. Paritosh Kumar Chowdhury9851077727
MemberDSA Member MaldaASHOK CHITLANGIA9734101899
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office (State) : Indian Oil CorporationAsst. Manager260508
DoctorObstetrics & Gynaecology Dr. Amitava Mukherjee9432744844
Councillor EBM4Mr. Ashok Saha9434231570
MemberDSA Member MaldaASHOK KR. AGARWALA9434068909
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office (State) : Indian Oil CorporationSr. Depot. Old Malda260340
DoctorObstetrics & Gynaecology Dr. Malay Sarkar 9831675616
Councillor EBM5Mrs. Sumita Bannerjee9434052265
MemberDSA Member MaldaASHOK KR. CHOUDHURY9434170912
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office (State) : Indian Oil CorporationZonal Manager (Siliguri)0353-2432915
DoctorObstetrics & Gynaecology Dr. Suchitra De Roy 9433531075
Councillor EBM6Mrs. Shipra Roy9475814287
MemberDSA Member MaldaASIT CHAKRABORTY8337838664
Govt. OfficeJudicial Addt. Dist. & Sessions Judge ,1st. Court .256368
DoctorObstetrics & Gynaecology Dr. Sebanti Goswami 9831135933
Councillor EBM7Mr. Subrata Sardar9434245815
MemberDSA Member MaldaASHOK BEHARI GUPTA9474655310
Govt. OfficeJudicial Addt. Dist. & Sessions Judge ,2nd. Court .256369
DoctorObstetrics & Gynaecology Dr. Anita Das 9431158448
Councillor EBM8Mrs. Kakoli Chowdhury9434303266
MemberDSA Member MaldaATAUR RAHAMAN9800021826
Govt. OfficeJudicial Addt. Dist. & Sessions Judge ,3rd. Court .252252
DoctorObstetrics & Gynaecology Dr. Satyendra Sekhar Manna 9239458710
Councillor EBM9Mr. Sanjoy Kumar Sharma9735052525
Book SellerBIRBHUMNEW BOI GHAR8926603138
MemberDSA Member MaldaATIUR RAHAMAN7872222644
Govt. OfficeJudicial Addt. Dist. & Sessions Judge ,Fast Track ,1st. Court .221363
DoctorObstetrics & Gynaecology Dr. Dibyendu Roy9641213440
MemberDSA Member MaldaBARUN KUNDU9735939610
Govt. OfficeJudicial Addt. Dist. & Sessions Judge ,Fast Track ,2nd. Court .221362
DoctorObstetrics & Gynaecology Dr. Indranil Chakraborty 9836197019
Councillor EBM11Mrs. Rajashree Dey9932932968 / 7501712664
MemberDSA Member MaldaBHUSAN SARKAR9851149090
Govt. OfficeJudicial Addt. Dist. & Sessions Judge ,Fast Track ,3rd. Court .221350
DoctorObstetrics & Gynaecology Dr. Sudip Ranjan Paul9832890117
Councillor EBM12Mr. Prasenjit Das9800544661
Book SellerBIRBHUMPUSTAK BITARAN9932387417/8640827475
MemberDSA Member MaldaBIJAN KR. KAR9474343535
Govt. OfficeJudicial Addt. Dist. & Sessions Judge ,Fast Track ,4th. Court .221331
DoctorObstetrics & Gynaecology Dr. Jaydeb Mandal 9874246875
Councillor EBM13Mr. Amlan Bhaduri9434355444
Book SellerBANKURASIDDIK E AKBAR MISION9474566752/9153620048
MemberDSA Member MaldaBIMAL CHANDRA DAS9434065628
Govt. OfficeJudicial Addt. Dist. & Sessions Judge ,Fast Track ,5th. Court .221329
DoctorObstetrics & Gynaecology Dr. Sanjay Basak 9851784781
Councillor EBM14Mrs. Sampa Saha (Basak)9434934880
MemberDSA Member MaldaBIMAL PRAMANIK9614123594
Govt. OfficeJudicial Addt. Dist. & Sessions Judge ,Fast Track ,6th. Court .223538
DoctorObstetrics & Gynaecology Dr. Ratan das 9433124123
Councillor EBM15Mr. Nihar Ranjan Ghosh (Chairman)9933160056
MemberDSA Member MaldaBINOY MAITRA9002041434
Govt. OfficeJudicial Amal Banerjee, Saha Sabhapati 253718
DoctorObstetrics & Gynaecology Dr. Sandip Lahiri9432295903
Councillor EBM16Mrs. Gayatri Ghosh9933160056
MemberDSA Member MaldaBISWANATH GHOSH9932932383
Govt. OfficeJudicial Arabinda Banerjee9434323330
DoctorObstetrics & Gynaecology Dr. Mita Halder 9231226872
Councillor EBM17Mr. Subhamay Basu9434213256
Book SellerPURULIASEVA MEDICAL8942821321
MemberDSA Member MaldaBISWARUP BNANERJEE9932270867
Govt. OfficeJudicial Arijit Neogi, Saha Samphadak 9434021415/251375
DoctorObstetrics & Gynaecology Dr. Suresh Ch. Mandal9734910276
Councillor EBM18Mr. Asis Kundu9832010010
MemberDSA Member MaldaBIVASH SAHA9434206636
Govt. OfficeJudicial Bar Association 252252
DoctorObstetrics & Gynaecology Dr. Mainik Sen 9002024522
Councillor EBM19Mrs. Runu Das9932733752
MemberDSA Member MaldaCHANCHAL KR. DAS9474788560
Govt. OfficeJudicial C.J.M252252
DoctorObstetrics & Gynaecology Dr. Rajmohon Ghosh 7407752696
Councillor EBM20Mr. Dulal Sarkar (Vice-Chairman)9434065422
Book SellerPURULIANOIM ANSARI9800857816
MemberDSA Member MaldaCHDAI DUTTA9932807996
Govt. OfficeJudicial Chief Judicial Magistrate ,Malda .252569
DoctorObstetrics & Gynaecology Dr. Soumya Kanti Barman 9674440927
Councillor EBM21Mrs. Chaitali Ghosh (Sarkar)9434105571
MemberDSA Member MaldaDEBABRATA SAHA9933301440
Govt. OfficeJudicial Civil Judge ,(Jr. Div.) , 1st. Court ,Malda .223547
DoctorObstetrics & Gynaecology Dr. Soham Chowdhury9830756078
Councillor EBM22Mr. Narendra Nath Tiwari9434130005
MemberDSA Member MaldaDEBAJYOTI GUPTA(RANA ) 9932777204
Govt. OfficeJudicial Civil Judge ,(Jr. Div.) ,2nd. Court ,Malda .223746
DoctorObstetrics & Gynaecology Dr. Sunit Kr. Sarkar 9433678912
Councillor EBM23Mrs. Barnalee Halder (Kundu)9933561150
MemberDSA Member MaldaDEBOPRIYO SAHA9932093977
Govt. OfficeJudicial Civil Judge ,(Sr. Div.) ,Malda .223539
DoctorOncologistD.N Mukherjee Dr.9434112231/267192
Councillor EBM24Mrs. Sutapa Das9434206862
MemberDSA Member MaldaDEEPAK KR. ROY7602180448
Govt. OfficeJudicial Dist. & Sessions Judge ,Malda .223440
DoctorOncologistN.Sultania Dr. 9830178715
Councillor EBM25Mr. Dulal Nanda Chaki9434198020
MemberDSA Member MaldaDEEPAK KR. SARKAR9434154315
Govt. OfficeJudicial Dist. Registar252123
DoctorOpthalmologyDr. Swati Majumder9051426886
Councillor EBM26Mrs. Anju Tiwari9434084945
MemberDSA Member MaldaDILIP KR. DAS9733494387
Govt. OfficeJudicial District Judge 252301 / 252380
DoctorOpthalmologyDr. Bivas Bala9475136474
Councillor EBM27Mr. Subhadeep Sanyal9474344125
MemberDSA Member MaldaDILIP KR. DEY7602227345
Govt. OfficeJudicial G.G.Khan Lodi, Saha Sampadak 9932743917
DoctorOpthalmologyDr. Koushik Sadhukhan9088939524
Councillor EBM28Mr. Prasenjit Ghosh9474679898
MemberDSA Member MaldaDILIP SAHA7501238887
Govt. OfficeJudicial G.P221541
DoctorOpthalmologyDr. Md. Khandkar Fariduddin9732982054
Councillor EBM29Mrs. Sumita Sarkar (Das)9800807212
MemberDSA Member MaldaDILIP SAHA9800953646
Govt. OfficeJudicial Judicial Magistrate ,1st. Court ,Malda .223758
DoctorOpthalmologyDr. Malay Mandal9831640472
Councillor OMM1Bebidas Chowrasia 8116009858/9614496010
MemberDSA Member MaldaDILIP SARKAR9733032863
Govt. OfficeJudicial Judicial Magistrate ,2nd Court,Malda .223549
DoctorOpthalmologyDr. Somnath Chowdhury9681930659
Councillor OMM2Nepal Halder 9735088483
MemberDSA Member MaldaDIPAK SARKAR9775843440
Govt. OfficeJudicial Krishnagopal Das257382
DoctorOrthopaedics Dr. Dilip Kr. Majumder9831197244
Councillor OMM3Dipti Chowdhury 7031166321
MemberDSA Member MaldaDIPANKAR KR. DAS8240336814
Govt. OfficeJudicial Manotosh Barman 9434456568 / 255349
DoctorOrthopaedics Dr. Debabrata Banerjee9932268343/8116602160
Councillor OMM4Bibha Adhikary 9735934326
MemberDSA Member MaldaDIPSHEKHAR MISHRA7501162069
Govt. OfficeJudicial P.P256131
DoctorOrthopaedics Dr. Utpal kr. Mitra9434251439
Councillor OMM5Basistha Tribedi9563323561/9434816948
Book SellerMALDAMODEL BOOK DIPO9332315809
MemberDSA Member MaldaDULAL SARKAR9434065422
Govt. OfficeJudicial Pampa Das 9434371973
DoctorOrthopaedics Dr. Prosenjit Dutta9883236038
Councillor OMM6Md. Majiful Islam 9733171456
Book SellerMALDASONALI BOOK DEPO9474347173
MemberDSA Member MaldaDWAIPAYAN DEY9002038790
Govt. OfficeJudicial S.D.J.M252569
DoctorOrthopaedics Dr. Bappaditya Ghosh9433336828
Councillor OMM7Gouranga Saha9434130242
Book SellerMALDAPUTHI PATRA9153613537
MemberDSA Member MaldaGOPAL PODDER9933466816
Govt. OfficeJudicial Sabhapati Bar Association Dhirendranath Das 9434040149
DoctorOrthopaedics Dr. Sandip Chakraborty9733416845
Councillor OMM8Anusua Das 9564417126
MemberDSA Member MaldaGOURANGA DUTTA9434186021
Govt. OfficeJudicial Sampadak, Asit Basu 9434066055/266055
DoctorOrthopaedics Dr. Amlan Jyoti Roy9476487402
Councillor OMM9Kartik Ghosh 9434372047
MemberDSA Member MaldaH.H.K. LODI9434303751
Govt. OfficeJudicial Supdt. Dist. Correctional Home252005
DoctorOrthopaedics Dr. Himadri Sekhar Bala9433984846
Councillor OMM10Masud Hossain 9475569692/9800619405
MemberDSA Member MaldaHEMENDRA KR. SAHA9434052429
Govt. OfficeAmrity G.P.Subrata Kr. Upadhaya9434193364
DoctorOrthopaedics/SurgeonA.P.Gupta Dr. D.ORTHO9434012348
Councillor OMM11Shilpi Ghosh 9126403606
MemberDSA Member MaldaJAYANTA KUNDU9733015165
Govt. OfficeBinodpur G.P.Kumarika Saha9563364335
DoctorOrthopaedics/SurgeonBappaditya Ghosh9433336828
Councillor OMM12Shanku Sinha 9614694352
Book SellerMALDASCHOOL LIBRARY7797876171
MemberDSA Member MaldaJAYANTA MANDAL9933016696
Govt. OfficeFulbaria G.P.Amal Mazumdar 9614963299
DoctorOrthopaedics/SurgeonD.Banerjee Dr.9932268343
Councillor OMM13Paritosh Ghosh 9932270768
Book SellerMALDASAMSI BOOK STALL9733104114
MemberDSA Member MaldaJISHU PRASANNA KUNDU9434056044
Govt. OfficeJadupur - 1 G.P.Minakshmi Kundu 9733273180
DoctorOrthopaedics/SurgeonD.K Jha Dr. 253807
Councillor OMM14Soumen Sarkar 9434060737
MemberDSA Member MaldaKANU GOPAL ROY9434206699
Govt. OfficeJadupur - 2 G.P.Biplab Tribedi9475903459 / 9434206961
DoctorOrthopaedics/SurgeonDebojyoti Bose Dr. MS ORTHO9434170720 / 9434741520
Councillor OMM15Chandana Halder 8016521860
MemberDSA Member MaldaKARTICK GHOSH8944053380
Govt. OfficeKazigram G.P.Partha Sarathi Dutta 9434112217
DoctorOrthopaedics/SurgeonG.G Kar Dr. MS ORTHO9830033580/033-24184724
Councillor OMM16Sibankar Bhattacharya 9547098085
MemberDSA Member MaldaKESHAB MITRA9434219336
Govt. OfficeMahadipur G.P. Anup Kr. Saha 8016820014
DoctorOrthopaedics/SurgeonH.S.Bala Dr.9433984846
Councillor OMM17Sujan Kr. Saha 9932811417
MemberDSA Member MaldaKOUSHAL DAS9733026781
Govt. OfficeMilki G.P.Sushama Khatun 9775490112
DoctorOrthopaedics/SurgeonM.L Gupta Dr. MS ORTHO9434149796/253353
Councillor OMM18Rupali Sarkar 9775935910
MemberDSA Member MaldaKOUSHIK DAS9775820221
Govt. OfficeSovanagar G.P.Sangita Kundu 9563186257
DoctorOrthopaedics/SurgeonSandip Chakraborty Dr. MS ORTHO9733416849 / 9434021414
Councillor OMM19Nripen Paul9434421850
Book SellerN & S DINAJPURROHON LIBRARY9734935927
MemberDSA Member MaldaKOUSHIK SAHA8967103554
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office (State) : National Hydroelectric Power Corporation (Power Grid)A. F. (Contract. & Mntc. )266363
DoctorOrthopaedics/SurgeonT.K.Seth Dr.9433419373
Councillor OMM20Safiqul Islam 9434170793
MemberDSA Member MaldaKRISHNENDU BANERJEE9635491893
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office (State) : National Hydroelectric Power Corporation (Power Grid)Chief Manager266337
DoctorAllergologist & PulmonologistDr.Tapas Chakraborty MD (ANAE)9434036741/251322 / 252414
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceAFL Courier9832073618
Book SellerN & S DINAJPURAL HAYAD MISION9434017998
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office (State) : National Hydroelectric Power Corporation (Power Grid)Control Room266277
DoctorOther CategoryDr.Ananda Sagar MS 9434166900 / 9330964182/033-25760799 / 24547881
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceAir Pack Courier9699641498
MemberDSA Member MaldaMANATOSH BARMAN9002488297
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office (State) : National Hydroelectric Power Corporation (Power Grid)Manager ( Adm. )266263
DoctorOther CategoryJayanta Roy Dr. MD, DNB(Rheum) 9831650708 / 9831272670
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceBharat Courier Service9932834123/253653
MemberDSA Member MaldaMANMOY MUKHERJEE9434154314
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office (State) : National Hydroelectric Power Corporation (Power Grid)Manager ( O & M )266395
DoctorOther CategoryRana Bhattacharyya Dr. MD(Rheum)252788 / 254300
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceBlez Flash Courier9563188774 / 9593866091
MemberDSA Member MaldaMD. AKHTARUJJAMAN9871819198
Govt. OfficeNational Informatics CentreA.D.I.O.,N.I.C. Malda 252094
DoctorOther CategorySaibal Maitra Dr. MD (Res.Medicine)9874182843 / 9831275118/033-24640764 / 22655110
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceBlue Dart Express Ltd.& Zodic Courier9733007949 / 9874190653
MemberDSA Member MaldaMD. ESARUDDIN MANDAL 9734111424
Govt. OfficeNational Informatics CentreA.Mukherjee 9434702199
DoctorOto Rhino LaryngologyDr. Prabir kr. Mandal9434984248
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceBlue Dart Singatala8670998245
MemberDSA Member MaldaMD. NIJAMUDDIN7001862981
Govt. OfficeNational Informatics CentreD.I.O. ,.N.I.C. ,Malda 252094
DoctorOto Rhino LaryngologyDr. Atish Halder9830107957
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceCentral Express9614462403
MemberDSA Member MaldaMILAN CHAKRABORTY9593200469
Govt. OfficeNational Informatics CentreS. Das 9434245739
DoctorOto Rhino LaryngologyDr. Amrita Basu9163539297
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceCity Express & SAS Courier9434105636
MemberDSA Member MaldaMOHIT RANJAN DEY9434105530
Govt. OfficeNazirs of other Dist.Nazir, D/Dinajpur03522-255618
DoctorOto Rhino LaryngologyDr. Debabrata Biswas9831996964
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceD T D C (420 More )03512-320401
MemberDSA Member MaldaNABENDU SEKHAR ROY9434817120
Govt. OfficeNazirs of other Dist.Nazir, U/Dinajpur03523-252443
DoctorOto Rhino LaryngologyDr. Kanishka Choudhury9674172144
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceD T D C (Jhaljhalia)9434112138
MemberDSA Member MaldaNARAYAN CHOWDHURY9733062318
Govt. OfficeNazirs of other Dist.Nazir, Siliguri 0353-2430800
DoctorPaediatric MedicineDr. Nepal Ch. Mahapatra 9531504041
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceD T D C (Mokdumpur)9434245507/273364
Book Seller PublisherBook Seller / PublisherAdarsha Lipi9851690458
MemberDSA Member MaldaNIHAR CHAKRABARTY9153459432/8918067255
Govt. OfficeNazirs of other Dist.Nazir, Jalpaiguri 03561-230696
DoctorPaediatric MedicineDr. Biswajit Kr. Das 9905259111
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceD T D C (R. Avenue)9434323663/254026
Book Seller PublisherBook Seller / PublisherAmulya Book Depot.9332484448
MemberDSA Member MaldaNRIPENDRA LAL SAHA9434245725
Govt. OfficeNazirs of other Dist.Nazir, Coochbehar03582-227111
DoctorPaediatric MedicineDr. Anjan Kr. Das9830129772
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceDot to Dot Courier9733213588
Book Seller PublisherBook Seller / PublisherBani Bitan252652
MemberDSA Member MaldaPABITRA KR. ROY9932184916
Govt. OfficeNazirs of other Dist.Nazir, Darjeeling 0354-2254017
DoctorPaediatric MedicineDr. Abhijit Misra9163011592
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceEastern Express Courier & Cargo9733115322
Book Seller PublisherBook Seller / PublisherBani Mandir9434421133
MemberDSA Member MaldaPALASH GOSWAMI9434180528
Govt. OfficeNazirs of other Dist.Nazir, Krishnanagar 03472-252966
DoctorPaediatric MedicineDr. Sayan Chatterjee9830645891
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceEstern Express9733007949
Book Seller PublisherBook Seller / PublisherBinapani Book House 220181
MemberDSA Member MaldaPARTHA MUKHERJEE9832408651
Govt. OfficeNazirs of other Dist.Nazir, Berhampur03482-252086
DoctorPaediatric MedicineDr. Shyamapada Biswas9830386275
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceExcel Courier9932659540
Book Seller PublisherBook Seller / PublisherBoi Patra9434130148
MemberDSA Member MaldaPINTU SAHA9647700347
Govt. OfficeNazirs of other Dist.Nazir, Islampur 03526-255126
DoctorPaediatric MedicineDr. Gouraga Biswas9433271002
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceFDC / On Dot Courier9932447695
Book Seller PublisherBook Seller / PublisherChildren Corner9434083352/220181
MemberDSA Member MaldaPRABIR KR. DAS9434105692
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office (Central) : Other Central Govt. OfficesArchaeological Sol.266469
DoctorPaediatric MedicineDr. Jaydeb Kr. Jana9153329626
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceFedex 3No Colony9851510195
Book Seller PublisherBook Seller / PublisherEducation Book Depot9932270878/220312
MemberDSA Member MaldaPRADIP DEY9474656258
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office (Central) : Other Central Govt. OfficesCentral Intl. Officer266597
DoctorPaediatric MedicineDr. Subhendu Saha9830769421
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceFirst Flight Courier9332115202
Book Seller PublisherBook Seller / PublisherGeetanjali Paper Book Counter9434149532 / 221676
MemberDSA Member MaldaPRADIP PAUL9434231985
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office (Central) : Other Central Govt. OfficesCentral Silk Board266336
DoctorPaediatric MedicineDr. Ramdas Murmu9475864375
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceFirst Tack Courier9932659540
Book Seller PublisherBook Seller / PublisherGoutam Book House9434372002
MemberDSA Member MaldaPRADUP PAUL8293550720
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office (Central) : Other Central Govt. OfficesFertilizer Corpn. Of India252089
DoctorPaediatric MedicineDr. Sk. Jeauddin 9434682959
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceFlight Express9932659540
Book Seller PublisherBook Seller / PublisherGrafix-O-Point Book Corner9434139929/264562
MemberDSA Member MaldaPRANAB BHATTACHARJEE9434982107
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office (Central) : Other Central Govt. OfficesField Officer. Gol.266148
DoctorPathologistA. Malvia Dr. 9832042960/252889
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceFlyking Courier9232799811
Book Seller PublisherBook Seller / PublisherGrantah Bharati9434130151
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office (Central) : Other Central Govt. OfficesIncome Tax Officer266338/266443
DoctorPathologistAjoy Kumar Dr. 9832005420/252889
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceGati Ltd9933068371/03512 - 267158
Book Seller PublisherBook Seller / PublisherGrantha Deep9832016166/254663
MemberDSA Member MaldaPRASSENJIT DAS9800544661
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office (Central) : Other Central Govt. OfficesR.M.J.C.I252052/254136
DoctorPathologistAmitabha Saha Dr.MD (PATH)252499 / 254300/252788
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceGoodluck Courier 9851780060
Book Seller PublisherBook Seller / PublisherJ. Chowudhary & Brothers9434421297/252761
MemberDSA Member MaldaPRATIVA SINGHA9732750267
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office (Central) : Other Central Govt. OfficesSupdt. Central Excise.253406
DoctorPathologistAnuranjan Sarkar Dr. DCP9434681243/252314
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceHello Malda9434130141
Book Seller PublisherBook Seller / PublisherKishalaya9733177953
MemberDSA Member MaldaRABI DAS9434303561
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office (Central) : Other Central Govt. OfficesSupdt. Customs253410
DoctorPsychiatristDhruba Jyoti Bagchi Dr. 256788 / 251354
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceI.C.P.L Courier9733237458
Book Seller PublisherBook Seller / PublisherMahananda Book9474344964
MemberDSA Member MaldaRABINDRA ISLAM9434053776
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office (Central) : Other Central Govt. OfficesT.V. Relay Central252249
DoctorPathologistJ. P. Mishra Dr. MD (PATH)254001
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceJayashree Courier9733012928/252431
Book Seller PublisherBook Seller / PublisherMajumder Book Depot.284698
MemberDSA Member MaldaRABINDRA PRAMANIK9434680459
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office (State) : OthersA.I.T.O.252519
DoctorPsychiatristJ. Roychoudhury Dr. MD(PSY)252788/254300
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceJit's Courier Service9733063360
Book Seller PublisherBook Seller / PublisherMalda Book Centre9434456347
MemberDSA Member MaldaRAJESH KISPOTTA9434012600
Govt. OfficeGovt. OfficeA.L.C.220400/220776
DoctorPsychiatristK. K. Ghosh Dr. MBBS9433368253
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceJyoti Courier Service252133
Book Seller PublisherBook Seller / PublisherMalda Book Corner250248
MemberDSA Member MaldaRANJIT GHOSH9832408896
Govt. OfficeGovt. OfficeA.R.C.S.252376
DoctorPathologistMd.Shahabuddin Dr. 250620
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceLink Express9733063360
Book Seller PublisherBook Seller / PublisherMalda Book Friend9434180528
MemberDSA Member MaldaRASHBIHARI SAHA9593800375
Govt. OfficeGovt. OfficeCentral Excise & Service tax Division221572
DoctorPathologistPankaj Bhusan Kumar Dr. 252708
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceMaruti Courier9932659540 / 9434154244
Book Seller PublisherBook Seller / PublisherMalda Book House9932632348
MemberDSA Member MaldaREBATI BHUSAN MANI9434733802
Govt. OfficeGovt. OfficeD.I.C.O. & District Tourism Officer220477
DoctorPsychiatristPartha Dasgupta Dr. MD(PSY)9434198001/257298 / 255053
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceNightingle Exp & Fin Pvt. Ltd. 9614761086 / 9851385962
Book Seller PublisherBook Seller / PublisherMalda Book Palace252761
MemberDSA Member MaldaSAHIDUR RAHAMAN9735311390
Govt. OfficeGovt. OfficeD.O., W.B.K.V.I.B.252830
DoctorPathologistPulakesh Pramanik Dr. 9434112360/220158
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceOn Time Courier 9733063360
Book Seller PublisherBook Seller / PublisherModel Book Depot.9434231832 / 220160
MemberDSA Member MaldaSAIBAL DUTTA9434511311
Govt. OfficeGovt. OfficeD.S.A.221857
DoctorPsychiatristR. Chattopadhyay Dr. 252788
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceOn Tme Courier Balurghat9434518490
Book Seller PublisherBook Seller / PublisherNabalipi278769
MemberDSA Member MaldaSAIKAT PRAMANIK9563238393
Govt. OfficeGovt. OfficeDist. Consumer Forum251472/267232
DoctorPathologistRajnish Kumar Dr. 257318
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceOvernight Express9333623268/220878/253370
Book Seller PublisherBook Seller / PublisherNamita Book Stall9332484488
MemberDSA Member MaldaSALAHUDDIN MD.8334808688
Govt. OfficeGovt. OfficeDist. Emp. Officer266645
DoctorPathologistRanjan Sarkar Dr. MD (PATH)9800675524/254300
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceP.O.B.C Courier9733178240 / 9832303563
Book Seller PublisherBook Seller / PublisherNarayani Pustakalaya225634
MemberDSA Member MaldaSAMIR KR. GHOSH9832068353
Govt. OfficeGovt. OfficeDist. Library250338
DoctorPathologistSoma Roy Dr. DCH DCP9434050388
Courier & CargoCourier ServicePrakesh Courier9933412113
Book Seller PublisherBook Seller / PublisherNational Book House9434355184
MemberDSA Member MaldaSAMIR KUNDU9434020728
Govt. OfficeGovt. OfficeDist. Youth Office252758
DoctorPsychiatristSwapan Kr. Roy Dr. 9434039705/252788 / 254300
Courier & CargoCourier ServicePrompt Courier9800938835
Book Seller PublisherBook Seller / PublisherNew Model Book Depot.9851487741 / 220230
MemberDSA Member MaldaSANDEEP PAUL9232662839
Govt. OfficeGovt. OfficeDy. Dir. Small Savings266674
DoctorPathology Dr. Subhalkshmi Mukhapadhyay9433144709
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceQuick & Save9332588441
Book Seller PublisherBook Seller / PublisherOld Malda Book Centre260912
MemberDSA Member MaldaSANDIP CHITLANGIA9434022482
Govt. OfficeGovt. OfficeDy. Director. Emp.252190
DoctorPathology Dr. Prabir Chandra Paul9830552889
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceRamdut Agency Courier Service9614465648
Book Seller PublisherBook Seller / PublisherParadise Book House282127
MemberDSA Member MaldaSANJAY DAS9434303742
Govt. OfficeGovt. OfficeMalda Museum250241
DoctorPathology Dr. Gopinath Barui9831250951
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceSky Lark 8759764889/ 9832339925
Book Seller PublisherBook Seller / PublisherProgressive Book Depot.254546
MemberDSA Member MaldaSANTOSH KR. JHA9434323352
Govt. OfficeGovt. OfficeO/C. Aerodrome (Airport)252346
DoctorPathology Dr. Ranjana Bandyopadyay9830862433
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceSky Link 9733194684 / 9153922500
Book Seller PublisherBook Seller / PublisherPustak Mahal253674
MemberDSA Member MaldaSATTISH CHANDRA JOGI9434820508
Govt. OfficeGovt. OfficeSupdt. Of Dist. Correctional Home 252005
DoctorPathology Dr. Tarak Banik7797900230
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceSkyking Courier 9232799811
Book Seller PublisherBook Seller / PublisherPuthi Patra9434432328
MemberDSA Member MaldaSATYABRATA MAJUMDER9434680154
Govt. OfficeGovt. OfficeW. B. R. S. S. C251709
DoctorPathology Dr. Rina Barman9433508692
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceSpeed & Safe9851887162
Book Seller PublisherBook Seller / PublisherRoyal Book House242014
MemberDSA Member MaldaSATYAJIT MISHRA9434492330
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office (State) : PowerAsstt. Engr. (Bulk Consumer)253455
DoctorPathology Dr. Prasenjit Kr. Bar9732757908
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceSpeed Express8967590253
Book Seller PublisherBook Seller / PublisherShova Book Agency250865
MemberDSA Member MaldaSATYAJIT MISHRA9434492330
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office (State) : PowerD.E. (Constrn.)266493
DoctorPathology Dr. Prasanta Ranjan Paul9830014879
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceSpiderman Courier9474343049 / 9434219525
Book Seller PublisherBook Seller / PublisherSurabhai Book & Stationers9932632921
MemberDSA Member MaldaSAURABH MUKHERJEE8670750088
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office (State) : PowerD.E. (O & M)9434202094/253437
DoctorPathology Dr. Krishnendu das9733966319
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceSri Durga Courier 9733063360
Broadband Net ServicesBroadband Net ServicesAlliance Net7602118513/7501877119
MemberDSA Member MaldaSEKH SAMSUL HUDA9474347979
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office (State) : PowerElec. Enquiry252755
DoctorPathology Dr. Sushil Kumar9474049331
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceStill City Courier9699641498
Broadband Net ServicesBroadband Net ServicesEmdee Net9434748799 / 8584031020
MemberDSA Member MaldaSHIBPRASAD GANGULY9434749402
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office (State) : PowerFulbari Sector266520
DoctorPathology Dr. Arindam Karmakar9231667811
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceSuper First Express 9733007949
Broadband Net ServicesBroadband Net ServicesFirst & Front 9735366888
MemberDSA Member MaldaSHILA DEY6294316787
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office (State) : PowerMokdumpur Sector252055
DoctorPathology Dr. Tanishree Ghosal 9830336012
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceT.P.C Courier9332510195
Broadband Net ServicesBroadband Net ServicesMalda Broadband9734486756
MemberDSA Member MaldaSHWASHATA SARKAR9232659405
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office (State) : PowerNimasarai Sub-Stn.266376
DoctorPharmacologyDr. Susmita Chakraborty9831160591
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceTack on Courier9733146810
Broadband Net ServicesBroadband Net ServicesQuick Net9734192652
MemberDSA Member MaldaSHYAMAL KR. GHOSH9733272653
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office (State) : PowerRathbari Sector266099
DoctorPharmacologyDr. Rajat Kanti Biswas9434026972
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceTNT Courier9832303563
Broadband Net ServicesBroadband Net ServicesSky Net 9933072659
MemberDSA Member MaldaSHYAMAL KR. ROY9434130142
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office (State) : PowerS.E. (D) Circle266463
DoctorPharmacologyDr. Sujash Halder 9432930552
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceUnited Air Express9775911453
Broadband Net ServicesBroadband Net ServicesSabar Net8926427490
MemberDSA Member MaldaSHYAMPRAKASH GUPTA9434166048
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office (State) : PowerS.E. Transmission266563
DoctorPharmacologyDr. Subhabrta Kumar 9987341074/9474102422
Courier & CargoCourier ServiceZodic Courier9874190653
Broadband Net ServicesBroadband Net ServicesWebel Net9232582353/223509
MemberDSA Member MaldaSITESH CH. BISWAS9735073467
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office (State) : S.C. & S.T.BCWD252076
DoctorPharmacologyDr. Subir Sarkar9433071301
Govt. Office Judicial (CJM Court)Govt. Office Judicial (CJM Court)Additional District & Sessions Judge, 1st Court, Malda03512 - 256368
Broadband Net ServicesBroadband Net ServicesWish Net9749907770/7797777716
MemberDSA Member MaldaSNEHAJYOTI ROY AGARWALLA9933715142
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office (State) : S.C. & S.T.D.M., W.B.S.C., & ST Fin Corpn.266955 / 267175
DoctorPhysical MedicineDr. Anjan Kr. Ghosh9331847030
Govt. Office Judicial (CJM Court)Govt. Office Judicial (CJM Court)Additional District & Sessions Judge, 2nd Court, Malda03512 - 256369
BSNL Help LineBSNL Help LineSri Dulal Nanda Chaki9434198020/267815
MemberDSA Member MaldaSOMNATH SETH9733170638
Govt. OfficeGovt. Office (State) : S.C. & S.T.P.O. cum DWO252194 / 252834
DoctorPhysical MedicineDr. Swapan Kr. Misra8013642586
Govt. Office Judicial (CJM Court)Govt. Office Judicial (CJM Court)Additional District & Sessions Judge, 3rd Court, Malda03512 - 252252
BSNL Help LineBSNL Help LineGM / BSNL / Malda (03512 ) 254191/ 252313
MemberDSA Member MaldaSOUMYO DEB9434149510
Govt. OfficeTelecomAccountant251163
DoctorPhysiologyDr. Jayanta Bhattacharya9903108419
Govt. Office Judicial (CJM Court)Govt. Office Judicial (CJM Court)Additional District & Sessions Judge, Fast Track, 1st Court, Malda03512 - 221363
BSNL Help LineBSNL Help LineSDE / Indoor 9434078900
MemberDSA Member MaldaSOURAV MANDAL9733336026
Govt. OfficeTelecomB.S.N.L. Customer Care (M)9434024365
DoctorPhysiologyDr. Manika Sadhu 9830171916
Govt. Office Judicial (CJM Court)Govt. Office Judicial (CJM Court)Additional District & Sessions Judge, Fast Track, 2nd Court, Malda03512 - 221362
BSNL Help LineBSNL Help LineSDE. SM Pally 9434076767/(03512) -255129 / 253315
Govt. OfficeTelecomBlock Adminstrator (Telephone)253198
DoctorPhysiologyDr. Anish Bhowmik9735859363
Govt. Office Judicial (CJM Court)Govt. Office Judicial (CJM Court)Additional District & Sessions Judge, Fast Track, 3rd Court, Malda03512 - 221350
BSNL Help LineBSNL Help LineJTO / SMPally 9434069900/(03512) 266060
MemberDSA Member MaldaSOUVIK DAS7797900478
Govt. OfficeTelecomCall Booking 180 / 250905
DoctorPhysiologyDr. Debjyoti Das 9836456592
Govt. Office Judicial (CJM Court)Govt. Office Judicial (CJM Court)Additional District & Sessions Judge, Fast Track, 4th Court, Malda03512 - 221331
BSNL Help LineBSNL Help LineSDE E 10 B (03512) 253198 / 252210
MemberDSA Member MaldaSOUVIK MANDAL9733379495
Govt. OfficeTelecomD.E.T. (P & A)252191 / 253741
DoctorPhysiologyDr. Biman Roy9331027298
Govt. Office Judicial (CJM Court)Govt. Office Judicial (CJM Court)Additional District & Sessions Judge, Fast Track, 5th Court, Malda03512 - 221329
BSNL Help LineBSNL Help LineMDF / SM Pally 266029
MemberDSA Member MaldaSRIKANTA MUKHERJEE9002442136
Govt. OfficeTelecomD.E.T. (Tech. & Mtc.)253800 / 251515
DoctorPhysiologyDr. Adity Das8016188216
Govt. Office Judicial (CJM Court)Govt. Office Judicial (CJM Court)Additional District & Sessions Judge, Fast Track, 6th Court, Malda03512 - 223538
BSNL Help LineBSNL Help LineL .M / SM Pally 257457
MemberDSA Member MaldaSUBHASIH SARKAR7001437020
Govt. OfficeTelecomDirector of Dist. Telephone Officer 252191
DoctorPhysiologyDr. Oona Mnadal 9831528734/9477452623
Govt. Office Judicial (CJM Court)Govt. Office Judicial (CJM Court)Bar Association252282
BSNL Help LineBSNL Help LineSDE/ MLDT9434063636
MemberDSA Member MaldaSUBHASIS SINGHA9434817377
Govt. OfficeTelecomFault Repairing - I198 / 252911
DoctorPhysiologyDe. Debal Saren9434122621
Govt. Office Judicial (CJM Court)Govt. Office Judicial (CJM Court)C.J.M.252252
BSNL Help LineBSNL Help LineJTO 1MLDT 9434001276
MemberDSA Member MaldaSUBHENDU CHOWDHURY9434154327
Govt. OfficeTelecomFault Repairing - II266215 / 266111
DoctorPhysiologyDr. Tapas Ghosh9477287626
Govt. Office Judicial (CJM Court)Govt. Office Judicial (CJM Court)Chief Judical Magistrate, Malda03512 - 252569
BSNL Help LineBSNL Help LineGM / Berhampur .(03482) 267666
MemberDSA Member MaldaSUBHRA KR. KUNDU9434054252
Govt. OfficeTelecomG.M., Telecom254191/252313
DoctorPhysiologyDr. Koushik Roy9433163341
Govt. Office Judicial (CJM Court)Govt. Office Judicial (CJM Court)Civil Judge, (Sr. Div.), 1st Court, Malda03512 - 223547
BSNL Help LineBSNL Help LineTDM / Berhampur . (03462) 255555 / 256769
MemberDSA Member MaldaSUBRATA DAS9851548432
Govt. OfficeTelecomJ.T.O.250600
DoctorPhysiologyDr. Ranjita Mehrotra9475513156/9832871352
Govt. Office Judicial (CJM Court)Govt. Office Judicial (CJM Court)Civil Judge, (Sr. Div.), 2nd Court, Malda03512 - 223746
BSNL Help LineBSNL Help LineDE / TRNS / Berhampur .(03482)253711/251005
MemberDSA Member MaldaSUBRATA KUNDU9932933240
Govt. OfficeTelecomP.M., H.P.O.253031
DoctorPhysiotherapistDr. Tirthankar Mukherjee 9932594090 / 8946019791/03512 - 257363
Govt. Office Judicial (CJM Court)Govt. Office Judicial (CJM Court)Civil Judge, (Sr. Div.), Malda03512 - 223539
BSNL Help LineBSNL Help LineJTO / Berhampur (03482) 256600
MemberDSA Member MaldaSUBRATA SARDAR9434245815
Govt. OfficeTelecomS.D.O. (Tel.)253198 / 251253
DoctorPhysiotherapistTinky Roy9434816621
Govt. Office Judicial (CJM Court)Govt. Office Judicial (CJM Court)Dist. Register252123
Building Material SupplierBuilding Material SupplierRenuka Traders265078
MemberDSA Member MaldaSUJIT KUNDU9434039552
Govt. OfficeTelecomSupdt. of P.O.252464 / 252092
DoctorPhysiotherapy CentrePuspa Memorial Physiotherapy Centre8759282504 / 947541373
Govt. Office Judicial (CJM Court)Govt. Office Judicial (CJM Court)District & Sessions Judge, Malda03512 - 223440
Building Material SupplierBuilding Material SupplierRoy Builders266725
MemberDSA Member MaldaSUKANTA DAS8389908682
Govt. OfficeTelephone Dept.Enquiry 22100
DoctorPsychiatryDr. Srijit Ghosh9830297184
Govt. Office Judicial (CJM Court)Govt. Office Judicial (CJM Court)District Judge252301
Building Material SupplierBuilding Material SupplierS.S. Hardware244395
MemberDSA Member MaldaSUMIT BARUA9832513573
Govt. OfficeTelephone Dept.Field Officer, Head Post Office252464 / 250292
DoctorPsychiatryDr. Dipankar Kanji9831264485
Govt. Office Judicial (CJM Court)Govt. Office Judicial (CJM Court)G.P.221541
Building Material SupplierBuilding Material SupplierSaha Hardware250067
MemberDSA Member MaldaSUNIL KR. SARKAR9434820348
DoctorPsychiatryDr. Bhaskar Mukherjee9830340977
Govt. Office Judicial (CJM Court)Govt. Office Judicial (CJM Court)Judicial Magistrate, 1st Court, Malda03512 - 223758
Building Material SupplierBuilding Material SupplierSaha Parts Vatieties252256
MemberDSA Member MaldaSUPRATIM ROY9434456415
DoctorPsychiatryDr. Partha Sarathi Kundu9432498784
Govt. Office Judicial (CJM Court)Govt. Office Judicial (CJM Court)Judicial Magistrate, 2nd Court, Malda03512 - 223549
Building Material SupplierBuilding Material SupplierSarda Hardware272761
MemberDSA Member MaldaSUSANTA DAS9434245316
DoctorRadio DiagnosisDr. madan karmakar9830218978
Govt. Office Judicial (CJM Court)Govt. Office Judicial (CJM Court)P.P.256131
Building Material SupplierBuilding Material SupplierSubham Traders284279
MemberDSA Member MaldaSUSANTA MAN DAL9434186107
DoctorRadio DiagnosisDr. Soumitra Kr. Ghosh9433254944
Govt. Office Judicial (CJM Court)Govt. Office Judicial (CJM Court)S.D.J.M.252569
Bus Rental Bus Rental Malda Bus & Minibus Owners Association 252050/258081/256433
MemberDSA Member MaldaSUSIL KR. CHITLANGIA9434095200
DoctorRadio DiagnosisDr. Rohini Singh9051139910
Govt. Office Judicial (CJM Court)Govt. Office Judicial (CJM Court)Supdt. Dist. Correctional Home252005
Bus Rental Bus Rental Manab Mour 9434180676
MemberDSA Member MaldaSWADHIN DAS9434381393
DoctorRadio DiagnosisDr. Monojit Chakraborty9434066160
Curd SellerCurd SellerAmio Doi Bhandar9474443762
Bus Rental Bus Rental Manas Kundu 9434149718
MemberDSA Member MaldaUDAY SANKAR DAS9563186294
DoctorRadio DiagnosisDr. Avishek De9163444029
Curd SellerCurd SellerNittananda Doi Bhandar9851636553
Bus Rental Bus Rental Nimay Biswas 9434455694
MemberDSA Member MaldaUDAY SETH9434777871
DoctorRadio DiagnosisDr. Pradip Ghosh8697368288
Curd SellerCurd SellerSantosh Doi Bhandar9733270674
Bus Rental Bus Rental Prabir Kumar Das (Bidyut)9434193275
MemberDSA Member MaldaUJJAL KR. CHOWDHURY9434054695
DoctorRadiologistDipak Kumar Dr. 9832007290/251331
Curd SellerCurd SellerOm Decorater & Caterar9851810534
Bus Rental Bus Rental Pradip Saha 9434149780
MemberDSA Member MaldaUJJAL SAHA9434206618
DoctorRadiologistK. Borah Dr. MD220158 / 220673
Curd SellerCurd SellerShambhu Ghosh9933319701
Bus Rental Bus Rental Subhash Sarkar 9434421594
MemberDSA Member MaldaUTPAL DAS9851368668
DoctorRadiologistManish Madan Dr. 9832327069/251331
Bus Rental Bus Rental Utpaul Das 9434323501
MemberDSA Member MaldaUTTAM BASAK9434176032
DoctorRadiologistP.B Roy Dr. MBBS MD9434036603
Bus Rental Bus Rental Uttam Roy 9434165951
MemberDSA Member MaldaUTTAM SAHA9851539642
DoctorRadiologistRanjit Kr Kundu Dr. 252312
Bus Rental Bus Rental Samiran Mandal (Sona)9933716547
MemberDSA Member MaldaUTTIYA BARAL7679351831
DoctorRadiologistSanjiv Kumar Dr. 9832030033/251331
MemberDSA Member MaldaVISHNU SINGHAL8001518881
DoctorRadiologistShravani Dhar Dr. 252788
MemberIndustryAmax Aqua9851206316
DoctorSkin SpecialistChinmoy Kar Dr. MBBS, DCH, MD9775454592
MemberIndustryAriyant Packagers9434105751
DoctorSkin SpecialistDebashis Sarkar Dr. MD(SKIN)9434052878/252878 / 250555
MemberIndustryEast Silk (P) Ltd.9434060467
DoctorSkin SpecialistM. Rahman Dr. MBBS9434140330/252871 / 253288
MemberIndustryEconomic Electronic Industry9434710343
DoctorSkin SpecialistP.K Kundu Dr. MBBS MD9434052253/250053/253583
MemberIndustryGita Fruits Products9434060231
DoctorSkin SpecialistRajendra Choudhury Dr. 220158 / 253840
MemberIndustryGour Flour Mill9434012604
DoctorSkin SpecialistS.S Samanta Dr. MBBS9474161182/250143
MemberIndustryGroves Brava Rage (P) Ltd.9475813566
DoctorSkin SpecialistSoumya Panda Dr. 254300 / 250620
MemberIndustryIdeal Bakery9434022336
DoctorSonlogistChhandashri Roy Dr. 252060
MemberIndustryJamal & Jamal Brothers9933641505
DoctorSonlogistC.D Basak Dr. MBBS9474721705/251458
MemberIndustryMaa Engineering Works9609701061
DoctorSonlogistM. Dargahi Dr. MBBS.9832053551/252132
MemberIndustryMatri Water Products (P) Ltd.9434020172
DoctorSonlogistP.P Deb Dr. MBBS.9434120042/255147 / 266892
MemberIndustryMilap Rim Industry9434064824
DoctorSonlogistR.K Kundu Dr. 252312
MemberIndustryNew Eastern Bakery9434020260
DoctorTuberculosis & Respiratory DiseasesDr. Supriya Sarkar9433905027
MemberIndustryPhoenix Coldstorage (P) Ltd.9433194469
DoctorTuberculosis & Respiratory DiseasesDr. Bikash Purkait9231869396
MemberIndustryPragati Enterprises9434175954
DoctorTuberculosis & Respiratory DiseasesDr. Saswata Ghosh9434197906
Cycle DistributerCycle DistributerChowdhury Cycle Store8293557719
MemberIndustryRampal Paper Mill (P) Ltd.9832455155
DoctorTuberculosis & Respiratory DiseasesDr. Animesh Mandal 9748922997
Cycle DistributerCycle DistributerCycle Plaza252624
MemberIndustryRenuka Printers9434060737
DoctorUro Surgeon / UrologistAmlan Chakraborty Dr. 252788
Cycle DistributerCycle DistributerGupta Cycle Stores ( Hero )9933066509/266509
MemberIndustryRoyal Star Corporation9434303170
DoctorUro Surgeon / UrologistAnjan Das Dr. MS,DNB,M.Ch(Uro)9831047847
Cycle DistributerCycle DistributerStryder 8927266980
MemberIndustrySaha Brothers9434303961
DoctorUro Surgeon / UrologistAnjan Das Dr. MS,DNB,M.Ch(Uro)9831047847/220158 / 220673
Cycle DistributerCycle DistributerSudhir Cycle Stores8670164336
MemberIndustrySankar Gas Industries (P) Ltd.9434051222
DoctorUro Surgeon / UrologistHimadri Pathak Dr. 252788
MemberIndustrySarada Cereals (P) Ltd.9434049291
DoctorUro Surgeon / UrologistS.N.Mondal Dr. 9831056036
MemberIndustrySikko Steel - Wire Industries9233458489
DoctorVeterinarianAbhijit Mazumder Dr. 9434206700
MemberIndustrySukjit Starch Industry (P) Ltd.9433465915
DoctorVeterinarianArup Ghosh Dr. 9474110180
MemberIndustrySun Enterprise9434455440
DoctorVeterinarianChhotan Ghosh Dr. 9932107541
MemberIndustrySuraj Enterprises 9434064503
DoctorVeterinarianDebjyoti Chatterjee Dr. 9434245736
MemberIndustryUsha Hatcheries9434213236
DoctorVeterinarianDipnarayan Roy Dr. 9434203503
MemberIndustryVagabati Industry9434012395
DoctorVeterinarianHarisatya Pandit Dr. 9434065497
MemberMalda ClubAbhijit Jha 9775487546
DoctorVeterinarianMahadev Naskar Dr. 9433463438
MemberMalda ClubAnjal Paul 9434057689
DoctorVeterinarianMirjahan Ali Dr. 9733133890
MemberMalda ClubBinod Agarwal9434066629
DoctorVeterinarianRamkrishna Ghosh Dr. 9474475380
MemberMalda ClubDebapriya Saha 9932093977 /9732259977
DoctorVeterinarianSankar Nath Dr. 9434206607
MemberMalda ClubProsenjit Saha 9434817506
DoctorVeterinarianSikha Chatterjee Dr. 9475308328
MemberMalda ClubRanajan Neogi 9434455696
DoctorVeterinarianSomenath Bhattacharjee Dr. 9832705917
MemberMalda ClubShyamal Kr. Ghosh (Secy.) 9733272653 /9434065761/03512-265761
DoctorVeterinarianSoumen Ganguly Dr. 9434457177
MemberMalda ClubSomesh Ch. Das 9434095155/03512-266246
DoctorVeterinarianTapan Rajak Dr. 9733053621
MemberMalda ClubSoumik Bose 9932634128
MemberMalda ClubSukanta Basak 9933050112
MemberMalda ClubSuman Deb 9933128371
MemberMalda ClubSuranjan Roy 9434052206
MemberMalda ClubSushil Bose 9800763806/03512-250102
MemberMalda Greater LCAbhijeet Misra Lion Dr. (O+)9163539297/9163011592
MemberMalda Greater LCAmit Kr. Das (B+)9434084704/9733590906
MemberMalda Greater LCAmrita Basu Lion Dr. (A-)9163011592/9163539297
MemberMalda Greater LCAnindita Sen(B+)9434245495
MemberMalda Greater LCAniruddha Roy Choudhury 9609901662
MemberMalda Greater LCAnkan Ghosh Lion (O+)8972284549
MemberMalda Greater LCAnup Kr. Sarkar (O+)9434456216
MemberMalda Greater LCAnup Saha Lion (B+)9434149830
MemberMalda Greater LCAparna Saha (B+)9733299579
MemberMalda Greater LCArnab De Lion (B+)9775454577
MemberMalda Greater LCAvijit Saha 8972691157
MemberMalda Greater LCAyan Sarkar Lion (O+)9434020181
MemberMalda Greater LCBaby Sarkar (A+)9734302655
MemberMalda Greater LCBankim Ch. Ghosh Dastidar Lion (O+)9434057574
MemberMalda Greater LCBarsha Saha Lion(AB+)9932877216
MemberMalda Greater LCBikash Chandra Saha Lion (O+)9434058424
MemberMalda Greater LCBikash Das Lion (B+)9434231877
MemberMalda Greater LCBikram Kr. Saha Lion Dr. (A+)9433230888
MemberMalda Greater LCBikramjit Dhar Lion MJF Dr. (O+)9735001338 / 9932269018
MemberMalda Greater LCBobby Agarwala 9932685601
MemberMalda Greater LCChampak Kr. Das Lion (A+)9474794966/7718287748
MemberMalda Greater LCChandan Poddar Lion (B+)7586927666/ 9434054692
MemberMalda Greater LCChandidas Basak Lion Dr. (B+)9474721705
MemberMalda Greater LCChandrani Saha 7076164862
MemberMalda Greater LCDebajit Sen Lion (B+)9733166431 / 9434054198
MemberMalda Greater LCDebalina Basu Bhowmik 9434680681
MemberMalda Greater LCDebamalya Roy (A+)9851675187/9475390696
MemberMalda Greater LCDebojyoti Roy Lion (B+)9434054293 / 8370808344
MemberMalda Greater LCDebolina Roy Lion (AB+)8370808344
MemberMalda Greater LCDibyendu Senshrma Lion (O+)9002024152/9475636478
MemberMalda Greater LCDilip Kumar Sen (A+)9434355499
MemberMalda Greater LCDinki Roy talukdar 9614206608
MemberMalda Greater LCGita Sen (O+)9434381519
MemberMalda Greater LCJayanta Prasad Jha Lion (AB+)9434154380 /8918927960
MemberMalda Greater LCJayanti Kashyap Dr. 9002024505
MemberMalda Greater LCJoyita Musaddi9002435446
MemberMalda Greater LCJyotirmoy Chowdhury Lion (O+)9434682914
MemberMalda Greater LCKajal Garai (O+)9800498335/9434240200
MemberMalda Greater LCKanchan Sen Lion (O+)9932982007
MemberMalda Greater LCKapil Dev Das (Dr.)9564293680
MemberMalda Greater LCKeshab Mitra Lion MJF (B+)9434219336 / 8436696610/9232726772
MemberMalda Greater LCLipika sarkar pramanik 9800941113
MemberMalda Greater LCMadhumita Pal (O+)9474795078
MemberMalda Greater LCMahesh Agarwala Lion (O+)9434055588 / 8972274888
MemberMalda Greater LCMallika nandi 9734103656
MemberMalda Greater LCManoj Kumar Saha Lion Dr. (B+)9434176007 / 9647704827
MemberMalda Greater LCMihir Jha Dr. 9331625736
MemberMalda Greater LCMihir Ranjan Das 9647307311/9433393775
MemberMalda Greater LCMita Garai (A+)9434254914
MemberMalda Greater LCMitali Jha Lion (B+)9476374744
MemberMalda Greater LCMohua Dasgupta Lion (A+)9733314142
MemberMalda Greater LCMonalisa das9734995851
MemberMalda Greater LCMou Mukharji Lion (O+)9800113114
MemberMalda Greater LCMoumita Dutta Ray (O+)9474476025/8145123068
MemberMalda Greater LCMousumi De 9933152682
MemberMalda Greater LCDr. Mrityunjoy Pal (O-)9434078147
MemberMalda Greater LCMukti Basak Lion Dr. (O+)9434680282
MemberMalda Greater LCNikita Karmakar (Bose)9614948228
MemberMalda Greater LCNirmalya Sarkar Lion (B+)9433512796/9734159146
MemberMalda Greater LCNivedita Das 9475317893
MemberMalda Greater LCNupur Sarkar Mrs. Lion (O+)9547700770
MemberMalda Greater LCPalash Karmakar (B+)8436016310
MemberMalda Greater LCPartha Pratim Guha Lion (AB+)9733015660
MemberMalda Greater LCPopi Podder 7586927666/ 9434054692
MemberMalda Greater LCPramod Musaddi9800144449
MemberMalda Greater LCPriyanka Das Lion (B+)7872951784
MemberMalda Greater LCPurabi Bhatta Lion (B+)9474472798
MemberMalda Greater LCRanjita Agarwala 9434055588 / 8972274888
MemberMalda Greater LCSadhan pramanik 9800941113
MemberMalda Greater LCSahana Sen Lion (A+)9734163577
MemberMalda Greater LCDr. Samiran Sinha (o+ve)943417090
MemberMalda Greater LCSampa Roy Chowdhuri (Das) Lion Dr. (B+)9434303218
MemberMalda Greater LCSanchita Sinha (O+)9434818456
MemberMalda Greater LCSandhya das 7431039056/9563322438
MemberMalda Greater LCSanghati Mukherjee (Das) Lion (O+)8927649736
MemberMalda Greater LCSanghita Roy Choudhury 9614146664
MemberMalda Greater LCSaraswati Saha 9733179567
MemberMalda Greater LCSarbajit Das Lion (O+)9434050687
CollegeDakshin DinajpurBalurghat B.Ed. College 8900719806/03522 - 259179
MemberMalda Greater LCSaumya Mukharji Lion (B+)9735900690/8145050100
CollegeDakshin DinajpurBalurghat College 9475226610 / 9434512948/03522 - 255392
MemberMalda Greater LCShibani Chakraborty Lion Dr. 9432145585
CollegeDakshin DinajpurBalurghat Mahila Mahavidyalaya 9434966503/03522 - 255393
MemberMalda Greater LCShyam Sundar Kedia LionDr. (B+)9434191347
CollegeDakshin DinajpurBuniadpur Mahavidyalaya 9733050117/03524 - 259053
MemberMalda Greater LCSiddhartha Kumar Saha Lion (B+)9734946048
CollegeDakshin DinajpurDewan Abdul Gani College 9434459157/03522 - 265243
MemberMalda Greater LCSoma Dasgupta 9733183831
CollegeDakshin DinajpurGangarampur College9434325244/03521 - 255075/257983
MemberMalda Greater LCSomeswar Ray (B-)8016337787
CollegeDakshin DinajpurJamini Majumder Memorial College 9475931043
MemberMalda Greater LCSomnath Bhatta Lion (B+)9434206728
CollegeDakshin Dinajpur Balurghat Law College 8972503953/03522 - 271148
MemberMalda Greater LCSoumen Ray (AB+)9614206607
CollegeDakshin Dinajpur Gangarampur B.Ed. College9232521347/03521 - 200001
MemberMalda Greater LCSrabani Dhar Lion Dr. (B+)9932269012
CollegeDakshin Dinajpur Nathaniyal Murmu Memorial College 9433386975
MemberMalda Greater LCSubrata De Sarkar Lion (AB+)9434303782
CollegeDakshin Dinajpur Uttar Banga B.P.Ed. College 9635024742 / 9434189909/311839
MemberMalda Greater LCSucheta Guha Lion (O+)9734180532
CollegeMalda Chanchal College 9434142013/03513-252261 / 251540
MemberMalda Greater LCSujoy Saha Lion (O+)9679670307
CollegeMalda Gazole Mahavidyalaya9434456449/234264
MemberMalda Greater LCSukhamay Bhowmik Lion (B+)9434057577
CollegeMalda Gour Mahavidyalaya9434421605/260547 / 261631
MemberMalda Greater LCSumanta Chatterjee Lion (B+)9163337942/9434053728
CollegeMalda Gour Malda College of Education 9378296422 / 9851292955
MemberMalda Greater LCSusweta Saha Lion (A+)9800620303
CollegeMalda Govt. Teachers' Training College 9434087499/252272
MemberMalda Greater LCSwagata Saha Lion (B+)9434455499
CollegeMalda Harishchandrapur College214003
MemberMalda Greater LCTamal Das Gupta Lion MJF (A+)9932057550 / 9775949592
CollegeMalda Kaliachak College9932632433/244696
MemberMalda Greater LCTapas Das Gupta (O+)9733173258
CollegeMalda Malda College 9434176087/220807 / 220516
MemberMalda Greater LCTapati Saha Lion (A+) 9434198019
CollegeMalda Malda Women's College 9434518316/252597
MemberMalda Greater LCTulsi Sarkar 7098778740
CollegeMalda North Malda Teachers' Education College9434212003 / 9434682493
MemberMalda Greater LCUtpal nandi 9734103656
CollegeMalda Pakuahat Degree College9474798285/03511 - 266410
MemberMalda Greater LCUttam Kumar Saha Lion MJF (A+)9609901661
CollegeMalda Raja Rammohan Roy College of Education (B.Ed.)9437692578 / 9434432230
MemberMalda Bus & Mini Bus Owner AssociationBibek Das9434193358
Dance School Dance School Breaking Point Dance Academy 9851259202
CollegeMalda Samsi College9434431649/03513 - 265252
MemberMalda Bus & Mini Bus Owner AssociationDinesh Kundu9733150953
Dance School Dance School Creative Academy 8972235511
CollegeMalda Satish B.Ed. College 278863
MemberMalda Bus & Mini Bus Owner AssociationKalyan Kar9434207017
Dance School Dance School Nandan Academy 9733061712
CollegeMalda South Malda College 9434818197/224292
MemberMalda Bus & Mini Bus Owner AssociationManas Kundu9434149718
Dasakarma BhandarDasakarma BhandarAdi Sarbo Mangala Bhandar251476
CollegeMalda Uttar Banga Womens' B.Ed. College 9438148742 / 9933640528
MemberMalda Bus & Mini Bus Owner AssociationPradip Kr. Bhagat8972362350
Dasakarma BhandarDasakarma BhandarDasakarma Bhandar9233207276 / 9232510511
CollegeMalda Vidyasagar Teacher Training College 296779
MemberMalda Bus & Mini Bus Owner AssociationPradir Kr. Das9434193275
Dasakarma BhandarDasakarma BhandarShri Dasakarma & Monihari Varities9233207276
CollegeUttar DinajpurDr. Meghnad Saha College9434373603/03523 -277707
MemberMalda Bus & Mini Bus Owner AssociationSatyendra Prosad Gupta9474347752
Deaf & Dumb SchoolDeaf & Dumb SchoolAdhikar Residential School 9832046638/323607
CollegeUttar DinajpurKaliyaganj College 9434305624/03523 - 255038
MemberMalda Bus & Mini Bus Owner AssociationSubal Krishna Maitra (President)9434084618
Deaf & Dumb SchoolDeaf & Dumb SchoolBaliadanga Residential Deaf & Dumb9733192033
CollegeUttar DinajpurRaiganj Surendranath Mahavidyalaya9434746455/03523 - 253955
MemberMalda Bus & Mini Bus Owner AssociationUtpal Das (Asst. Secretary)9434323501
Deaf & Dumb SchoolDeaf & Dumb SchoolHearing & Mentally Handicapped School 264031
CollegeUttar DinajpurShree Agrasen Mahavidyalaya03525 -257440
MemberMalda Bus & Mini Bus Owner AssociationUttam Kumar Roy (Secretary)9434165951
Deaf & Dumb SchoolDeaf & Dumb SchoolKoatwali Saleha Memorial School 258463 / 264031
CollegeUttar Dinajpur Moulana Abdul Kalam Azad B.Ed. College 9932474495/ 9933640528/03523 - 277938
MemberManmohan Abasik SamityA.K.Paul Dr.9434055778
Deaf & Dumb SchoolDeaf & Dumb SchoolNari Kalayan Samity 9733192033
CollegeUttar Dinajpur Raiganj B.Ed. College 9434366714/03523 - 252413
MemberManmohan Abasik SamityAditya Narayan Mukherjee9635267681
Deaf & Dumb SchoolDeaf & Dumb SchoolPipla Resi. Deaf & Dumb School9434154314
Gourbanga UniversityNon Teaching Staff Members Ajoy Sarkar, Junior Peon 9563385761
MemberManmohan Abasik SamityAnimesh Das9434193379
Deaf & Dumb SchoolDeaf & Dumb SchoolR P. Roy Memorial Blind School262916
Gourbanga UniversityNon Teaching Staff Members Akbar Shaikh, Junior Assistant 9475904771
MemberManmohan Abasik SamityArijit Das3324369916
Deaf & Dumb SchoolDeaf & Dumb SchoolSambalpur Resi. Hearing lmpeared School 9434684589
Gourbanga UniversityNon Teaching Staff Members Albinas Lakra, Junior Assistant 9474757513
MemberManmohan Abasik SamityBikash Saha9233178691
Deaf & Dumb SchoolDeaf & Dumb SchoolSubodh Kumar Mishra Blind School 9434682583
Gourbanga UniversityNon Teaching Staff Members Ansarul Haque, Junior Assistant 9733284245
MemberManmohan Abasik SamityDebasish Munshi9434131907
Decorator AssociationA.K.DECORATAR, SARADAPALLYARJUN DAS9933705990
Gourbanga UniversityNon Teaching Staff Members Chittaranjan Nath, Sr. Office Superintendent 267875
MemberManmohan Abasik SamityDinesh Ghosh9434456514
Decorator AssociationABHI DECORATAR, MOKDUMPURJOY RAJAK9614119277
Gourbanga UniversityNon Teaching Staff Members Dalim Kr. Nag, Office Superintendent 9494112638
MemberManmohan Abasik SamityDulal Saha9434180560
Gourbanga UniversityNon Teaching Staff Members Gorky Sarkar, Secretary to the V.C. 9433153641
MemberManmohan Abasik SamityKamal Bhattacharjee9933685095
Decorator AssociationAKHIJUR DECORATAR, PANDUAKAIUM SEKH9932205126
Gourbanga UniversityNon Teaching Staff Members Hari Mandal, Junior peon 9832523224
MemberManmohan Abasik SamityL.K. Dutta Dr.9434052887
Gourbanga UniversityNon Teaching Staff Members Krishanu Guha Majumder, P.A. to the V.C.9475095316
MemberManmohan Abasik SamityM.K. Saha Dr.9434176007
Gourbanga UniversityNon Teaching Staff Members Manas Ghosh, Junior Assistant 9851036664
MemberManmohan Abasik SamityManobesh Pramanik Dr. 9434058701
Gourbanga UniversityNon Teaching Staff Members Marjina Khatun, Junior Peon 8145706621
MemberManmohan Abasik SamityManoj Kanti Majumdar9800899459
Decorator AssociationAPSARA DECORATAR, GOUR ROADSWAPAN JHA9434050010
Gourbanga UniversityNon Teaching Staff Members Nirjoy Singha, Junior Assistant 9933517765
MemberManmohan Abasik SamityMonojit Chakroborty Dr. 9434066160
Gourbanga UniversityNon Teaching Staff Members Partha Majumder, Junior Assistant 9749025412
MemberManmohan Abasik SamityNiladri Saha Dr.9434149824
Gourbanga UniversityNon Teaching Staff Members Rabindranath Karmakar, Junior Assistant 9851653647
MemberManmohan Abasik SamityPabitra Nandi9434052140
Gourbanga UniversityNon Teaching Staff Members Samar Sikdar, Junior Assistant 9734910897
MemberManmohan Abasik SamityPalash Agarwala9434426242
Gourbanga UniversityNon Teaching Staff Members Sibu Gupta, Junior Peon 9851239976
MemberManmohan Abasik SamityPartha Pratim Das9733079220
Gourbanga UniversityNon Teaching Staff Members Soumendu Roy, Technical Assistant 9932602728
MemberManmohan Abasik SamitySantosh Saha223737
Gourbanga UniversityNon Teaching Staff Members Sudhir Kisku, Junior Peon 9933506976
MemberManmohan Abasik SamityShibu Talukdar9434245839
Gourbanga UniversityNon Teaching Staff Members Sudipta Misra, Junior Assistant 9832033455
MemberManmohan Abasik SamitySiben Roy9434050799
Gourbanga UniversityNon Teaching Staff Members Sujit Sarkar, Junior Peon9800911280
MemberManmohan Abasik SamitySubhas Agarwala9434051346
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity Faculty Members Abdur Rahin Gazi Dr. , Bengali 9434687956
MemberManmohan Abasik SamitySukumar Kundu9474655372
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity Faculty Members Ajit Kumar Mondal Dr. , Sanskrit9232160150
MemberManmohan Abasik SamityTanuj Bhattacharjee9475095095
Decorator AssociationBABLU SARKAR (SECRETARY)GAZOLE UNIT9593862364
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity Faculty Members Amit Bhattacharya Dr. , English 9434327525
English Bazar MunicipalityMaldaOffice03512-252029
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity Faculty Members Anindya Bhattacharyya, Sociology 9830026695
English Bazar MunicipalityChairmanSri Nihar Ranjan Ghosh9933160056

Teleguide (Part-II)

Category Sub-CategoryNameMobile NoE Mail ID
English Bazar MunicipalityChairmanSri Nihar Ranjan Ghosh9933160056
Decorator AssociationBACCHU BAGCHIAIHO UNIT9474472485/9851693955
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity Faculty Members Ankur Sensharma, Physics9474588057
English Bazar MunicipalityVice - ChairmanSri Dulal Sarkar9434065422
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity Faculty Members Apurba Chakraborty (On Lien ) Dr. , History 9433439456
English Bazar MunicipalityCounsellorSri Rajib Champati9832068467
Decorator AssociationBANIK DECORATAR, R.K.PALLYPATAL BANIK9832097049
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity Faculty Members Arijit Das, Geography 8001560619
English Bazar MunicipalityCounsellorSrimati Sumala Agarwala9434193416
Decorator AssociationBAPPA ELECTRIC, KOTHABARIBAPPA DAS9434231790
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity Faculty Members Badal Sarkar Dr. , Political Science9932789381
English Bazar MunicipalityCounsellorSri Paritosh Kumar Chowdhury9851077727
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity Faculty Members Bikash Roy, Bengali9830379928
English Bazar MunicipalityCounsellorSri Ashok Saha9434231570
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity Faculty Members Chanchal Chaudhuri Dr. , Physics9475156939
English Bazar MunicipalityCounsellorSrimati Sumita Banerjee9434052265
Decorator AssociationBASAK ELECTRICAL, V.K.PALLYSOMJIT BASAK9474473859
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity Faculty Members Chandan Bhattacharyya Dr. , Sanakrit 9433474480
English Bazar MunicipalityCounsellorSrimati Shipra Roy9475814287
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity Faculty Members Debabrata Debnath Dr. , Education 9433126244
English Bazar MunicipalityCounsellorSri Subrata Sardar9434245815
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity Faculty Members Debapriya Paul, English 9433135749
English Bazar MunicipalityCounsellorSrimati Kakoli Chowdhury9434303266
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity Faculty Members Dhiraj Barman, Geography 8509696315
English Bazar MunicipalityCounsellorSri Sanjay Kumar Sharma9735052525
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity Faculty Members Hosneara Khatun, History9932649078
English Bazar MunicipalityCounsellorSrimati Rajasree De7501712664
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity Faculty Members Kabita Lepcha, Geography 9932516306
English Bazar MunicipalityCounsellorSri Prasenjit Das9800544661
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity Faculty Members Kaushik Chakraborty Dr. , Zoology 9434983950
English Bazar MunicipalityCounsellorSri Amlan Bhaduri9434355444
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity Faculty Members Koushiki Dasgupta Dr. , History 9641080676
English Bazar MunicipalityCounsellorSrimati Shampa Saha (Basak)9434934880
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity Faculty Members Madhab Chandra Adhikary Dr. , History 9434309488
English Bazar MunicipalityCounsellorSri Subhamoy Basu9434213256
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity Faculty Members Mallarika Sarkar, Sociology 9007828537
English Bazar MunicipalityCounsellorSri Ashish Kundu9832010010
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity Faculty Members Md. Mehedi Hassan, Arabic9735569660
English Bazar MunicipalityCounsellorSri Runu Das9932733752
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity Faculty Members Mohabul Alam Mondal Dr. , Chemistry9647548599
English Bazar MunicipalityCounsellorSrimati Chaitali Ghosh9434105571
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity Faculty Members Mohammed Najmul Haque, Arabic9232848379
English Bazar MunicipalityCounsellorSri Narendranath Tewari9434130005
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity Faculty Members Mrinal Chandra Das, Sanakrit 9239233560
English Bazar MunicipalityCounsellorSrimati Barnali Halder (Kundu)9933561150
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity Faculty Members Pradip Chandra Das, Sanakrit 9475159416
English Bazar MunicipalityCounsellorSrimati Sutapa Das (Ghosh)9434206862
Decorator AssociationDAS DECORATAR, GOUR ROADBHOLA DAS9635487061
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity Faculty Members Purbayan Jha, Philosophy 9434681957
English Bazar MunicipalityCounsellorSri Dulal Nandan Chaki9434198020
Decorator AssociationDAS DECORATAR, N.S.ROADTRINKARI DAS9474344702
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity Faculty Members Rajat Kishore Dey Dr. , Bengali 9434534284
English Bazar MunicipalityCounsellorSrimati Anju Tewari9434084945
Decorator AssociationDAS ELECTRICAL, SAHAPURBANKIM DAS9474342391
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity Faculty Members Ruchira Majumdar Dr. , Philosophy 9830011361
English Bazar MunicipalityCounsellorSri Subhadip Sanyal9474344125
Decorator AssociationDEBESH ELECTRICAL, R.K.PALLYDEBESH DAS9851385756
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity Faculty Members Sabuj Sarkar, English 9434518398
English Bazar MunicipalityCounsellorSri Prasenjit Ghosh9474679898
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity Faculty Members Sadhan Kumar Saha Dr. , Bengali 9434636183
English Bazar MunicipalityCounsellorSrimati Sumita Sarkar (Das)9800807212
Decorator AssociationDEBU SAHAAIHO UNIT9851784898
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity Faculty Members Saifuddin, Arabic9434819144
English Bazar MunicipalityCounsellorExecutive Officer & Finance Officer03512-257001
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity Faculty Members Samipendra Banerjee, English9434303542
Old Malda MunicipalityChairmanSri Kartik Ghosh9434372047
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity Faculty Members Sanatan Das, Mathematics 9232692211
Old Malda MunicipalityVice-ChairmanSrimati Chandana Halder9614496010
Decorator AssociationDECORATAR DAS & SONS, KUTUBPURGOUTAM DAS9563309657
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity Faculty Members Sauren Bandyopadhyay Dr. , Bengali9434819144
Old Malda MunicipalityCounsellorSrimati Bebidas Chowrasia9735088483
Decorator AssociationDECORATAR ELORA, PURATULIJOY SAHA9434510658
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity Faculty Members Shyam Sundar Bairagya Dr. ,Education 9433256325
Old Malda MunicipalityCounsellorSri Nepal Halder7031166321
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity Faculty Members Shyampada Mandal Dr. , Zoology 9831279239
Old Malda MunicipalityCounsellorSrimati Dipti Chowdhury9735934326
Decorator AssociationDER DECORATAR, AARAPURRAJESH GHOSH9733112788
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity Faculty Members Shyamapada Modak Dr. , Mathematics 9434832306
Old Malda MunicipalityCounsellorSrimati Biva Adhikary9563323561
Decorator AssociationDEY ELECTRIC, BANSHBARIGOBINDA DEY9434421444
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity Faculty Members Siddhartha Sekhar Manna, Political Science9851623942
Old Malda MunicipalityCounsellorSri Basistha Tribedi9733171456
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity Faculty Members Sougata Pal Dr. , Chemistry9434081218
Old Malda MunicipalityCounsellorMd. Majful Islam9434130242
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity Faculty Members Subhrajyoti Roy, Zoology 9679948947
Old Malda MunicipalityCounsellorSri Gouranga Saha9564417126
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity Faculty Members Subrata Sarkar, Physics9836562958
Old Malda MunicipalityCounsellorSrimati Anusua Das9475569692
Decorator AssociationDUTTA DECORATAR, B.S.ROADBABLU DUTTA9474475152
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity Faculty Members Sudipta Kumar Sil, Botany 9474319699
Old Malda MunicipalityCounsellorMousad Hossain9126403606
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity Faculty Members Sukumar Chandra Roy Dr. , Philosophy 9434961159
Old Malda MunicipalityCounsellorSrimati shilpi Ghosh9614694352
Decorator AssociationG.G.DECORATAR, MANGALBARIGOUTAM HALDAR & GHOSH9563442166 / 9851139530
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity Faculty Members Sunima Ghosh Dr. , Bengali 9474797332
Old Malda MunicipalityCounsellorSri Sanku Singha9932270768
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity Faculty Members Sushma Subba, Economics9932842174
Old Malda MunicipalityCounsellorSri Poritosh Ghosh9434060737
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity Faculty Members Swadesh Pal Dr. , Geography 9126937888
Old Malda MunicipalityCounsellorSri Soumen Sarkar8016521860
Decorator AssociationGITA & SONS, BARACK COLONYBAPI MAJUMDER9932812034
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity Faculty Members Tripti Dutta Dr. , Education 9474472216
Old Malda MunicipalityCounsellorSri Shib Sankar Bhattacharya9547098085
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity Faculty Members Tulsi Dey Dr. , Botany 9477033224
Old Malda MunicipalityCounsellorSri Sujan Kumar Saha9932811417
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity Faculty Members Tushar Kanti Nandi Dr. , Economics 8697338647
Old Malda MunicipalityCounsellorExecutive Officer03512-260036
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity Faculty Members Ujjal Kumar Halder, Education 9933079311
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsProf. (Dr.) U.K.Bhadra9433006937
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity Faculty Members Vivekananda Mandal Dr. , Botany 9434556340
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsProf. (Dr.) M.A. Rashid8902762875
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity OfficersAnirban Goon (University Engineer)9434483511 / 9153252480/221086
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Utpal Dan9434177906
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity OfficersApurba Chakraborty Dr. (Inspector of Colleges)9433439456
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Tridib kr. Seth9433419373
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity OfficersGolam Ambia Dr. (Librarian )9433172798
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Subhra Mandal9477458100
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity OfficersHare Krishna Maitra (Advisor Engineer)9474489046
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Debjyoti Basu9831949572
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity OfficersMd. Jahir Hossain (Finance Officer )9896810530/223655
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Arpan Dey9903560948
Decorator AssociationK. ELECTRIC, BABUPARAKASINATH SAHA9932981763
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity OfficersRajat Kishore Roy Dr. (Controller of Examinations Additional Charge)9434534284/223667
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Arnab Bhar9433223116
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity OfficersRajib Patitundi Dr. (Devlopement Officer )9433936471
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Alipita Bhattacharya9831707591
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity OfficersSadhan Kumar Saha Dr. (Deputy Controller of Examinations Additional Charge)9434636183
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Soumya Banerjee9432740866
Decorator AssociationKAR ELECTRIC, SAHAPURAMITAVA KAR9832527716
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity OfficersShyam Sundar Bairgya Dr. (Registrar Additional Charge)9433256325/223644
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Rahul Mandal9143010952
Gourbanga UniversityUniversity OfficersSk. Mash-hur Alam (Consultant Electrical Engineer )9733011732
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Kakali Roy (Basu)9433179147
Gram PanchayetBamongola Panchayet SamitiBamongola9733226386
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Jayanta Bhattacharya9903108419
Decorator AssociationKK. MIKE SERVICE, MANGALBARIKARTIK SAHA9434991806
Gram PanchayetBamongola Panchayet SamitiChandpur9775481303
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Anish Bhowmik9735859363
Gram PanchayetBamongola Panchayet SamitiGobindapur9733152143
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Debjyoti Das9836456592
Gram PanchayetBamongola Panchayet SamitiJagaddla9734101601/266917
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Biman Roy9331027298
Decorator AssociationKUNDU DECORATAR R.K.PALLYSUBIR KUNDU9749074339
Gram PanchayetBamongola Panchayet SamitiMandabati9775467006/264551
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Adity Das8016188216
Gram PanchayetBamongola Panchayet SamitiPakua9734475052/266328
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Kaushik Roy9433163341
Gram PanchayetChanchal - I Panchayet SamitiAlionda9733086816
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Debal Saren9434122621
Gram PanchayetChanchal - I Panchayet SamitiBhagabanpur9734183529/9733042218
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Tapas Ghosh9477287626
Gram PanchayetChanchal - I Panchayet SamitiChanchal9775426618
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Indranil Chakraborty9830517205
Decorator AssociationM.S. DECORATAR, MADHAIPURZIAUL HAQUE9647730774
Gram PanchayetChanchal - I Panchayet SamitiKaligram9775451613
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Pinaki Sarkar9831163005
Gram PanchayetChanchal - I Panchayet SamitiKharba9932076839 / 9002320038/254102
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Kaushik Bhowmik9433780873
Gram PanchayetChanchal - I Panchayet SamitiMahanandapur9734098829
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Binoy Krishna Das9831483727
Gram PanchayetChanchal - I Panchayet SamitiMokdumpur9775427117
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Angshuman De9432938153
Gram PanchayetChanchal - I Panchayet SamitiMotiherpur9733337602
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Susmita Sarkar9734004803
Gram PanchayetChanchal - II Panchayet SamitiBhakri9800909262
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Indranil Dwan9475524702
Gram PanchayetChanchal - II Panchayet SamitiChandrapara9733206715
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Nabanita Bhattacharya9830553202
Gram PanchayetChanchal - II Panchayet SamitiDhanga Bishnupur9733307810
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Rama Prosad Roy9433381429
Gram PanchayetChanchal - II Panchayet SamitiGourhanda9775810115
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Debasis Das9433084372
Decorator AssociationMAA ELECTRIC, CHURIPATTISURAJ SEKH9734714999
Gram PanchayetChanchal - II Panchayet SamitiJalalpur9733112881
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Subhadeep Paul8981207307
Gram PanchayetChanchal - II Panchayet SamitiKhempur9434925217
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Subhrajati Naskar 9830145803
Gram PanchayetChanchal - II Panchayet SamitiMalatipur9733188141/9735984085
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Amitava Chakraborty9474489617
Gram Panchayet English Bazar Panchayet Samiti Amriti9474474835/03512-285241
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Indranil Das9674036676
Gram Panchayet English Bazar Panchayet Samiti Binodpur9832673058/03512-276194
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Moumita Goswami9434193474
Gram Panchayet English Bazar Panchayet Samiti Fulbaria9733473105/03512-274294
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Md. Naimul Haque9614571677
Gram Panchayet English Bazar Panchayet Samiti Jadupur - I03512-296765
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Sormishtha Ghosh9830239716
Gram Panchayet English Bazar Panchayet Samiti Jadupur - II9735940322/03512-252238
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Subodh kr. Bhattacharya9434386686
Gram Panchayet English Bazar Panchayet Samiti Kazigram9733458218 / 9733488213/03512-271237
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Ranjana Bandyopadhyay9830862433
Gram Panchayet English Bazar Panchayet Samiti Kotwali9434303924/03512-266017
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Gopinath Barui9831250951
Decorator AssociationMADHAB DECORATAR, GHORAPIRMADHAB DAS9474160456 / 9333631299
Gram Panchayet English Bazar Panchayet Samiti Mahadipur 9932706014/03512-240622
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Anjan Kr. Das9231562980
Gram Panchayet English Bazar Panchayet Samiti Milki9734031283 / 9733082993/03512-274217
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Prosenjit Gayen9874097919
Gram Panchayet English Bazar Panchayet Samiti Norhatta9749035538/03512-238319
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Tarak Banik7797900230
Gram Panchayet English Bazar Panchayet Samiti Sobhanagar9434816900/03512-274252
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Prasenjit Kr Bar9732757908
Gram Panchayet Gazole Panchayet SamitiAllal9933562625
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Prasanta Ranjan Paul9830014879
Gram Panchayet Gazole Panchayet SamitiBabupur9733261816
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Sushil Kumar9474049331
Gram Panchayet Gazole Panchayet SamitiBahirgachi - I9474344479/230199
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Krishnendu Das9733966319
Gram Panchayet Gazole Panchayet SamitiBahirgachi - II9474159734/231159
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Chandra Khan9830594317
Decorator AssociationMANDAL ELECTRIC, V.K.PALLYPARTHA MANDAL8900284228
Gram Panchayet Gazole Panchayet SamitiChaknagar9734087072/237244
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Arindam Karmakar9231667811
Decorator AssociationMANGALIK DEC & CATERAR, FULBARIASIT SAHA9832333883
Gram Panchayet Gazole Panchayet SamitiDeotala9434303321/232720
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Nitish Kr Pal9433559514
Gram Panchayet Gazole Panchayet SamitiGazol - I9800891013/235373
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Sukanta Sinha9831380767
Decorator AssociationMIKE HOUSE, KALITALAMD. KANU9474161581
Gram Panchayet Gazole Panchayet SamitiGazole - II9733041738/235351
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Asish Manna9433284396
Gram Panchayet Gazole Panchayet SamitiKarkach9735910448/233218
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Manjula Dutta9433166689
Gram Panchayet Gazole Panchayet SamitiMajhra9733366885
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Rajdeep Saha9477266763
Gram Panchayet Gazole Panchayet SamitiPandua9475091229/230204
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Arnab kr. Mandal9830446094
Decorator AssociationMINTU DECORATAR, KAMLABARIMINTU SK.9851212941
Gram Panchayet Gazole Panchayet SamitiRaniganj - I9800573434
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Subhamay Chatterjee9933160760
Decorator AssociationMITRA & ROY DEC & CATERAR, V. K. PALLYCHANCHAL MAITRA9434303681
Gram Panchayet Gazole Panchayet SamitiRaniganj - II9609808948
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Rehana Barkat9681146444
Decorator AssociationMITRA ELEC & DECORATAR, No. 2 GOVT COLONYASIT MITRA9434304086
Gram Panchayet Gazole Panchayet SamitiSahajadpur9734167121/234234
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Ajay Agarwalla8293066275
Decorator AssociationMODERN DECORATAR, B.S.ROADNARAYAN CH. SAHA9547957477
Gram Panchayet Gazole Panchayet SamitiSalaidanga9735911966
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Arindam Karmakar9231667811
Gram PanchayatHarischandrapur - IBhingola9733371405/292901
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Aloke Majumder8902638439
Gram PanchayatHarischandrapur - IBoroi9635647491
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Asutosh Sarkar9433137010
Decorator AssociationMUKUL SAHAAIHO UNIT9434818994
Gram PanchayatHarischandrapur - IHarishchandra pur9932933742/255410
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Apurba Biswas8013072418
Gram PanchayatHarischandrapur - IKhushida9733241785/259333
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Pradip Kr Sinha9433088518
Gram PanchayatHarischandrapur - IMahendrapur9733348382/244102
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Amitava Chakraborty9434524930
Decorator AssociationN.D.DECORATAR, SAHAPURNIRMAL DAS9775824189
Gram PanchayatHarischandrapur - IRashidabad9775921991/250231
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Umapada Das9564101329
Gram PanchayatHarischandrapur - ITulshihatta9735995115/255332
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Sudipta bandhyopadhyay8017536210
Gram Panchayet Habibpur Panchayet SamitiAiho9475094158/253228
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Indranil Roy9903120898
Gram Panchayet Habibpur Panchayet SamitiAktyle9733270630/263222
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Debasis Sarkar9564978148
Gram Panchayet Habibpur Panchayet SamitiBaidyapur 9775466194/263545
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Srijan Majumder9830302235
Gram Panchayet Habibpur Panchayet SamitiBulbulchandi 9002485820/252222
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Kaushik Ghosh9547901343
Gram Panchayet Habibpur Panchayet SamitiDhumpur 9775490151
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Avijit Saha 9883026884
Gram Panchayet Habibpur Panchayet SamitiHabibpur 9800252489/252230
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Subrata Halder9038208103
Gram Panchayet Habibpur Panchayet SamitiJajail9932208828/255212
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Sutapa Ganguli9831369441
Gram Panchayet Habibpur Panchayet SamitiKanturka9800142095/257219
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Anjan Kr. Das9830129772
Gram Panchayet Habibpur Panchayet SamitiMangalpura9735989478/263285
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Avijit Misra9163011592
Gram Panchayet Habibpur Panchayet SamitiRishipur9932502706/253336
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Shyamapada Singh9830386275
Gram Panchayet Habibpur Panchayet SamitiSrirampur 9735047137/253086
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Nepal Ch. Mahapatra9531504041
Gram PanchayatHarischandrapur - IDaulat Nagar9733288468
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Gauganga Biswas9433271002
Gram PanchayatHarischandrapur - IDaulatpur9733099035
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Krishanu Mandal9474995828
Gram PanchayatHarischandrapur - IIslampur 9733250668/9733137469
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Jadeb Kr Jana9153329625
Gram PanchayatHarischandrapur - IMalior - I9733174091/9933501290
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Subhendu Saha9830769421
Decorator AssociationPAPAI DECORATAR, BABUPARABADAL DNA9614761841
Gram PanchayatHarischandrapur - IMalior - II9734920150/9733455470
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Rama Das Murmu9475864399
Decorator AssociationPAUL BROTHER, GOUR ROADSANAT KR. PAUL9474472099
Gram PanchayatHarischandrapur - IMasaldaha9733060289
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Bikash Purkait9231869396
Gram PanchayatHarischandrapur - ISadlichak9933647660/9775808225
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Soumen Nandi9432102398
Gram PanchayatHarischandrapur - ISultan Nagar9733476653
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Animesh Mandal9748922997
Gram PanchayatHarischandrapur - IValuka Bazar 9775826162
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Sanjay Dhali9434204736
Gram Panchayet Kaliachak - I Panchayet SamitiAlinagar9734051342/245196
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Kapil Dev Das9434195557
Gram Panchayet Kaliachak - I Panchayet SamitiAlipur - 19832400181
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Chinmoy Kar9434212062
Gram Panchayet Kaliachak - I Panchayet SamitiAlipur - 29832457113/244507
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Srijit Ghosh9830297184
Decorator AssociationPRINCE ELECTRIC, BANSHBARIRUNU ROY9851031729
Gram Panchayet Kaliachak - I Panchayet SamitiBamongram Mosimpur9932788096/247374
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Dipankar kanji9831264485
Gram Panchayet Kaliachak - I Panchayet SamitiGayeshbari9733011472/246263
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Bhaskar Mukherjee9830340977
RailwayEastern RailwayGeneral Manager22307596 / Fax 2248370
Gram Panchayet Kaliachak - I Panchayet SamitiJalalpur9932270047/247017
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Nekhilesh Mandal9434546016
RailwayEastern RailwayC.P.R.O 22482007/ 2008
Gram Panchayet Kaliachak - I Panchayet SamitiJalua Badhal 9933896042
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Abhimannu Basu9433336732
Decorator AssociationRAJKUMAR MANDALAMRITI UNIT9749364443/9733054926
RailwayEastern RailwayChief Comm.Mgr.22489086
Gram Panchayet Kaliachak - I Panchayet SamitiKaliachak - 19733392001/245083
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Manoranjan Kar9434249301
RailwayEastern RailwayS.R. Div. Comm .Mgr. Howrah26603056
Gram Panchayet Kaliachak - I Panchayet SamitiKaliachak - 29332606020/244279
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medical College & Hospital StaffsDr. Dilip Kr. Das9433142249
RailwayEastern RailwayD.R.M (Sealdah)23505090
Gram Panchayet Kaliachak - I Panchayet SamitiMojampur9733204589/244247
Malda Medical College & Hospital StaffsMalda Medic